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Free Fire: One Punch Man M1887 vs Winterlands M1887 skin comparison

Choose the best Skin!

Free Fire has a lot of collaboration with T.V. channels, Anime shows, etc. Every upcoming collaboration brings in new gun skins and a lot of other stuff. One of them is the M1887 gun, which is the most anticipated upcoming skins. There are two upcoming skins: Winterlands and One punch man collaboration skin. In this article, we will discuss Free Fire: One Punch Man M1887 vs Winterlands M1887 in-depth skin comparison.

In-depth analysis of skins

According to Garena, these skins will be released according to a specific schedule and will have their own theme. For instance, Winterlands M1887 will come along with its theme, same with One Punch Man.

Winterlands M1887 Skin

Free Fire Winterlands M1887

Winterlands M1887 will be out by 31st December 2020. The skin is best for mid-range combat. As the range is increased, the gun can give more damage in Range fights. On the other hand, this skin is not preferred for short-range as it lacks damage and reloads speed. This skin can make a decent clash with MP40.


  • 20℅ increase in range
  • 10℅ increase in movement speed
  • 10℅ reduced reload speed

One-Punch Man M1887 Skin

Free Fire One Punch Man M1887

One-Punch Man will be released by the end of January. This skin is best for close-range combat as it increases damage which will help in killing the enemy faster and the reload speed helps to carry on the clash in a short period of time. This skin is a collaboration of the One Punch Man series and Free Fire.


  • 20℅ increased in reload speed
  • 10℅ increase in damage
  • 10℅ reduced accuracy

Strategy/Playstyle with the Skins

After a detailed overview about these upcoming skins players may want to know the perfect strategy and their uses at different times.

Strategy/PlaystyleWinterlands M1887One punch man M1887
Rush and aggressiveThis skin is not preferred, as M1887 has just 2 bullets. If one is missed then this skin will take a decent time to reload also this skin lacks damage.This skin will be best for rush/aggressive players because it has increased damage and if the bullet is missed the skin also has increased reload speed which can get you back in action soon enough.
Mid range/passive rushThis skin is highly preferred as it will help in rotating. In mid range, skin will give decent damage and can beat mp40.This skin is not preferred for passive rush or rotations as it lacks accuracy which will not help in mid-range.

How much will each skin cost

Winterlands M1887

This skin will cost approximately 2K diamonds as it will be a collaboration skin. This skin will come in the Ludo event. There will be a box at the 7th number, the user needs to get to the 7th number to obtain a crate. After obtaining 5 crates user can exchange those 5 crates to obtain One Punch Man M1887 permanent skin.

One Punch Man M1887

This skin will cost approximately 1.5K diamonds as it will come in the Faded wheel event. The faded wheel in total costs 1.5k diamonds. It works after 9 spins and so on and in the last 599 diamonds. This skin will be cheap to get and is decent. Users can go for this skin if they have less diamond.

While deciding about which skin should be purchased, remember that the best skin depends upon the player’s game style. A rush player should go for One Punch Man theme M1887 and a passive player should opt for Winterlands.

What is your opinion Free Fire: One Punch Man M1887 vs Winterlands M1887 in-depth skin comparison? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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