Critical Ops announces esports roadmap for 2022

The developers reveal their plans for this year!

Multiplayer FPS (First-person shooter) game, Critical Ops has announced an intriguing 2022 esports roadmap for players across the globe. The multiplayer FPS game which was launched back in 2015 has gained huge popularity over the years. The game boasts of popular esports competition scenarios where players from worldwide enter and compete on a global level.

The Critical Ops 2022 esports season will begin Critical OPS Circuit Season 4

Developers Critical Force has announced that the Critical Ops Season 2022 will kick off with Critical OPS Circuit Season 4 and Season 5 with Season 4 starting on Monday, January 24th, 2022. The format of the Circuit in the first two main tournaments will be a triple elimination format for the top 16 per region. This format makes it so that even if your team has a bad day, or maybe you were missing a player for a match, you still have a chance to climb back to the top without being eliminated immediately.

Critical Ops 2022 esports roadmap
Critical Ops 2022 esports timeline (Image via Critical Force)

After that, there will be the Critical Ops World Championship where players will fight it out against their rivals to be crowned a global winner in C-OPS. The top 8 teams in each region that have accumulated the most points from Circuit Season 4 and 5 will be invited to a Qualifier in October 2022. In the months following the Qualifier, the top 4 teams from each region will face each other in epic battles for the chance to claim the first title of Critical Ops World Champions.

Critical Ops 2022 esports roadmap
Critical Ops 2022 esports season will kick off with Critical Ops Circuit Season 4 and Season 5 (Image via Critical Force)

Critical Ops has teamed up with Mobile E-sports to further build the competitive foundation. Not only will Mobile E-sports be hosting 2 major events this year, but they will be helping with many different projects like Circuit throughout the year. Apart from that, there will also be a Golden Ox tournament that anyone where players can participate irrespective of one being a beginner or an intermediate player) can join.

Critical Ops 2022 esports roadmap
Critical Ops will host the Golden Ox tournament (Image via Critical Force)

This tournament is inspired by MES KOTA Tournament held in December, where all teams play whenever they can. However, The top 16 teams per region that qualify in Circuit Main Tournaments, will not be eligible to participate in this event.

Back by popular demand, the fun and wacky but still competitive Rumble tournaments will be back this summer. Also, the developers have announced that this year besides supporting the community with in-game prizing, devs will also be supporting some of the events with some cash prizing in the community tournaments.

Developers will be introducing Universal Ban List to detect and disqualify cheaters from tournaments

Furthermore, developers have made it clear that their main focus is to monitor cheaters in the tournaments. Cheating is a huge concern for all multiplayer games especially in tournaments where players need to be rewarded for their skills. This year C-OPS will be having a Universal Ban List along with their anti-cheat tools.

This list will contain the name of all the players caught cheating and they will be barred from entering any C-OPS tournament in the future. On top of that, this also includes any community tournaments that C-OPS supports in the tournament program.

What are your thoughts on the Critical Ops 2022 esports roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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