HLTV teams up with Thunderpick for unmatched esports opportunities for gamers

Over the past decade, the esports industry has experienced a remarkable transformation, with collaborations between major players significantly shaping its growth. The collaboration between Epic Games and Psyonix led to the creation of Rocket League, a unique blend of soccer and vehicular acrobatics. Red Bull and Team SoloMid (TSM) joined hands to form the Red Bull Solo Q tournament series, offering aspiring gamers a chance to showcase their skills and compete globally. NVIDIA and ASUS collaborated to create the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Masters, an esports tournament series featuring top-tier teams battling for valuable prizes. These collaborations and others have taken the esports industry to new heights giving HLTV and Thunderpick an initiative.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been gaining traction, with over 1.8 million people signing into the game earlier this year, CS: GO seems to be breaking records and driving collaborations between industry leaders. Moreover, the anticipation of mobile support for Counter-Strike might change the face of the game entirely, bringing huge numbers of new players.

Most recently, the upcoming collaboration between Thunderpick and HLTV has been generating a buzz within the esports community. With Thunderpick’s reputation as a leading crypto esports betting platform and HLTV’s position as a prominent CS: GO news and statistics hub, this partnership holds much potential for fans and players alike.

We’ll introduce both Thunderpick and HLTV shortly before diving deeper into the details of their collaboration and its benefits for the CS: GO community and what this could mean for bets on mobile games alike.

Preparing for the CS: GO Mobile Community

The purpose of the collaboration between Thunderpick and HLTV is to strengthen the connection between the gaming community and the world of esports betting. By partnering with HLTV, Thunderpick aims to enhance the overall experience for CS: GO enthusiasts interested in placing bets on the game while also preparing for a CS2 mobile release which could lead to a lot of new players.

Counter Strike 2 Mobile rumors
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With over 2 million subscribers and 4 million unique visitors monthly, HLTV provides CS: GO game results, news, and statistics, and if CS2 releases its mobile version, you can expect HLTV to cover that as well. 

The collaboration allows Thunderpick to reach a wider audience through HLTV’s extensive subscriber base and website traffic. Thunderpick, as their social partner, will be featured in CS: GO tournament posts, offering competitive odds, special promotions, and a trusted source for crypto esports betting needs.

Introducing HLTV

HLTV is a renowned platform that has become the go-to source of information for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) enthusiasts worldwide. As one of the most influential CS: GO websites, HLTV provides fans with comprehensive coverage of tournaments, team rankings, player statistics, and match results.

If CS2 releases mobile compatibility, which is expected, HLTV will have a whole new segment of users looking for news and statistics.

Introducing Thunderpick

As a crypto esports betting website, Thunderpick provides a secure and reliable platform for users to place bets on various esports tournaments, offering high odds and fast withdrawals with eight cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Alongside its secure betting system, Thunderpick also offers comprehensive esports coverage, including news updates, match predictions, and live streams, allowing users to stay informed and engaged with the esports community.

  • Diverse Esports Coverage: Thunderpick covers many esports titles both on mobile and PC, like CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor.
  • Competitive Odds and Markets: Thunderpick provides a wide range of markets, including traditional match winner bets, as well as more specific options like map winner, total rounds, and player performance bets.
  • Special Promotions and Bonuses: Thunderpick offers special promotions and bonuses for esports events. These can include deposit matches, combo boosts, and insurance on certain outcomes.
  • Trusted and Licensed Operator: Thunderpick is a licensed and regulated esports betting platform by the Government of Curacao.

Benefits of The Collaboration

Expanded Social Presence

HLTV has a global reach of over 2 million subscribers across social channels. Thunderpick gains an expanded social presence through the partnership by being featured in social posts related to CS: GO tournament brackets and event information on HLTV. If the partnership continues throughout a CS2 mobile release, the impressions from this social presence are likely to increase significantly.

This increased visibility and exposure allow Thunderpick to reach a wider audience of CS: GO enthusiasts actively seeking information about tournaments and events. And as mentioned, with mobile compatibility, they’d reach a whole new audience.

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Enhanced Betting Experience

Thunderpick is known for offering competitive odds for CS: GO events. By leveraging HLTV’s status as a trusted source of rankings and knowledge, Thunderpick can provide bettors from HLTV with accurate and reliable odds.

Special Promotions

Thunderpick understands the importance of rewarding users and creating an exciting betting experience. As part of the collaboration with HLTV, Thunderpick may introduce exclusive promotions for CS: GO tournaments or any upcoming CS2 Mobile tournaments if that’d become a reality.

Comprehensive Coverage

HLTV is widely recognized for its comprehensive CS: GO news, tournaments, and statistics coverage. This aligns well with Thunderpick’s objective of providing users with a comprehensive esports betting experience.

Esports Entertainment Group partnership with Dignitas
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Thunderpick will offer HLTV’s subscribers quick access to high odds and a trusted betting platform. When combined with the wealth of information and insights available on HLTV, bettors will have all the necessary resources to make informed decisions.

Final Thoughts

By joining forces, HLTV and Thunderpick can offer an unparalleled experience to CS: GO and future mobile gaming enthusiasts and bettors alike. The increased visibility, access to a vast audience, and comprehensive coverage provided by HLTV will enrich the betting experience on Thunderpick.

Simultaneously, Thunderpick’s competitive odds, special promotions, and reliable platform enhance HLTV’s offerings, catering to esports fans seeking a trusted source for their betting activities.

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