Ambition of Kings Hero Tier List for January 2024

Unleash the Best Heroes and hold up to the Legacy!

Ambition of Kings is an impressive strategy game featuring special effects and amazing combat experience. The game is a development by ZephyrusGames. The game has a total of six classes to represent the heroes. Each hero has a troop type and special battle and legion skill sets. You should be mindful of which hero you select and hence It is necessary to understand the tier system’s benefits. Therefore, keep up with our Ambition of Kings Hero Tier List and recruit top heroes when forming a team.

Ambition of Kings Hero Tier List for January 2024

The heroes in Ambition of Kings are divided into 4 major tiers: S, A, B, and D.

Strong (S)Zhang Fei, Dong ZhuoGuan Yu, Lv Bu, Dian WeiZhao Yun, Zhang Liao, Sun ShangxiangCao Cao, Ma Yunlu, Lu Zhi, Sun QuanZhuge Liang, Diao Chan, Jia Xu, Guo Jia, Sima Yi, Huang Yueying, Zhang Jiao, Zuo Ci, Zhou YuHua Tuo, Zhang Chunhua, Liu Bei, Xiao Qiao
Good (A)Sun Jian, Wei Yan, Ma ChaoXiahou DunHuang Zhong, Lv LingqiYuan Shao, Lv MengBu Lianshi, Da Qiao, Tao Tao
Average (B)Wen Chou, Meng HuoZhurong, Yan Liang, LordWen Yang, Xiahou YuanGongsun  ZanYu Ji, Lady ZhenLu Su
Fair (C)Gan NingZhang HeYuang ShuChen Gong, Ma Liang

Best Meta Heroes in Ambition of Kings for January 2024

Guard Class – Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei is the strongest Guard class hero in Ambition of Kings and belongs to the Shu faction. The hero has an Attack, Defence, and HP score of 36,900, 19,620, and 1,229,420 respectively. The advanced stats include CRIT, Evasion, and Block. They equal 7%, 7%, and 6% respectively.

Image via ZephyrusGames

The Stunt skill is One Man Against All where the hero transforms and gains interruption resistance for 12 seconds. The power deals 258% damage to the front-row targets and the final hit knocks down the target. This also restores 300% of Zhang Fei’s ATK and energy within the range of his normal attack covering the maximum number of opponents.

Vanguard Class – Guan Yu

When we discuss the Vanguard class, Guan Yu is the most powerful among all. This hero also belongs to the Shu faction and its legion i.e. troop type is Cavalry. The Attack, Defence, and HP scores are equivalent to 41,800, 17,170, and 1,106,920 respectively. The CRIT is 12%, Evasion is 6.1%, and Block is 5.2%.

Image via ZephyrusGames

Guan Yu’s Stunt Skill is Moonshade Dragon which enables the hero to deal 300% damage to the target and knock it back. The skills execute a target lower than 20% HP. The power deals 120% splash damage to targets around the main target. The Halberd allows to swing of the blade continuously to deal 380% damage.

Assassin Class – Zhao Yun

The top Assassin class hero for this game is most definitely Zhao Yun. The Attack, Defence, and HP scores are 42,040, 17,170, and 1,075,920 respectively. The troop type of Zhao Yun is Pikeman with a CRIT, Evasion, and Block of 12%, 6.1%, and 6.1% respectively. 

Image via ZephyrusGames

The Stunt skill of Zhao Yun is called Dragon Roar. The skill attempts a quick thrust to hit the most enemies. The hero pierces through the target, accusing an interruption effect. The total damage dealt points to 320%. When piercing, each hit on a target restores 100 Rage points and 100% of Zhao Yun’s ATK as HP.

Governor Class – Cao Cao

Cao Cao is a top-tier hero when it comes to the Governor class. This hero belongs to the Wei faction with an Attack of 47,320, a Defence of 17,170, and an HP of 968,920. The advanced stats include the usual CRIT, Evasion, and Hit. These scores are equivalent to 12%, 5.7%, and 6.5% respectively. The troop type of Cao Cao is Interior. 

Image via ZephyrusGames

The Stunt skill of Cao Cao is Unification. When the aura of the hero unleashes, striking the front and middle row enemies multiple times for a total of 270% damage. The skill reduces the target’s Rage by 200 and increases all allies’ damage by 40% for 12 seconds. The other skill, Cross, releases a sword aura to strike the front-row targets, dealing 300% damage. 

Strategist Class – Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang of the Shu faction stands as the top hero of the Strategist class. The Attack, Defence, and HP scores of the hero are 51,600, 17,170, and 861,920 respectively. The legion i.e. troop type of Zhuge Liang is the Archer unit. For the advanced attributes, CRIT is 12%, Evasion is 5.7%, and Block is 4.9%. 

Image via ZephyrusGames

The Stunt skill of the strategist hero is Big Dipper 7-Star Formation. The skill releases the Seven Stars Formation in the densest areas of enemies. The substitutes powers of the skill, Shake Light and Rising Sun deal damage to the enemies within the range 3 times. Each of the strikes deals 35% damage while reducing the target’s Rage by 34 points. 

Support Class – Hua Tuo

The best support for the team of heroes in Ambition of Kings is Hua Tuo. The hero belongs to the Han faction with an Attack of 41,800, a Defence of 19,620, and an HP of 984,420. The Legion or Troop type of Hua Tuo is Interior. The advanced stats, CRIT, Evasion, and Block, are 9.5%, 5.5%, and 6.2% respectively. 

Ambition of Kings- Hua Tuo
Image via ZephyrusGames

The Stunt skill is Angelic Healing which restores 900% of the hero’s ATK as HP to all allies. According to the skill, when there are 3 Peach Leaves, you can resurrect an ally. The ally will be granted HP of 600% of Hua Tuo’s ATK. Another skill, Jade Sachet, randomly entangles 2 enemies for 3 seconds inflicting damage to the enemy troops.

Final Thoughts

Ambition of Kings is an interesting game where the heroes of diverse classes fight for their kingdom. The game follows the basic strategy concept when building its foundation. The 3D effects and actions in battles are worth experiencing in this game. The heroes have an extraordinary ability system where they excel in their respective fields. A good source helps provide information about the top characters. Therefore, you can always take reference from our Ambition of Kings hero tier list in case of doubts.

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