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Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) Summer 2023: Format, prize pool, and participating teams

PEL Summer 2023 is almost here, and here's all you need to know!

The second edition of Peacekeeper Elite League or the PEL organized by Tencent in the ongoing season of PUBG Mobile, 2023 will be held in the coming days where 21 teams will compete to claim the honor of being the top team from the region of China. The Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2023 will also play its part in seeding teams from China to participate in the annual PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023, the highest honor in the esports ecosystem of the game.

PEL Summer 2023: Format

The PEL Summer 2023 will follow the same format it did for PEL Spring 2023 and the Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2022. But for those who are still not sure about how it works, here is all you need to know about the unique format that is in place in China’s top-flight PUBG Mobile esports.

The PEL season is divided into three main parts: the regular season or the league stages, the playoffs or the qualifying rounds for the tournament finals, and the tournament’s Grand Final. The regular season is further divided into two more parts: the Breakout and the Weekly Finals. In the breakout stage, all the teams except the top 5 teams from the last two weekly finals fight against each other to fill the remaining 10 spots in the weekly finals.

Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2023
Image via Tencent

The top 5 from the following Weekly Finals directly qualify for the next Weekly Finals. The weekly standings are taken into account and the cumulative points give us the regular season standings. Then comes the Playoffs, where teams are assigned headstart points based on their regular season standings, and the top 15 teams make it to the Final where everyone fights it out for the title.

The tournament is set to begin sometime in the month of May and will likely end in July 2023. The dates have not been finalized as of yet.

PEL Summer 2023 will have a prize pool of nearly $2.5 million up for grabs

Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2023
Image via Peace Elite League

PEL has long been regarded as the most prestigious of all domestic PUBG Mobile tournaments, and the overall production of PEL, as well as its prize pool, is a testament to that statement. PEL Summer 2023 will have a prize pool of nearly $2.5 million which is more than 10 times the amount that is allocated for each region, except for the PUBG Mobile Japan League or the PMJL, Japan’s domestic league.

Participating teams in PEL Summer 2023

The 21 teams that will be taking part in the PEL Summer 2023 are as follows:

  • Nova Esports
  • JD Esports
  • Tong Jia Bao Esports
  • Team Weibo
  • All Gamers Club
  • Action Culture Technology
  • J Team
  • Titan Esports Club
  • Four Angry Men
  • LGD Gaming
  • Tianba
  • Wolves Esports
  • Regans Gaming
  • Six Two Eight
  • Team Pai
  • The Chosen
  • Show Time
  • Vision Esports
  • The Chosen
  • Thundertalk Gaming

The PEL has always been setting a benchmark for other regions to surpass, be it the quality of gameplay, the production, or the overall show and biz, and this time should not be any different. With everything to play for in the PEL Summer 2023 with the slots for the Global Championship at stake, it is sure going to be an entertaining few weeks for everyone.

Are you excited about Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2023? Which of the 21 teams will you be rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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