Honor of Kings Asian Wave (KAW) 2023 Season Two: Format, Schedule, Teams, and More

The Asian stage is set to welcome the teams!

The second season of Honor of Kings Asian Wave 2023 is around the corner. Starting from the 27th of July 2023, the event will feature 12 esports teams from Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Myanmar, Laos, and Nepal who will fight to become the crowned champion.

A total prize pool of ¥500,000 (almost $70,000) will be awarded to the teams. Organized by Level Infinite, the event will be held online.

Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season Two 2023: Format and Schedule

The regular season will kick off on the 27th of July 2023. The second round of Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season Two 2023 will start on the 13th Of August. The 12 teams will be divided into two groups based on their competition points from season 1.

The top 6 teams of season 1 will directly be in group A while the remaining 6 will form group B. Teams from each group will face each other in a best-of-two (BO2) match followed by a single round-robin format. This will go on for nine days and for each win, teams will get 3 points. Draw matches will award both teams with 1 point each.

Image via Level Infinite

After the first round, the matches for the next round will be based on regular-season points. The team ranked 5-6th in Group A and the top two teams in Group B will compete for promotion and relegation format. Two matches will be held on the 11th of August in BO5 format. Winning two will enter Group A in the second round and losing two will take their places.

Image via Level Infinite

The second round of the regular season will start on the 13th of August. The past points will be reset here and for 9 days intra-group BO2 single round-robin will start. After that, all the teams from Group A and the top two teams from Group B will proceed to the playoffs. The remaining four will be eliminated.
The playoffs stage will begin on the 31st of August.

The teams, then, will compete in a five-day double-elimination competition. With the top two teams, the game will hold its grand finals. In the finals, the match will be a BO7 where winning four of the rounds will bring the glory to become the ultimate champion. Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season Two 2023 champion will directly qualify for the 2023 KIC Wildcard Qualifier Competition. The qualifier will decide which teams will head to the Honor of Kings International Championship 2023.

Participanting Teams

12 teams will join the fight for lifting the winner’s title. The teams are as follows.

  • Black Shrew Esport
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • GLUK Gaming
  • Impunity
  • Killer Gaming
  • M8Hexa.Secrecy
  • NOVA Esports
  • Paradise Esports
  • RCG Gaming
  • RTZ Esports Club

Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season Two 2023: Prize Pool

A total prize pool of ¥500,000 (almost $70,000) will be awarded to the teams. The share of each team is not announced yet. Keep following the article to know the share of each participant at the earliest.

Get ready for intense gaming action and tune in to the official channels to catch all the excitement. To catch the live action of Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season Two 2023, players can visit the official YouTube channels of Honor of Kings.

What are your thoughts on the Honor of Kings Asian Wave (KAW) Season Two? Let us know in the comments below.

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