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PUBG Mobile Esports plan for 2020 is much bigger than 2019

While there is no doubt that PUBG Mobile is already revolutionizing the Mobile Esports scene, the upcoming year i.e 2020 looks even brighter for PUBG Mobile Esports. Throughout 2019, PUBG Mobile had quite a lot of esports events globally and regionally. Tencent have revealed their 2020 esports plans for PUBG Mobile partly now and then during various events. This article sums up the whole PUBG Mobile esports plan for 2020!

PUBG Mobile World League will kick off in 2020

The biggest initiative for 2020 is the PUBG Mobile World League. While this sounds exciting, it is quite complex to understand at first. But we will explain it in detail. PUBG Mobile World League is divided into parts. Tencent have categorised it geographically as well as on skillset. This will give ample opportunity to all skill level players to achieve something in the esports scene. On the skillset, the categories are – Amateur, Pro/Semi-Pro and Pro. And geographically the stages are – Country, Region and World.

pubg mobile esports 2020 plan
PUBG Mobile Esports Plan for 2020

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2020

We don’t have any concrete information about PUBG Mobile Campus Championship yet. But from the previous experiences, we can say that it will be region locked inside countries especially for the amateur players. This is a great initiative by Tencent to pull up some fresh talents out of each country.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020

After the huge success in 2019, PUBG Mobile Club Open will continue in 2020. PMCO will target the Semi-pro and Pro players of the PUBG Mobile esports. PMCO 2019 had the highest prize pool for a mobile esports, that is 2.5 Million USD. The registration for PMCO 2020 will start from January 2020.

PMCO 2020
PUBG Mobile Club Open

PUBG Mobile Regional Pro League

The Regional Pro League, which is a new initiative by Tencent in 2020 will happen based on region. There will be a total of 3 Regional Pro League. While the SEA Regional Pro League include Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, we are yet to know more about PUBG Mobile Americas Pro League and South Asia Pro League. The Pro League is divided into two parts just like PMCO. And it will start from May and October 2020.

PUBG Mobile World League and World Championship 2020

Tencent have not revealed much about how the PUBG Mobile World League will work. But it is expected that top teams from each Regional Pro League will be picked up for the World League. Players can also expect more or less the same thing for the World Championship until Tencent reveals further info on it.

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The reason why Tencent is going big with PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020

Over the past one and half year, the popularity of PUBG Mobile is on the rise. The case is the same in terms of revenue. On a recent report by Sensor Tower, it has been revealed that PUBG Mobile had over 1.5 Billion USD gross revenue until now. So this is not surprising that Tencent is pushing more with the PUBG Mobile Esports to hold their current growth. However, during the PMCO Fall Split Final 2019, James Yang (Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports, Tencent Games) said something interesting.

The success of PMCO 2019 with millions of concurrent viewers is one of the testaments to the strength of PUBG MOBILE’s community and the true potential and broad appeal for mobile esports. We are glad to bring players and over 50,000 teams together from different countries around the world, with 10 different regions represented in PMCO.

Prize Pool

While revealing about the PUBG Mobile 2020 Esports plan, James Yang also talked about the Prize pool. It is going to be more than 5 Million USD, which is double the total pool of PMCO 2019!

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What do you think about this massive plan of Tencent for PUBG Mobile esports? Do let us know in the comments below. And more mobile gaming news and updates, stay tuned to GamingonPhone.

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