Clash of Clans World Championship 2021: ATN Attax becomes the first team to qualify

Five more Qualifiers to come before the finals

The road to Clash of Clans World Championship 2021 has kicked off with the conclusion of ATN Attax winning the first monthly season of the year. There’ll be five more seasons before the CWC 2021 where each season comprises three stages: the Clan War League CWL, the Monthly pre-qualifiers, and the monthly qualifiers

Alternate Attax, better known by ATX Attax has won the first season and become the first team to qualify for the Clash World Championship 2021. ATN Attax is also the defending champion who won the Clash World Championship last year by defeating Vatang who was also part of the first month’s season. The team played with its unchanged roster from last year which comprises Vale, Ast, Jojo23, Bumm, and Lenaide.

Clash Worlds 2021: Teams qualified for May Qualifiers

The monthly qualifiers are the third stage. All the teams made it to the monthly qualifiers through the game’s in-game Clan War League (CWL) and then qualifying in the monthly pre-qualifiers.

The monthly qualifiers feature a total of six teams. The teams that qualified for May’s monthly qualifiers were as follows:

  1. ATN Attax
  2. Marcos Gaming
  3. MCES
  4. Method2Madness
  5. SpaceStation
  6. Vatang

In two days 10 matches were played in total. 6 matches were concluded and two teams were eliminated by the end of the first day. While the second day crowned the champions. Let’s take a look at the matchups.

Day 1

Match 1: Marcos Gaming defeated Vatangs

The first match of the month’s qualifier saw Marcos Gaming defeating the last year’s finalist, Vatangs. Marcos Gaming scored 13 stars with an overall 97 percentage destruction over the Vatangs’ 11 stars and 93 percentage destruction.

Match 2: ATN Attax defeated Method2Madness

In the following match, the defending champions beat Method2Madness with having 14 stars and 96 percentage destruction. While Method2Madness were only able to score 12 stars with 86 percentage overall destruction.

Match 3: Marcos Gaming defeated SpaceStation

Marcos Gaming beat SpaceStation in this game by securing 13 stars with 90 percentage destruction. SpaceStation on the other hand had 98 percentage destruction but fell short of just one star as they secured 12 only.

Marcos Gaming won the second game consecutively, however, it was later announced that the team had been disqualified from the tournament for violating the rules. Hence granting SpaceStation to move forward.

Match 4: ATN Attax defeated MCES

Alternate Attax once again emerged victorious. The team scored 14 stars with 99 percent of destruction over MCES’ 13 stars with 95 destruction.

Match 5: SpaceStation defeated Method2Madness

Both teams ended up with 12 stars. But SpaceStation moved forward because of having a greater destruction rate of 92 percentage than of the rival team’s 85 percentage.

Match 6: MCES defeated Vatangs

The last match of the day was taken away by MCES who scored 14 stars with 93 percentage destruction. While the Vatangs’ scored 13 stars with 97 percentage.

Day 2

Match 7: MCES advances

Match number 7 was supposed to happen between MCES and SpaceStation but following the disqualification of Marcos Gaming. SpaceStation moved to the upper bracket to face ATN Attax while MCES remained advanced to the lower bracket to face the losing team of match 8.

Match 8: ATN Attax defeated SpaceStation

For the third time in a row, ATN Attax won the match. The team showed total dominance in this match as they scored perfect 15 stars with 100 percent destruction making the first in the tournament. While SpaceStation could score only 11 stars with 89 percentage destruction and move to the lower bracket for their last chance.

Match 9: MCES defeated SpaceStation

MCES also scored a perfect 15 stars against SpaceStation in the next match allowing them to move to the final match. With this match, SpaceStation’s run comes to an end.

Match 10 (Finals): ATN Attax defeated MCES

MCES and ATN Attax met in the final matchup and the defending champions ended the May qualifiers in style. Again scoring a 15 star to secure their place for the World Championship. MCES on the other hand gave a tough fight but fell short at they ended with having 12 stars with 94 percent destruction in the final.

atn attax clash worlds 2021
ATN Attax scored 15 stars against MCES in the final match

What’s next in Clash of Clans World Championship 2021

May marked the first season of Clash Of Clans’ competitive scene for the year. The next five months will again feature the same CWL, monthly pre-qualifiers, and monthly qualifiers to determine the teams advancing for the CWC 2021 and the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ). While ATN Attax has qualified for the World Championship MCES have made their place in the LCQ which will be held after the conclusion of the remaining seasons.

Upcoming Qualifiers and Pre-Qualifiers schedule

The monthly Pre-qualifiers and qualifiers of the upcoming seasons will be played on the following dates. So, mark your dates and catch the action of Clash Esports.

clash worlds 2021
Image via Clash of Clans

Monthly Qualifiers Prize Pool

The Clash of Clans World Championship 2021 features a massive Prize Pool of $1,000,000 and the Monthly Qualifiers do also have some share of it. All the qualified teams will receive prize money of $15,000 for the first place, $10,000 for second place, $8,250 for third place, $6,750 for fourth, and $5,000 for 5th-6th place.

Are you excited about ATN Attax securing their ticket in the Clash of Clans World Championship 2021? Do let us know in the comments below!

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