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Free Fire Titan Invitational: 4 Unknown and Total Gaming eSports emerged as the winners

Free Fire Titan Invitational was a two-day eSports event held by Free Fire to start off January on an exciting note and has now concluded with Total Gaming eSports emerging as the winners in Clash Squad and 4 Unknown being the winners in the Battle Royale mode. Apart from a massive jaw-dropping 25,00,000 INR total prize pool, the tournament also offered a glimpse of new collaborations among the famous gaming personalities. SCOUT and Mortal, two very popular streamers decided to be part of this event and joined hands with the big names in the Free Fire community. Both of them had their own teams compete in this tournament, namely, Team S8UL (Mortal) and TSG × SCOUT (Scout).

Free Fire Titan Invitational: Final Standings

The event concluded with Team 4 Unknown grabbing the top spot. Team 4 Unknown won the starting two matches of the six in total, and another one later on as the event proceeded. This firmly placed them at the top right from the start of the tournament.

Noble Gaming Esports made a very strong comeback post their initial dip. They finished in the last position in the starting match. Other big teams such as Team Elite and Total Gaming failed to get into the top 5. Quite a matter of concern as these teams had previously put up great performances in other tournaments. The newly-formed Galaxy Racer with veterans such as VasioCRJ7 and Golden displayed an average performance as a team. However, individually VasioCRJ7 played a very exceptional role during the playoffs.

Apart from 4 Unknown, Marcos Gaming, Team S8UL, and Noble E-Sports, XTZ Esports finished amongst the top 5 teams. All of these teams displayed great team coordination and effective firepower.

Free Fire Titan Invitational: As it happened

Free Fire Titan Invitational winners

Day 1: Clash Squad Mode

12 teams were invited including the fan favorites such as Team Elite (FFIC 1st Runner Up), XTZ E-Sports (FFIC 2nd Runner Up), Total Gaming (FFIC Winner) and 4 Unknown (Battle Arena Season 2 Winner) to battle it out in this short and quick action format of the game. Although, much to the disappointment, Team Elite, Galaxy Racers, and XTZ E-Sports got knocked out on Day 1. It was a shock to witness the face of Indian Free Fire Esports, VasioCRJ7 not being in the best form as he failed to secure even a single kill.

Free Fire Titan Invitational winners

As the event progressed, the final two teams to reach the Grand Finals were Total Gaming eSports and Team Chaos. Team Chaos, on their way to the finale, had clean-swept TSG × SCOUT. Though this wasn’t enough to beat the very experienced Total Gaming E-Sports led by FOZY-AJAY. They came on top with a thrilling 3-1 win over Team Chaos in a best of 5 Clash Squad format.

Day 2: Battle Royale Mode

The 12 teams invited on Day 1 competed against each other today on Day 2 in the battle royale mode. And the trends continued like Day 1, the high caliber teams failed to live upto the expectations. The dark horses stole most of the limelight with many teams finishing quite high in the points table.

Free Fire Titan Invitational winners

One of the best teams in the Indian Free Fire Esports scenario, 4 Unknown won Day 2 as they displayed their skills and team coordination at a very high level. They maintained their placement points and kill points from the very start and amassed a total of 74 points.

Public Reception of the Livestream

Free Fire Titan Invitational winners

Free Fire had set up Livestream viewership rewards for the viewers. Both days had milestones to be crossed – reaching 100k and 200k concurrent viewers on Day 1 and Day 2. Though, the milestones couldn’t be achieved but nevertheless Free Fire Titan Invitational proved to be a great kick-starter for the rest of the competitive events lined up for the 2021 Free Fire Esports calendar!

What do you think of Total Gaming eSports and 4 Unknown emerging as the winners of the Free Fire Titan Invitational? Let us know in the comments!

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