3 Reasons why you can’t trust the App Store rating system

The 1 to 5 app store rating system is completely unreliable while you search for games to play. Sometimes after some digging through written reviews for 30 minutes, you can get an idea of how good a game will be, but it is just as likely you will still be left with a game’s rating. The rating is a garbage measure of a game’s quality and here are three reasons why:

1. Fake Reviews

Game developers have a vested interest in their game getting good reviews. So much so that they pay for or otherwise incentivize reviewers to leave them positive reviews just like other products sold online. These reviews are easy to spot because they are scripted and are obviously hitting specific word choice provided by the game developer.

2. Overly Dramatic Raters

A 1-star review such as this “The server went down for an hour today. Fix your horrible game” are all too common on mobile games in the app store. People experience one small problem and give the game the lowest possible score. These reviews can make an otherwise great game have an undeserved low rating.

3. Premature Reviews

How much should someone play a game before leaving a review? A day? A week? Well, some reviewers leave a review before even playing it. Many games will prompt you to review the game after only a few minutes of play. You have to experience what a game has to offer before reviewing it and many reviewers do not wait long enough.

What do you think?

There are many reasons a game can get a rating score that does not represent the games actual quality. What has your experience been like with app store rating system? Sound off in the comments below.

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