Mobile Legends: NaVi explains the reasons behind venturing into MLBB esports ahead of M3 World Championship

NAVI will be entering the MLBB picture with participating in the M3

Natus Vincere popularly known as NAVI has recently declared their MLBB roster for the upcoming M3 tournament. The Ukrainian esports giant got close with Moonton before they took the decision to acquire a team that will represent them in the biggest tournament of MLBB, M3 World Championship. In a press conference, Chief Operating Officer of NAVI, Aleksey Kucherov, explains why the organization took the decision to venture into the Mobile Legends esports.

NAVI signed Mobile Legends esports roster just a month before M3

NAVI acquired Deus Vult, which has been the strongest side of that region as they are the only ones from the CIS who played every major tournament. Having been participating in the World Championships for the third time, Deus Vult is really familiar with the competitive picture.

Navi mobile legends esports roster
Image via Natus Vincere

One of the most prestigious esports events in Mobile Legends M3 will have NAVI playing for the silverware. The name NAVI is a huge eSports brand itself as they actively participate in 16 game titles. Their name in the tournament will make some heavy impact.

NAVI COO interview on joining the mobile MOBA scene

In a virtual press conference in Zoom organized by Moonton, the Chief Operating Officer of NAVI Aleksey Kucherov stated that they were continuously in touch with Moonton developers for quite some time. It was also commented that the view number of this game really motivated them to introduce a team in the professional league.

NAVI COO Aleksey Kucherov
Image via Natus Vincere

In the interview regarding why the CIS-based org set forth into the MLBB scene Aleksey said, 

“Na’Vi have right now more than 16 teams, 16 different gaming titles, 18 rosters, and Mobile Legends is one of them. To be honest, we started investing into Mobile Legends a few months ago and this happened because of the right communication with gaming publisher (Moonton),”

What did Moonton do to attract Natus Vincere

While the communication with Moonton has given Na’Vi the confidence needed to venture into the mobile gaming scene, Kucherov explained the value that publishers bring in the survivability of esports is a key point for an organization. The game is said to be the most famous game in the SEA region.

The communication with Moonton provided NAVI with a strong lead to invest in the MLBB esports scene. The COO also opined that the market value that has been reached by the publishers of the game is really astonishing. This will also keep the persistence of the games firm. He added that, “So first of all, the ecosystem of every gaming title is very important for every club. Sustainability of the ecosystem means that every club should see some return of investment into the game, and they should seek a big audience, and they should see interest from gaming publishers”.

According to Aleksey, the NAVI MLBB team will be focusing on homegrown players more for the time being although there were vast options of picking players from the SEA region.

Mobile Legends M3 World, MLBB M3 top 5 teams Championship, Mobile Legends M3 World Championship Top players
Image via Moonton Games

Can NAVI be a stand out team in MLBB M3 World Championship

The veteran esports giant saw real potential among the game publishers of Moonton and realized the game is really making progress which is noticeable. On top of that, MLBB has a huge fan base around the world right now. There couldn’t be a better time to uphold the name NAVI in the Mobile Legends plot than this.

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