Are Esports apps really necessary

Looking for the best eSports app?

Esports is a growing industry with more people wanting to watch tournaments in real-time and keep up esports news. It may not be possible to watch esports from a desktop computer because you may have to work or run errands. The esports industry has grown fast, and many viewers want to keep up with the latest news. But the question lies in whether mobile esports has really reached it’s heights and are apps really necessary?

The demand of viewers who want to keep up with the latest tournaments has prompted developers to create esports apps. You can watch all the hottest games during your lunch breaks or on your train commute using mobile apps. They are also available for iOS and Android devices.

Who Needs an esport App?

Esports has earned a spot among traditional sports because the current generation takes esports seriously. There are companies, teams, and individuals that make money from esports all over the world. Also, esports is entertaining, especially when watching professionals play. If you are over 18+ and like gambling and playing online casino games read more, you can even bet on the Esports games outcome on most UK online gambling sites. There are millions of people who log into esports sites to watch games and learn new tricks. 

The increase of video sharing and the popularity of video sites like YouTube have played a massive role in promoting esports. People want to stream the best games of esports and watch as the masters of the game battle against each other. However, it is not always feasible to watch esports from a computer all the time. Apps allow fans and those who are in the esports industry to keep up with news from anywhere. Here are some people besides fans who also use esports apps. 

are Esports apps really necessary


Yes. There are journalists dedicated to reporting on esports. Journalists require reliable esports apps to watch games when they are on the move. After all, you cannot report the highlights of a game when you didn’t watch it. Additionally, the apps provide stats that can come in handy when comparing teams or opponents’ performance. 

Esports Players

Watching your opponent is one way to create a strategy on how to win a game. Second, the apps from the apps are useful for players looking to learn how to improve their performance. Watching champions play video games is a great learning tool for upcoming video gamers. 

Team Coaches

Professional esports teams have coaches who need to study other teams’ game strategies to come up with winning strategies. Watching live games when you are on the move can give you an idea of a new playing tactic. The chat rooms also provide insights and feedback on what your team can do to improve their performance. 

Best eSports Apps

Having a selection of esports apps at your fingertips is a dream come true for any esports lover. You need to know the best apps to use to ensure that you do not miss anything. It is essential to have an app that gives you an awesome user experience. High-quality user experience makes all the games worth watching. It would be best if you also had seamless streaming for live games so that you see all the action as it happens. 

1. Strafe Esports

Strafe is a fairly new mobile app that has the top eight esports on the app. It is the most likely app to compete with Twitch for active users of esports on mobile apps. The design of the app is users friendly and simple to navigate effectively. You can access information about upcoming matches, stats, scores, and so much more.

It is the perfect app for anyone who follows professional esports, and it makes suggestions on similar videos, teams, or players. You can watch amazing tournaments and matches from anywhere at any time. The app has a user participation feature where you can vote for the player, or team you think is most likely to win a match. The feature is fun, and users get points whether they make the right pick or the wrong one. 

The navigation features include a feed that esports relates articles, posts, and videos. You can browse through the feed to something interesting. You can opt to follow a single player in a team on the app and get news on the players you follow on your feed. The calendar features show you the upcoming matches and tournaments. You won’t miss a thrilling game when you set a notification on the app for matches you want to watch.

Overall, it is a fantastic app that caters to the needs of viewers. You can watch the best teams and players while streaming video games. The app provides relevant information to help you decide which matches to watch and which teams or players to follow. It also provides a smooth user experience when live streaming matches and tournaments. There is anticipation that the app will add Fortnite into their list of video games. It is worth it trying out the Strafe mobile app.

2. eForce eSports Mobile App

 At first glance, the mobile app has a lot of white space that makes it look neat and clean. The app will provide you with relevant information about upcoming matches, teams, scores, and stats. You can learn about previous matches and have enough information to choose the matches you want to live stream. Also, you will be in a position to follow teams, players, tournaments, or leagues from anywhere in the world.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and simple to navigate. You will be able to see the lineup of upcoming matches or tournaments on the app. The consistent updates ensure that you are all caught up in what is going on in the esports arena. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

The app lets you keep up with the most popular games when you are on the move. You will get updates on your favorite teams, players, tournaments, and matches at your figure tips. However, some games do not have analytics, which is a bit disappointing for fans. On the bright side, the app is consistently adding new functions and games to keep users highly engages and entertained. 

3. Twitch

Twitch is the most popular esports app that is the market. The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. You will be able to watch live stream esports on your phone whatever you are without a hassle. The platform has been around since 2011, and it has over 15 million active users. Most users go online to watch videos os their favorite players and tournament.

are Esports apps really necessary

The app is simple to navigate and find the available options on the app. You can choose to follow, discover, or explore your options. You can click on any game and live stream any game. The discover button allows you to find out new games that you may want to watch. You can browse through all the live streams to find specific videos on the mobile app.

You can download the app on a popular app store and watch esports wherever there is an internet connection. The app is the best in the industry right now. However, the mobile version doesn’t offer many options and settings like the desktop version. The ‘go live’ option doesn’t work well on the mobile app, and you are better off using it on a computer. Overall, it provides great performance for anyone who likes watching esports on the move.

4. ESL Event

The ESL event mobile app keeps viewers of the upcoming events, teams playing, and the games’ location. ESL renowned esports league that has boatloads of matches happening. It also has the option for viewers to buy tickets and watch the action live.

The app provides ticketing information for users who want to watch live in-person. The collection of games on the app is from all over the world. You can watch world-famous esports players fighting for championship titles. The number of games you will have access to makes the app worth downloading. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Qualities of a Good Esports App

You need to look for a few features when deciding the best esports app to download on your phone. There are so many apps on the app stores, but not all are useful or handy for esports lovers. For example, an app that doesn’t support smooth video streams even when the internet connection is steady won’t help you much when moving. Also, an app that doesn’t provide a list of upcoming events doesn’t help you keep up with the games. Here are some of the features you need to look for in an esports app.

Safety and Security

User information and privacy is a touchy subject on online platforms nowadays. You have to read through an app’s privacy terms to ensure that your personal information is secure. The apps on this list are secure, and they are safe to use. 

Wide Selection of eSports 

A wide selection of esport is a must-have feature for a good esports app. Most apps have a selection of five or more video games. The more video games an app has, the more entertainment you have on your hands. Esports websites and mobile apps vary in the capacity that they can handle. Therefore, you will have to find an app that carries video games that you like. 

For example, some esports apps already have Fortnite on their list of games while others do not. Most apps have a list of video games that are available on the platform. The best thing about eSports apps is that management is always adding new games and features to increase engagement. Some of the most popular esports include Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Starcraft II, and Overwatch.

Ease of Use 

The user interface of your app should be simple to learn and easy to navigate. Most esports categorize their content so that you can find everything in one place. For example, the upcoming events page shows all the upcoming events of various games. The feature saves you the time you need to check upcoming events under each game or team you follow. Some apps will let you request notifications for games that you want to stream from your mobile device. You can keep up with your favorite team even when you are on a busy schedule. Also, an app should have a feed that lets you access the latest news fast. A feed allows you to browse through the available updates on esports. 


It would be extremely frustrating to have an app that takes forever to load a game even when there is strong internet connectivity. A highly responsive app lets you navigate from one game to the next with ease. It also allows you to browse through a vast amount of news fast. You can always check how fast an app is by counting the time it takes to load stuff. A responsive app also enables you to live stream efficiently. Watching a live stream when the video has glitches is not fun. Plus, you will miss out on all the action because your app takes a long time to load the frames. You must use an app that seamlessly transmits video streams in HD.

24/7 Content

The reason people download esports apps is to gain access to information through mobile devices when they are away from computers. You need an app that provides stats on games, teams, and players. Also, the app should provide the highlights of the best games on the apps. A good app will have relevant content, even when there are no ongoing matches at the time. Some people work all day and rely on the app to see what went on during the day. Others do not have access to a computer and need an esports app to keep up with the games. Overall, your app of choice should have a feed that captures all the interesting stuff that happens.

High Reviews

Online reviews tend to reflect the user experience for a certain product. Apps like Twitch and Strafe have high online reviews because they meet the demand of the user. Twitch has many video games that users can follow and stream games. It is also highly responsive and provides a wide selection of information. Strafe is receiving high reviews even though it is a relatively new app. It has a lot of statistics and information about esports from various authoritative sources. Choosing an app with a high online rating is a sure way to ensure that you are satisfied with the services.

Do You Really Need These Apps?

There is a lot that goes on in the esports world that interests the younger generation. It is common to find teens watching Fortnite dance moves on YouTube for hours. The current momentum on esports is undeniable, and an app helps fans keep up with games and information. In the same way, you need an internet browser on the phone; you need a reliable esports app on your phone. 

You can check updates when you are in a queue at the grocery store or the cab on your way home. An app id handy, and it takes only a few minutes to log in and check out what is going on. The flexibility of an app ensures that you enjoy watching your favorite esports tournaments when you are free. You do not have to wait until you find a computer to watch ongoing games.

Most apps have an option for Android and iOS mobile devices. It would be best if you carried your phone or a tablet to stay updated when moving. They are convenient when you don’t want to carry a huge bag around. Girls can put the phone or tablet in their handbag without compromising their outfits. Overall, an esports app will keep you in the loop without any serious changes in your daily routine.

What are your opinions on esports apps? Do you think esports apps are really necessary? Let us know in the comment section below.

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