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Peacekeeper Elite League PEL Spring Season 2022: Changes in format, points system, and more

New season comes with new changes!

Peacekeeper Elite League, popularly known as PEL, is the domestic league for Game For Peace in China. Game For Peace is the Chinese iteration of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. The PEL 2022 Spring Season tournament details have been released with changes in the format and points system.

PEL Spring Season 2022: Changes in format and point system 

This year, the PEL officials have come up with more than a couple of changes to be implemented in their tournaments in the Spring Season of the event. The biggest change will arguably be the perspective switch from FPP to TPP, which has come as a surprise given that PEL has been known for the only PUBG Mobile-based tournament to be organized in FPP. The change has reportedly been implemented in order to prepare the players for the upcoming Asian Games 2022 in China. This will likely shift meta and we can see the rise of new teams to the top.

pel prizepool, PEL Spring Season 2022
Image via PEL

The next change comes in the form of a new qualification system for the 3 day Weekly Finals every week.

Pre-season qualifying

Divided into 3 groups for a 3-day competition and the 21 teams will be ranked according to the total points to determine the participation of the 21 teams in the regular season in the first week.

Regular season

1-day breakout and 3-day weekly finals will be held every week. The accumulated points of the weekly finals will be counted into the total points of the regular season, and the weekly champion will receive a million-dollar bonus!


The 15 qualifying teams will be given fixed points to be brought into the finals in the order of promotion.


15 qualified teams will compete in a 4-day final to compete for the PEL 2022 Spring Split Championship.

pel prizepool, PEL Spring Season 2022
Image via PEL

The PEL points system for teams according to their position in a match has been changed and will now award fewer points than before. It will focus more on the aggressive combat part of the game wherein 2 points will be awarded for each kill in the first and second zone of the game.

Peacekeeper Elite League Spring Season 2022: Prize pool and Schedule

The Peace Elite League(PEL) 2022 Spring Season will have a prize pool of approximately $4,500,000 divided among the teams as shown in the chart given. This will be the second biggest tournament in PUBG Mobile and GFP history and one of the biggest in the world.

pel prizepool
Image via PEL
  • Pre-season qualifying: March 4-March 6
  • Regular season: March 10-April 17
  • Playoffs: April 28-May 8
  • Finals: May 19- May 22

PEL Spring Season 2022: Participating Teams

pel prizepool
Image via PEL
  • Tong Jia Bao (TJB)
  • Vision Esports (VS)
  • Nova Tencent (NV)
  • Weibo Gaming (WBG)
  • Regan S Gaming (RSG)
  • Thunder Talk( TT)
  • Tianba (Tianba)
  • Show Time (ST)
  • PeRo (PeRo)
  • The Chosen (TC)
  • Titan Esports Club (TEC)
  • Kone Esports (Kone)
  • J Team (JT)
  • JD Esports (JDW)
  • 4 Angry Men (4AM)
  • Action Culture Technology (ACT)
  • All Gamers Club (AG)
  • Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG)
  • LGD Gaming (LGD)
  • Six Two Eight (STE)
  • Team PAI (PAI)

It is to be noted that the organizations’ RNG, DKG, and Q9 sold their PEL slots and their rosters were picked up by Kone Esports, Vision Esports, and J Team respectively. Also, there has been an addition of a new team PeRo to make it 21 teams.


PEL has maintained its reputation as the most well-organized PUBG Mobile-based tournament in the world and the most prestigious domestic event as well. The tournament has been adjusted to accommodate the upcoming Asian Games while still making the best of it to please the fans. As we move into a new season of the PEL, we can surely hope to see many more memorable moments and clutch plays that will leave a mark in the competitive scene of the game.

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