Counter Strike 2 Mobile might happen in the future according to rumors

Codes reveal a mobile support option!

Most of the games have a nostalgia of playing the action title Counter Strike on their PCs which has entertained them over the years. What if we tell the game will be hitting mobile? Yes, you read it right. Recent rumors indicate that Counter Strike 2 Mobile might be on the cards.

The Source 2 engine code indicates mobile support might be on offer

Counter Strike is a series of popular multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video titles from Valve Corporation. On March 22, 2023, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, which utilizes Valve’s very own Source 2 game engine. However, the rumors of a mobile game spread out quickly.

The matter caught heat when a Twitter user Aquarius shared a few lines of code from Valve’s Counter Strike 2 and had the addonRoot attribute. What surprised the user was that it had commands attributed to the mobile version, which includes instructions for FPS during charging, and shared it on Twitter.

However, a CS2 content creator Gabe Follower pointed out that these strings and console commands might be leftovers from other games, but they don’t appear in Valve’s other popular title Dota 2. Furthermore, he mentioned that the Source 2 game engine includes support for mobile devices, so developers do not need to create a separate code, with the only issue being proper optimization.

Counter Strike gameplay
Image via Valve

Even though these are just speculations, mobile users will definitely be hyped by the thought of the action hit entering the small screen. While the rumor is slowly gaining traction, we might never know what’s in store for us.

Do you think Counter Strike 2 rumors are true and might be coming to mobile devices soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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Md.Parvez Ahamed

It would be fantastic if Counter Strike 2 Mobile comes.

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