Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium Pole Review: Beautiful atmosphere with cute animals

Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole launched a few days ago and we have talked about it as well, to let you all know about it. And now we are telling you even more about this wonderful game in this Abyssrium Pole review. As the name suggests it’s a game about a lot of tapping, to gain points and to level up your game.

Tapping for that vitality!

You start off in this game with a lonely mountain on an icy island. You tap the screen to gain vitality points and if you have enough you’ll be prompted to buy your first creature, an Ad√©lie Penguin. The tutorial is very quick and easy to understand, does not disrupt the game flow at all.

Skills and Creatures in Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole


When you open the menu to view all the possible creatures you can buy, from penguins to seals and fish. That tab of it is called “Fish”, which is not very fitting since penguins and seals are not part of the fish family.

For each creature you want to create, you will need to first accomplish the requirements that are stated. You can buy as many as you want, but only a certain amount can be viewed on that island. Also known as a “Tank”.

Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole upgrades level ups


Next to the “Fish” tab, there is “Coral”. There you can buy different plants for your mountain, which will increase your automatic tapping and generate vitality over time. Regardless if you’re offline or online. Every next plant is capable of generating more vitality per tap, therefore better than the previous one. And you’ll want as many corals as possible to make the flow of the game even easier.


And then there is the “Iceberg” tab, where you can level up your mountain, the Lonely Iceberg. With each level up you get more vitality per manual tap.

In this tab section, you can also buy packages with Pearls, the premium currency. Like “Instant Vitality 6h” to get immediate access to 6h worth of vitality, so if you have the pearls to spare, it’s a great purchase.

When you level up your mountain, you’ll also unlock skills to use over time.

  • Bird Chorus: Auto-Tap 15 times per sec and gain vitality x2 for 180 seconds.
  • Whale’s Blessing: Instantly gain Vitality production x1000.
  • Moon’s Song: All Vitality production x2 for 60 seconds.

Once unlocked you can also level and upgrade them to make them even more useful. Below there are other skills as well for the corals specifically.

Beautiful Graphics

The graphics are well made and pleasant to the eyes, they do remind me a lot of the first game I reviewed, Penguin Isle. But they’re from FLERO Games instead.

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Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole

There are a lot of different elements you can look at, from the cute animals, walking and swimming in the water. Birds flying around the mountain, but also corals growing close to it, decorating the island even further.


As many other games, this game also comes with in-app purchases.

Whenever you come back online, you’re able to watch an ad to double your offline gains. There is also a “Shop” tab is where you can buy pearls for real-world currency. Within the “Shop” tab there are more sections, though. The second being “Packages”, where you can buy packs with an animal in it and some extras. And that third and last section is named “Characters”. That’s where you can obtain even more creatures, but with pearls instead. They grant you a boost in vitality production. But don’t worry, you can obtain pearls by other means as well and it is able to play this game completely free to play.

Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole red fox pack, Abyssrium Pole review

Final Thoughts on Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole

It is another idle clicker game that is just charming to look at, and it makes you happy to see it grow into fruition. The gameplay is very fluent with little to no distraction. There is no huge amount of waiting time for the vitality, you can just go grind it yourself by tapping furiously. And when you’re offline, there is no time cap to it either. It makes it very easy to play and level up. Definitely a game I recommend!

Since it is a very new game on the market, it comes with a few bugs and glitches, but they are working on it and fixing the bugs. The current build, Version 1.0.17 – 120, has some visual bugs, but I bet they will be fixed quickly.

Also! For the people that pre-registered, there is a surprise waiting for you.

Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole muffler penguin,
Abyssrium Pole review

Did you pre-register and got your Muffler Penguin? Download it to get it and let us know what your favourite animal is from this game. And to read more contents like Abyssrium Pole review click here.

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