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Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021: Team Aze emerged as the Winner

The winner takes home a grand prize of $50,000

The Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021 has concluded with Team Aze crowned as its winner and also qualifying for the coming Free Fire World Series in the process, which is scheduled on the 29th of May 2021, in Singapore. The Free Fire esports event concluded with entertaining performances by the top teams.

Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021

Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021: Overview, Winner, and Standings

The 12 teams each competed against each other for points to bank the grand prize for first place of $50,000. The FFL was streamed on YouTube, hosted by Garena’s representatives of the FFL, following 6 rounds of all teams against one another. In the end, only the top 2 teams would be going on to the FFWS, but other teams would still be rewarded for their efforts. After all, this event has a prize pool of over $200,000, which would be split between both winning and losing teams once the results were made clear.


Team Aze became the finalists, with God’s Plan qualifying runner-up for Play-ins to the FFWS. Altogether Team Aze clutched a whopping 39 kills and 87 points most notably earned with their position as 1st the fourth round,  2nd the second and sixth round, and 3rd place the fifth round. God’s Plan secured their position with 34 total kills and 85 points, 2 points below, but their team effort has earned them the most booyah’s to count.

They had an amazing performance during the first, fifth, and sixth rounds standing 1st and likely would have won, had they not been dominated the rounds before. Artic Gaming Mexico came 3rd, not only at the final standing but also in the first and second round. At the 3rd however, they made an amazing comeback by standing 1st with a blistering 10 kills. Sadly, they couldn’t keep this up and fell back the following rounds. Other teams gave it their all, but it was already made clear to they weren’t cut out for the top position.

Team Standings

Overview of team standings as as follows:

 TeamsTotal pointsTotal kills
1Team Aze87p39 kills
2God’s Plan85p34 kills
3Artic Gaming MX73p34 kills
4Malvinas Gaming54p22 kills
5Newstar Esports53p20 kills
6Zwan Gaming50p17 kills
7Naguara Team40p19 kills
8Savage Esports39p14 kills
9Furious Gaming27p10 kills
10Ignis Esports27p10 kills
11Estorm23p8 kills
12Gillete Infinity Esports21p9 kills

Stream Rewards

Players from the Americas that watched the stream were promised milestone rewards for reaching 1M views at the stream and within 30 minutes, it was already apparent that it would be reached shortly. In the following minutes, the 1M milestone was reached and the rewards were disposed to every player, even those that didn’t tune in, shortly afterward. These rewards are to be located in the in-game player mail, to be redeemed as soon as possible, and exchange for rewards based on your own likings.

Sadly, the stream ended within approximately 4 hours which concludes the FFL hype for these servers, but the patch content will still carry on at full speed.

What do you think about Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021 Winner Team Aze’s performance this tournament? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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