eFootball Championship 2023: Format, Schedule, Prize pool and more

KONAMI's favorite football competition is back!

KONAMI has announced the new season of the eFootball Championship, with the 2023 Season coming again with the Open and Pro formats. The all-format event was successful last year, even with the pandemic-struck environment which was able to connect to many football fans. With the competitive structure of the game getting a good build with the increase in participants every year, this tournament will be a massive boost to the game like last time.

eFootball Championship 2023 details

The recently held 2022 Season was during the pandemic, and it spoiled KONAMI’s plans of holding the event offline. All the matches were from the homes of the participants, and players weren’t connected or spent time as they should be. It was a difficult time for any game or sport, but eFootball was successful in hosting the event and making it a great success.

This time, it has been a boon that the pandemic has cooled off. So for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, KONAMI will be hosting the eFootball Championship 2023 Pro event offline in Barcelona, along with a new offline format in place. All the matches will be broadcasted worldwide via their official YouTube channel.

eFootball Championship 2023: Format and Schedule

eFootball Championship Open

The eFootball Championship Open will kick off two weeks before the eFootball Championship Pro event, on January 30th, 2023. Till April 2023, all the players who have created a “Dream Team” will get a chance to represent the club of their choice.

eFootball Championship 2023 Open roadmap
eFootball Championship 2023 Open roadmap (image via KONAMI)

Like the previous seasons, players can take part in the event without much of a hassle. They just have to automatically join the tournament by playing the Challenge Events in the game. There will be three rounds excluding the Online and World Finals. All the details are mentioned below.

Round 1

Players have to participate in the Challenge Event starting from January 30 to make their presence in the eFootball Championship Open. In a week of events, there will be five challenges that the players have to beat to progress to the next round, which is Round 2. The details of the five challenge events are given below.

Challenge 1Score 1 Goal within 5 matches
Challenge 2Get 3 Points in/by 5 matches
Challenge 3Get 6 Points in/by 5 matches
Challenge 4Get 9 Points in/by 5 matches
Challenge 5Get 12 Points in/by 5 matches

Note: A draw gets a player 1 point, a win gets a player 3 points, and a loss 0 points.

All these matches are played using the Dream Team, so it depends on the player what team he should choose and also the selection of the players. Round 1 is also eligible for completing Campaign Objectives, so players will be able to get their hands on plenty of rewards.

The completion of all five challenges will make the player eligible for Round 2, which will be held in the immediate week after.

Round 2

This is where the events get more competitive. Everyone who clears Round 1 wins a berth to Round 2 and will have access to a special Challenge Event. Users are pitted against each other while they have to get the best out of their team to gain points and climb the ranking board.

The event will be held the immediate week from Friday to Monday. Only the top 16 players in their respective areas will be eligible for participating in Round 3. The results of every participant will be tallied and displayed on the tournament’s Ranking Page.

Round 3

The top-ranked players will be contacted in the game. Those players will have to fill out their web form that will be provided by KONAMI. Make sure not to miss out or fill in fake info to avoid disqualification. The matches will be carried out via Friend Match mode.

The top 2 participants from each area will be eligible for the Online Finals. Areas include Europe & Africa/Americas/Asia & Oceania. The event timings may differ based on region. The event details are given below.

  • 1st Qualifiers from 25/02/2023 to 26/02/2023
  • 2nd Qualifiers from 25/03/2023 to 26/03/2023
  • 3rd Qualifiers from 22/04/2023 to 23/04/2023
  • 4th Qualifiers from 20/05/2023 to 21/05/2023

Online Finals and World Finals

Both the Online Finals and the World Finals will be condition-based, which means there will some instructions that players need to obey, including the team limit restrictions. The Online Finals will be held on 03/06/2023 and 04/06/2023 whereas the World Finals will be held a month later on 22/07/2023 and 23/07/2023.

Players playing the Championship Pro 2023 will also join the tournament in the Online Finals to qualify for the World Finals which will be held in Japan. The rules for both the Online and World Finals are set so that they have a transparent matchmaking system.

  • Players should choose one among the squads which are added to the eFootball Championship Pro 2023 Tournament.
  • The maximum Team Strength should be 2430 under any play style.
  • To avoid boosting, all the substitutes should have a rating above 75.
  • Players in your starting lineup must all be set in a position where they have an affinity. So, players should not place their players out of position to decrease Team Strength.

Players will also have to record their Online Finals matches and send them to the administration to validate their match results and then stream them globally. The winners in the Mobile and Console categories will each receive $10,000.

eFootball Championship Pro

A console-exclusive tournament in which professional eFootball players put their skills to the test from February to June 2023 in Barcelona. The players have to choose the featured European football clubs in the tournament, which KONAMI has listed as eligible for participation.

eFootball Championship 2023 Pro schedule
eFootball Championship 2023 Pro schedule (Image via KONAMI)

Kicking off on February 11th, the event features reigning champions, AS Monaco along with FC Barcelona, Manchester United, FC Bayern MĂĽnchen, Arsenal FC, and AS Roma will maintain their continuity from the last season whereas Celtic FC and Galatasaray will not continue. Replacing them are the popular Milan clubs, AC Milan and FC Inter Milan.

Competition Format

Each club will be formed by a roster of 3 professional esports players as a team representing one club out of the eight. The event also follows a new competition format. Divided into a Regular League with 7 offline matchdays with all matches being played in three 1v1 games format per match.

Six top teams ranked will be advancing to the Knockout Stage. All matches will follow a best of 3 games format with the teams following the restrictions that are put in for Online and World Finals.

In addition, awards are given out to the players each matchday for specific milestones. Players will receive awards like Goal of the DayMVP of the Regular League, and MVP of the Knockout Stage. Fans will also have the opportunity to win goodies in various giveaway campaigns. Also, the ranked teams will receive prize money according to their final ranking at the end of the tournament. 

What are your thoughts on eFootball Championship 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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