8 Ball Pool Guide: Tips and Tricks to improve your game

8 Ball Pool was released in 2010 as an online multiplayer game and the objective was simple, to make a simple, clear game for everyone so that everyone is able to play right when he/she wants to play. And the same happened, the game server crashed on the first day itself due to a large number of concurrent users. Such is the popularity of the game. The game became even more accessible and huger when it reached mobile platforms. The game grew in popularity and in a number of users. Many players just get in the flow of the simplicity of the gameplay in 8 Ball Pool and miss many major things to become best in the game. Here is a Beginners guide to know the game better and all tips and tricks to become a pro in 8 Ball Pool.

1. Know the Common Fouls in the game

Potting the 8 Ball

  • Potting the 8 Ball before all the object balls (your own color balls).
  • Potting the 8 Ball in any other pocket, other than the chosen pocket. (only in some tiers)

In both cases, the result will be a win for the opponent.

Rules and Regulations

Fouls resulting in ‘ball in hand’ of the opponent

  • Running out of the given time would result in giving up the pass to the opponent, with the ball in hand. The opponent can now easily take his shot.
  • Cue hitting the opponent’s ball.
  • Cue ball not hitting your own ball at all.
  • Cue ball or the object ball not hitting the rail around the edge of the table.
  • In higher game table/level, potting your own ball in any other pocket other than the chosen pocket.

These are the common fouls that must be avoided. Most of them are basic rules but the importance is making one of the mistakes that would cost the whole game. In 8 ball pool, the opponent, if skilled ie knows all the tips and tricks, can clear all the balls in one pass. So, giving up the ball would cost terribly.

Click on the ‘i‘ to know the in-game rules

To know more about which mode has what specific rules, click on the i’, on the game mode or table tab.

2. Choose the right Game Mode / Level

The game starts with London Table and then other tables unlock with an increase in player level. The higher tables offer higher and better rewards with experience. But most players miss the basic thing that is the change in rules. The rules become more stringent, like to choose a pocket in which you would pot your every ball.

Game modes in 8 ball Pool

Also, the fact is you are staking more money for more rewards. And to add on, there would be better opponents with better cues. So, choose your game mode wisely, and go for higher levels only when you are confident of winning.

3. Earn more coins before playing higher levels

You should have enough coins with you so that even if you lose, you would have enough coins to play another game. For example, you unlocked Tokyo Table and have 2500 coins in your account. Now you went in to play a match in Tokyo and lost. Now you have 0 coins in the account and can’t play a single game.

Sending coins

You can also request friends for free coins and also can donate coins to your friend. And the coin donated isn’t from your account, rather free. You can enable this feature by signing in through Facebook. You can send and receive gifts from Fb friends once per day.

 4. Use the Spin from time to time

Spin, also called English in the game, is the way landing up/ moving the cue ball in the desired direction so that it would be easier for your next shot. Spin is the key to be a great pool player and to be honest, at higher levels it is very difficult to win, without positioning and controlling the cue ball.

For example, you are taking a shot at a ball that is very to the pocket and there is always a chance of the cue ball getting into the pocket also (This happens quite a lot of time). But if you apply backspin, the ball will come backward after hitting the ball.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

To use Spin, click on the white ball on the top right corner of the screen, place the red dot accordingly, to have the desired spin/ movement of the ball.

How to get better at Spin in 8 Ball Pool

Spin can be Top Spin ( cue ball goes forward or in the same direction after hitting the ball), Back Spin ( cue ball comes back/ or in the opposite direction after hitting the ball), Right Spin (cue ball goes right after hitting the ball) & Left Spin (cue ball goes left after hitting the ball). It may sound simple, but the practical use of it is difficult. To get better at Spin, one has to practice more and more using the spin.

Spins in 8 ball Pool

With practice, one knows the amount of spin required. Cue also has an effect on the amount of spin that can be produced. So, all these factors are collectively deciding the positioning of the cue ball.

5. Have better Cues and get your skills right.

There are cues with different features and different powers, invest in getting the cues which would make you better at winning. Not just having a better cue would do the job, one has to practice with the cue also. For example, you have been playing with the beginner cue for like 20 matches and suddenly got a legendary cue to play. The first shot would never do the job as it was with the beginner level cue.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks
Legendary Cues in 8 Ball Pool

Better cues have better force, better aim line, better spin features. So, you have to know what cue does what job, and that would only be known through practice. Practice small matches through new cues, know the potential, and take them to important matches. Winning tournaments is one of the best ways to unlock good cues.

6. Get better at Aiming

With a beginner cue, you get a little aim line from the target ball. This makes a little hard to line up the target ball that is from pockets. A simple trick/cheat would be to have a small piece of paper with straight edge lines. Place the edge of the paper with the small aim lines and your aim is extended. But have in mind that you have limited time and do this quickly.

Using Tap to Aim

There is an option in the settings where you can customize the setting for aiming. With this option, you can reposition the cue to aim the ball you want to hit with just one tap, rather than dragging the figure all over your phone screen. Tap to Aim doesn’t line up the aim for perfect shot; one has to adjust the aim to perfectly pot the ball. It just helps in faster aiming.

7. Play Mini Games regularly and complete new missions

Playing Mini-Games like Lucky Shot or Spin the wheel gives you better rewards and cue pieces which are helpful in the long run. Also, collect the daily rewards even if it is small in amount.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks
Mini games in 8 Ball Pool

Also, focus on opening the reward boxes regularly. If you don’t do, them the reward boxes would fill up the slots and when you get a better box there would be no slot to store it. The box also pops out better rewards and cue pieces.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

8. Create / Join a Club

In a club, members can organize friendly matches for getting better at the game. Moreover, clubs allow members to request gifts from other players, which includes a nice pack of coins and XP.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks
Joining Clubs in 8 ball Pool

These are not the only benefits of joining a club, there is also a club leaderboard where clubs compete in Country Leaderboard and World Leaderboard. If your clubs perform well and are at the top of the league, then there will be huge rewards for the club members.

To join a club, go to the top left corner of the home page.


Being a huge fan of Miniclip games and someone who has been playing 8 Ball pool since it’s early inception days, We hope with this 8 Ball Pool guide, we hope you get to enjoy the true essence of the game.

Climb levels at your own pace and master the aiming, understand the cues and use them carefully as per the game situation. With these tips and tricks, and proper practice you will surely become a pro in 8 Ball Pool

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find these tips and tricks useful for playing and winning in 8 Ball Pool.

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Alex Gutierrez

Don’t play anymore because money hungry developers


How is there always and opponent ready when I want to play?

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8 ball pool miniclip is the world’s best game ever

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