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How to fix game lag in Garena Free Fire: 6 Steps to boost your game

Garena Free Fire touted to be one of the very few light-weight games to offer a quality experience and thrill of the battle royale genre. The game doesn’t require an ultra high-end device. It doesn’t require for players to spend money on upgrading their devices every now and then, either. The Devs make sure to roll out regular update patches with exciting new features. More importantly, the update patches are designed keeping compatibility with lower-end devices in mind. Even after so much care and consideration, it’s possible that some devices may face lags during gameplay. Today, in this article, we’ll try to look out for the solution on how to fix game lag in Free Fire.

Game Boosters — Are they really effective?

There might exist a lot of apps in the Google Play Store claiming to increase performance. Same is the case with those ‘100% lag fixing’ apps. Though, the reality is these apps hardly make a difference. Besides, using up your storage and draining your memory to display third-party ads, is their underlying motive. So, instead of letting these apps keep you in the dark, head over to the next section to figure out how to actually fix the lag in Free Fire.

How to fix game lag in Free Fire?

Follow the below mentioned steps to improve performance and fix game lag without any third-party app:

1. Check if your device is meeting the minimum requirements

The first and foremost thing to do is to check whether your device is compatible and meets the minimum requirements to run the game smoothly. Even though and as already mentioned, Free Fire doesn’t require high specs but it still needs a minimal 2GB ram, anyway, to run somewhat at 30fps without lags

2. Pick the settings according to the device

Try lowering the graphics in the settings. It, usually, helps with fixing the stuttering. Do the same with the ‘shadows’ option. Reduce the frame rate to prevent over-heating

3. Keep the system updated

Always keep your Android system updated. Keep auto-update turned on, as well, in the system settings.

4. Clear the cache

Clear the temp cache memory of your phone, frequently. Helps keep your phone running smoothly and in a flexible manner, too. Through the apps settings menu, clear saved data of apps and games you no longer need

5. Optimize the app for the best performance

Optimization is a crucial aspect of lag free gaming experience on any platform. Check whether your apps and games are optimised for battery usage and performance through the system settings

6. Make sure nothing is running on the background

While playing the game, make sure not to keep multiple apps open in the background. This reduces the performance and sometimes causes your game to lag.

If all of the above steps fail, restart your phone. If you have your data backed up, restoring the phone to its factory settings might also help. But, try re-installing the game first before going for a complete restoration to factory settings.

We hope this article helps you in resolving your lag and low performance-related issues while playing Free Fire. Happy gaming!

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