Why do iGaming companies sponsor esports

Technology and the gaming industry, in particular, have greatly changed the world we knew in the past. Those days when parents told their children that computer games could not be built for the future have sunk into oblivion. The time has come for a technological breakthrough, and the digital industry including igaming is taking deeper and deeper roots in the life of each of us especially the esports part. Just imagine that the next generation, in the literal sense of the word, will grow up as cyber sportsmen in the second generation, where their dad or mom are already titled ESL champions or winners of many tournaments.

iGaming as part of esports

But what remains behind the scenes is that iGaming has become part of eSports. Many people turn a blind eye to this or simply do not want to believe in the obvious. Top players of the world eSports teams are no longer just filming videos or making videos and pre-rolls with ads on their YouTube channels or on-stream tweaks on time. Many e-sports teams are officially sponsored by large and well-known iGaming companies where CS: GO skins or coins are used as currency, which are bought for real money.

The main reason for sponsorship is the exposure of a particular brand. This trend has been particularly visible in Canada, where the gambling industry is gradually gaining a foothold. In order to increase their popularity, top live casinos in Canada spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns and advertising of local eSports teams. They offer special T-shirts to them, stream it live via various channels, and provide players with all the necessary ammunition they need in gaming. In exchange for that, these companies get recognition among citizens, and more customers turn to them.

Furthermore, iGaming companies offer bets on different eSports tournaments. Basically, in various online casinos, you can win real money for your CS: GO skins, or by making bets during various championships, both local and world.

Skin buying/selling industry

Furthermore, when iGaming companies sponsor eSports, they actually get some percentage from the sold items. Many sites are actively speculating on CS: GO skins and Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items that offer their visitors to sell CS: GO skins instantly and for real money! Of course, offering a price below the Steam trading platform, but providing its customers with a 100% guarantee of a successful transaction and the speed of payment. The good news is that there are sites for reviewing the services of selling and buying skins that give an adequate assessment of the market for game things and help track down scammers.

And then it remains to observe

Now, in the era of actively developing e-sports, it is very difficult to stay on the sidelines of everything that happens. Especially when your idols begin to advertise various sites and gambling portals, however, it is worth noting that without iGaming companies many already well-known or just starting eSports teams could never get to the championships, the winners of which, in the end, they turned out to be. The axiom is quite simple: where there are iGaming companies that provide assistance to teams, there is money. Currently, many eSports teams appear on the world stage only thanks to the support from these companies.

Each of us surely follows with interest the development of esports and how gambling is slowly but surely becoming a part of the esports industry.

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