Among Us: List of 50 best and funny names you can choose to spice up the game

Released in 2018, Among Us has emerged as a very popular game in the world. As a game, it has its own uniqueness. The players count is increasing day by day. Last month was a blast for InnerSloth LLC, the devs behind the currently trending game Among Us who took over the marketplace by skyrocketing their game downloads. No wonder it is currently one of the most popular action-based games on mobile devices, so popular that the devs had to cancel a pre-planned sequel! The game pits players against each other in a game that will make them question the true nature of their friends. However, there are more ways you can make things even spicier, one of them is by using cool and funny in-game names in Among Us.

About Among Us

Among Us is a murder-mystery style game where players are split into two teams. They are given the role of either Human Crewmate or Alien Impostors (max 3). The Impostors must kill off the Crewmates without being noticed and stop the fellow humans from completing their tasks in-hand. The Crewmates are given the job of finding who the impostors are through problem-solving and communication, whilst the impostors must try to keep away suspicion. Additionally, if the entire crew finishes their respective jobs beforehand, then they win the round.

Among Us Best Names

In order to kick the impostors, you have to find the dead body and report it, or else you can press the emergency button if you suspect someone by his movement on the map. Then convince others to vote out the person you are suspecting, so here comes the tricky part. If the voting goes right, then its 1 impostor down, but if they are wrong, you and the rest of the crew just helped the impostor by throwing out an innocent. This is what makes the meetings the best part of the game. The uncertainty over who to trust, and then the urgency to prove yourself as innocent is what brings the fun out of Among Us.

Cool and Funny Among Us Names

Among Us isn’t necessarily the most competitive game, instead, it is better if players pick up funny and creative names when playing the game. Additionally, it can be a great way for you to ease off tensions between you and your new mates.

Among Us Best Names

Most of all, If you choose your name wisely then you can safeguard yourself in some situation and help you stand out from a pack. Here is a list of 50 such character names you can choose to spice up your game time in Among Us.

  1. Where
  2. I’minnocent
  3. Skip
  4. Harddik
  5. Yourself
  6. Notme
  7. Yesitsme
  8. Voteme
  9. Badvibes
  10. headhunter
  11. Dontkillme
  12. UndertheC
  13. Everyone
  14. Bearbrothers
  15. I wish I
  16. Told you I
  17. Notathreat
  18. Melowdrama
  19. Itsyou
  20. Yesimfunny
  21. Lockandload
  22. Imthekiller
  23. Whyme
  24. Online24/7
  25. Disconnected
  26. Demigod
  27. Badkarma
  28. Who
  29. Budhaabites
  30. Hacker
  31. Imthegod
  32. Retreat
  33. Exotic
  34. Executioner
  35. Imposter
  36. Anonymous
  37. Killmeifyoucan
  38. Rocketman
  39. Imbatman
  40. Enemiesahed!
  41. Imtheenemy
  42. Isawyouvented
  43. Reddidit
  44. Jobwrecker
  45. Sabotaged
  46. Iamtheworker
  47. Killseeker
  48. Urdear
  49. Globalrisk
  50. Begone

Additionally, you can name yourself to your friend’s character color to have fun. Since usually, players would refer to the other player with the color of their character, and because your name is a different color, it just adds to the confusion.

How to have a blank invisible name in Among Us

Also, you can make your name go entirely invisible in Among Us. That being said, if thinking up a smart username sounds too much off a hard work and you don’t find any of the names from our list worthy, you can use an exploit to make your name go invisible in Among Us.

Getting a blank invisible name in Among Us is as simple as copying and pasting a blank space into the name field. You can’t enter a blank space directly in with your spacebar, but the game will allow you to copy and paste one in without issue.

In order to perform this without much hassle, simply perform;

  • Copy the blank space between the following quotation marks “ㅤ”
  • Paste the blank space into the Name field in Among Us.
  • Enter a match and hola! You will have an invisible and blank name.

Therefore, names can give you a special touch in this game, and those above names can prove useful in the voting process, you can confuse your fellow crewmate getting their votes wasted. Also, the players can pick personalized nicknames that are inside jokes, while playing with their friends.

What are your opinions on Among Us best names list? What name do you use while playing Among Us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Alexi Miller

These are hilarious and you should comment to and tell people how good this is!!!

fluffy clouds 37

Omg this was so helpful and funny play with your friends and it gets even funnier

among us pro

It told me sever refuses the username:ㅤ.



Alaina Jackson

I love these so much! I am definitely going to use them all at least once.

alex hiller

my among us name is ninja!


My among us name is Joe nuts! 😁


My among us name is model

alex hiller

very helpful i know a good name it is you idiots i so when you are ejected it will say you idiots i was not an imposter or you idiots ii was an imposter!

Sayak Mitra

Haha, it is a nice name you have come with Alex! That is nice to know 🙂 Also, your comments are all auto-approved from now. The system just keeps the first comment as pending so that it can wait for us to re-verify that you are a human 🙂

alex hiller

i liked one of the comments 30 times!


those names are sooooo cool


Thank you for this page


what about MEMEGOD

A N T O N Toral

My among us name is Duckman or susduck

Niki gab

If you want a bf or gf this game is the best

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