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EVOS Phoenix wins the Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) Thailand Season 6

World Series 2021 champion lifts the domestic trophy!

Season 6 of Free Fire Pro League (FFPL) Thailand has come to an end with EVOS Phoenix being the champion of the event. The most successful team in the history of the Free Fire competitive scenario on Thai soil has completed the event by showing outstanding performance and domination over other competitors. And so, the Free Fire World Series 2021 winning team has once again qualified for the grand event of Free Fire esports. 

On their journey to capture the trophy, the champion team picked up 97 kills and 95 ranking points, the highest among all. Besides, the team lifted three BOOYAHs which is also the highest. Attack All Around finished being second with 159 total points.

EVOS Phoenix remained consistent throughout Free Fire Pro League Season 6

The regular season began on 28 January. After eight weeks of consecutive battle, the top 12 teams from the regular season moved to the grand finals. EVOS Phoenix picked their first BOOYAH in the third match. The team finished the first day being second. Runner-up Attack All Around topped the table with 2 points ahead of EVOS Phoenix. As the final day of FFPL Thailand crawled near, the excitement went up. Being consistent for the second day in a row, EVOS Phoenix climbed to the top of the point table and remain first. 

Image via Garena

Being the champion of the event has secured EVOS Phoenix a total of $60,424 while the runner-up Attack All Around grabbed $21,633. The champion team also secured a direct slot in the Free Fire World Series 2022. On the other hand, the runner-up confirmed their position at the play-ins of the same event. 

Finally, being the champion EVOS Phoenix will stay mentally boosted before stepping into the next grand event. As they’re one of the best teams in the world, the pressure is relatively higher than that of others. However, the team will be keeping its eyes on forwarding events.

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