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TSM bids farewell to Battlegrounds Mobile India and welcomes a Free Fire roster

Interesting stuff happening in the Indian esports scene

In a decision that has shocked the fans of the team all over India, TSM has made the decision to cut ties with their Battlegrounds Mobile India i.e. ex PUBG Mobile roster which they acquired from partners Entity Gaming who were the original holders of the roster. At the same time, TSM India has taken up the Free Fire roster of the team Sixth Sense as announced by the official page.

TSM Free Fire roster


The old PUBGM/BGMI roster – what the fans can expect

According to recent news, the PUBG Mobile roster consisting of Jonathan, Neyoo, Clutchgod, Zgod and their coach/player Ghatak has been dropped from Entity Gaming as well, who are reportedly looking for a new roster to acquire.

It is common knowledge that the TSM Entity PUBGM roster is among the elite teams of the South Asia region, feared for their destructive gunpower and aggressive playstyle across all competitions. The lineup was also something to boast about as it consisted of arguably one of the best global players Jonathan, along with Zgod, Clutchgod and Neyoo, all of whom are self accomplished players with stats that speak for themselves.

They have consistently placed top 5 and above in all competitions, they’ve played in and even winning the PMCO Fall Split SA 2019 and PMIS 2020. After a rather shaky start in the PMWL East, they bounced back and made it to 6th place overall against all odds. With total earnings as high as $180,000, TSM Entity was pretty successful throughout its course as an esports roster. And now the organization will be looking if the new TSM Free Fire team can live up to the expectations or not.

Even though they are now free men, it is expected that the players are going to stick together and wait for another organization to pick them up which can just be a matter of time owing to their status as arguably the best team in India and one of the best in South Asia.

Taking into account the impressive resume of the players, it can also be a possibility that they make up their own esports group and start from scratch as they definitely have the skill set to make it to the top level without the funding and support from a prominent organization.

Image via TSM Entity

With any formal announcement yet to be made about the esports scenario of Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI, and keeping in mind that the game hasn’t been officially launched yet, it remains to be seen what happens with the squad, with some people telling that the lineup has chances of being acquired by Vitality Esports or Samurai Esports though it’s fair to say that those might just be speculations at this point.

What might be the reason behind this decision

With PUBG Mobile being banned in India for 9 months the Indian lineups affiliated with the game has incurred massive losses as they’ve been unable to attend any tournament in this period. With most lineups in a hiatus, hope came in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India, that is, the Indian iteration of PUBG Mobile.

But even that has seen a setback owing to the recent allegations against Krafton and Battlegrounds Mobile India on the grounds of data transfer and privacy policies with the threats of another ban to the game. In this scenario, it can be said the TSM felt that funding a team that hasn’t been a part of any tournament for nearly a year is merely a waste of their assets, which explains them acquiring a Free Fire roster, as the game has yet no allegations against them or any chance of it put in hiatus.

And with the booming popularity of the game and its esports, the new roster will no doubt be a far more stable investment than the TSM Entity lineup. As for Entity, no formal announcement has been made but it can be said that the players are way too valuable for them to retain, as they’re bound to get picked up by another team with a better offer. Thus, as of now one of the most iconic teams in the Indian e-sports scenario has come to an end. Whether they start off anew with another organization remains to be seen, as we can just wish the players good luck for their future endeavors.

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