Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide, Tips, and Tricks

All the info you need to become the camp manager in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Since this pandemic, Nintendo Switch is one of those gaming consoles that hit the right button when it comes to sales. Its game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the second biggest selling game ever in Japan next to Pokemon Red/Green/Blue. But what if you don’t have a Switch? Don’t worry, Nintendo has its mobile take on its social simulation game series called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In this article, we will introduce you to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and give you a beginner’s guide to this cute mobile animal world.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide basics

After all the introduction and pleasantries, you will meet Isabelle and she will guide you on your new task. Yes, you are now a camp manager. What does this mean? You can get to edit your campsite, get to invite animal guests, plant flowers, and more.

Movement is pretty easy in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can move by tapping on your desired location or by dragging your character around. And once you’re ready to explore, you’ll notice a lot of things on the ground, fruits on the trees, insects, and fishes. Do you need to collect? Yes! These items replenish over time and you may even get a “perfect fruit” or that rare fish.

So how do you collect? Trees are easy. Just tap on the tree, watch your character shake, and out comes the fruits. Insects, on the other hand, is a little tricky. You will need timing as these insects tend to fly away if you’re not paying attention. Make sure you tap on the insect before you move near it to ready your net. Tap again as soon as it has the “!” to catch it. The same goes for fishing.

You may ask what are these items for? Why do I need to collect them? Well, as a camp manager, you will need to please your guests. Pleasing them means you will need to run errands and grant their requests. These range from several fruits, fishes, insects, and even finding an item for them. In addition, they may also request a number of furniture before you can invite them to camp. More of this later.

Store your Items

Since you will need to collect a bunch of items in the game, you will need to store them. The game will provide you a storage bag. Its maximum is at 200 items and if you want to expand it, you will need 20 Leaf Tickets. But you can use your Market Box as an extension. You can use it by tapping on the desired item, then choose Market Box. Each item has a maximum of 10 per Market Box and the number of Market Box available will depend on your level. Unless you purchase more Market Box for 10 Leaf Tickets each. It is also important to remember that the items put inside the Market Box are for sale to other players. If you want to keep the items and just use it as an extension, we recommend putting the item at a very high price.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fortune Cookies

Who doesn’t want discounts? Here’s how you can snatch one. As soon as you can freely roam around the map, visit the Market Place, or tap on the cart with cookies. This will direct you to the shop where you can buy “discounted” items with Bells. So what are these Fortune Cookies? Think of them like a gacha machine where you can get random goodies. You may get a costume, a random item, or a piece of furniture. Sometimes these cookies are themed, depending on what’s available. You get two each and is available after its 24 hour restock.

Pimping your Car

It’s not really a car, but it’s your very own camper van. You may ask what is this camper van for? It looks like an extension of your camp. You can personalize it and design its interior. While you’re at OK Motors, you can expand its interior and as soon as you can, put another floor to your camper. This “second floor” is expandable and you can put another bed to rest in, create a mobile rolling band, the choice is yours.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Don’t forget to visit OK Motors and a trio of cute birds will greet you. They will even offer you free custom paint for your camper. Feel free to accept this offer and personalize your van. As we’ve said, you can add another floor to your camper and since it’s a major upgrade, the bird trio will give you a loan. You can repay them every time you have extra bells by tapping on the Menu button then Loans. You can see your Loan Balance, your current amount of Bells, and you choose how much you want to pay.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Inviting Guests

Were you able to gain a lot of friends by completing favors? Now is the time to invite them over to your camp. This is the main goal of the game and as a camp manager. Make sure they’re at home by completing a set of furniture requirements of your new guest.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

How do you know what furniture do they need? Head on over to the Menu then go to Contacts. Once at the screen, tap on the picture of the guest you want to invite and you’ll see all the requirements. Some of them may even want you to have a higher friendship level. Upon completing the task, you can either change the interior of the camp or just leave it be. The only important thing is you have their required furniture on hand.

Having Friends is the Best

Having a lot of friends is indeed cool in both the real world and online. But in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, they can help you access Shovelstrike Quarry. This location gives you craft materials and Bells for free, as long as you get help from five of your friends. Or if you’re the introvert type, you can use 20 Leaf Tickets.

animal crossing pocket camp

In addition to accessing Shovelstrike Quarry, friends can also water your plants, visit your camp, or buy the items in your Market Box. You can add friends by sharing your ID, entering an ID, inviting a friend, or by meeting a random stranger around the map.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide to get your freebies

The game is free and wouldn’t require you to buy Leaf Tickets. But they do give them for free as a reward or a login gift. Don’t forget to get your freebies by logging in daily, checking your mailbox, and hitting those goals.

You have goals to hit from Isabelle, Daily Goals, and Event Goals. Some rewards are for crafting, some include Bells, and some will earn you those precious Leaf Tickets.

Don’t forget to check your Map from time to time too. You may notice balloons floating, a red or gold one, or even both. Pop them and you will get freebies that range from fishes, insects, craft items, and even Bells.

We hope with these quick tips you’re on your way to being the best camp manager Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has ever seen. Enjoy nature and enjoy the laidback nature of the game. Have fun!

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