Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7: Team-lineups and roster changes

Massive roster-changes making the title anyone's game!

After almost 5 months of trade rumours, roster changes and final-match analyses, Mobile Legends MPL-ID Indonesia is finally coming back with its Season 7, next week! Starting on February 26th 2021, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Indonesian Professional League will feature the same 8 teams from the previous season. Some teams have kept it cool and entered the same team, while others went all out and almost changed their entire roster. Read on and find out!

Team-Lineups with Roster Changes

Alter Ego

Finishing the last season in the first seed, Alter Ego is confident and hasn’t made any changes to the roster. It still features Udil, their captain, Celiboy “The Miracle Boy”, Leo “Tas-Tas” Murphy, Ahmad and Pai as their sidelaners, as well as Yam and Caesius as substitutes. Alter Ego will be looking to topple the King of Kings RRQ Hoshi in this upcoming season, coming off strong performances as champions of MPL Invitational by ONE Esports and just barely making the semi-finals in the M2 World Championship.

RRQ Hoshi

Coming off a championship season, RRQ Hoshi has made some major changes following their loss to Alter Ego in the MPL Invitational and to Burmese Ghouls in the M2 Championship. From the original roster, Vyn, Albert, Lemon, R7 and Wizzking remain on the team. Unfortunately, RRQ had to let Jamesss, Liam, LJ and Xinnn go for this season. The old roster featured Jamesss looking to go into retirement, Liam, Xinnn likely taking a break and LJ moving to a different team. Luckily, they brought in some new faces like Psychoo, Taka and Acil, the latter being a former RRQ player in the past.

ONIC Esports

Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

Placed third last season and led by rookie SANZ, Onic will be looking to increase their lead on RRQ and Alter Ego to prove that they can do it too. Psychoo and Antimage had to part ways with Onic over the offseason, the former headed to RRQ and the latter to EVOS. From last season, Sasa, Drian, Rasy, CW and Butsss remain and are joined by Kiboy and Maipan to round off and give this new crew a new look.

Bigetron Alpha

Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

Dubbed as “The Dark Horse” competitor in MPL ID S6 by ONE Esports, Bigetron did not make any significant changes to their main lineup, still consisting of Dreams, KYY, Branz, Rippo, Renbo and the brother-duo of Matt and Maxx. Despite losing Taka, Bravo and their coach Amoux, Bigetron brought in new coach Ageee to hopefully guide them to victory this season.

Genflix Aerowolf

Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

Known for their unique playstyle of synergizing unconventional characters in MLBB, Genflix has had a huge makeover with Acil, Rave, Rezim, Midgod, Groot, and Ercan all being subbed out. The changes saw Kidogemash, Bravo, Bottle, and Coach Saintdelucas being brought in to round out the remaining roster of Clay, Marz, Rinazmi, and Watt. Will these changes be enough to push GFLX forward this season?

EVOS Esports

Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

Just barely making the playoffs last season, EVOS has a new look this season, and it is definitely star-studded. Star players Darkness, LJ, Antimage, Clover, and Luminaire were brought in to buff up the existing roster of Rekt, Rexxy and Wannn. However, EVOS fans must say goodbye to Bajan, Revicii and Pendragon for the time being.


Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

Also looking at major revamps, GEEK FAM has a completely different look from the previous season. With Wongcoco, Doyoksyl, Joker, Ramzu, and AyamJago rotated out from the lineup, it gives room for Zunz and Despair to join Adam, Renv, Babywww and Frzz to round out the GEEK FAM team.

Aura Fire

Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7

With nowhere to go from here but up, AURA decided to switch out their coach Lionheart, analyst Susugajah, and players Darkness, Khael, and Phoenix. The changes saw new coach CLCL, analyst Facehugger, as well as players Kabuki and Godiva, join the likes of High, Qeira, Vanss and Vaanstrong to take a run at the cup this season.

Final thoughts

With all these fierce competitors changing their roster, it is safe to say that the title of MPL-ID S7 Champion is anyone’s game. For sure, Top dogs Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi will be the favourites to win, but will beginners luck finally see a SANZ-lead ONIC take the title? Will the newly revamped EVOS or Aura bring new faces into the hall of fame? Or maybe playing within their area of expertise will prove fruitful for Bigetron or Genflix? Whatever the case, this season is definitely going to be an explosive one!

Who is your favourite to win the Mobile Legends MPL-ID Season 7? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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