Omega Esports is crowned as the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Philippines Summer Season – South Luzon champions

Consistency is the key

Omega Esports, known as one of the most dominant teams in the Philippine Wild Rift competitive scene has come up as champions once again as they finish the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Philippines Summer Season – South Luzon undefeated, in a 9-0 score.

Again, after 2 weeks of intense and highly competitive games of unexpected turns, the tournament was concluded with other teams like Liyab Esports, a known team from League of Legends PC who is starting to form a name on Wild Rift as well, winning second place followed by Sunsparks and Execration who ended up in third place and fourth place respectively. Just like the North Luzon segment of the tournament, the said teams also participated in a two-day open qualifier segment as well with over a hundred teams that played to be able to join the group stage.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Summer Season Group Stage – Philippines, South Luzon: As it happened

As per usual, for winning the series and ending up in second place, Smart Omega Esports along with Liyab Esports, secure their spots in the playoffs of the tournament’s summer season joining Team Secret and Nexplay Esports. Moreover, they win a prize of 450,000 and 250,000 Globe Cup Points which can be converted to cash prizes by the end of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Sunsparks and Execration win 150,000 and 50,000 Globe Cup Points respectively, though their journey in the said tournament is now over, and are not eligible to join the playoffs anymore for finishing in the third and fourth places.

Wild rift esports

Consistency is the key

Omega Esports showed up as they finished the series on a 9-0 score, becoming the most dominant champion in the tournament so far. Their performance was consistent from the very first day, with all of the players having amazing KDAs and stats and key players like Impressive, making ballsy and game-changing plays specifically his already well-known baron, rift herald and dragon steals- naming him the “Smite King” of the tournament. Moreover, every single game showed nothing but a one-sided game from Smart Omega Esports.

However, moving onto the other teams, Liyab Esports came the closest on performing over Omega Esports, though they were still not able to do so due to Impressive’s “impressive” Baron steal. They finished in a 5-4 score, though it is not perfect they still ended in second place and were able to qualify in the playoffs.

Moving on, Sunsparks the third placers of the tournament, actually had a very rough start in the tournament having a 0-4 score in the first week. Fortunately enough, they were able to come back stronger and fix their errors in the second week even beating the stronger team, Liyab Esports to finish in a 3-6 score by the end of the series. Lastly, Execration finished a 1-8 score and was overwhelmed by the stronger teams of the tournament, they were able to get a win against Sunsparks however, on the first week of the tournament.

Visayas and Mindanao will be happening soon

PPGL visayas, Wild Rift Icon series Ph summer season
Wild Rift Icon series Philippines summer season – Visayas

All the matches were broadcasted on Twitch and Facebook by PPGL. Additionally, other branches of the tournament: Visayas and Mindanao will be broadcasted on the same platforms as well in the upcoming days, so make sure to stay tuned! The Visayas is the upcoming tournament with Apoy EsportsAmihan EsportsEncore E-Sports, and Fennel Adversity on the run! We’re in for some intense action in the Rift!

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