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Apex Legends Mobile Guide: How to upgrade the in-game Evo Shield

Learn how to upgrade Evo Shield in the game!

In Apex Legends Mobile, the time to kill a target is comparatively higher to other games such as PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, etc. A primary reason behind this is due to the presence of an Evo Shield. Evo Shields are armors that provide an extra layer of protection to a player. It works similar to an Armor plate or a Vest. However, you can upgrade Evo Shields. In our Apex Legends Mobile guide, we will tell you all about Evo Shields and how to upgrade them to the next levels.

Evo Shield in Apex Legends Mobile

Evo Shields are Shields that can be evolved. Every player starts off a game with a basic level of Evo Shield, which is in white color. The basic level of Evo Shield will show two bars above the HP bar, and it increases as the player’s Evo Points reach the next stage. Players need Evo Points to upgrade an Evo Shield to its next level. There are 4 levels of Evo Shields, and these are:

Evo Shield Apex legends MOBILE
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Level 1 – Common Evo Shield (required Evo Points: 50, color: White)
  • Level 2 – Rare Evo Shield (required Evo Points: 150, color: Blue)
  • Level 3 – Epic Evo Shield (required Evo Points: 550, color: Purple)
  • Level 5 – Mythic Evo Shield (required Evo Points: 900, color: Red)

The Level 4 Shield is not mentioned, as it is a Body Shield. Body Shields are different from Evo Shields.

How to upgrade the Evo Shield in Apex Legends Mobile

Evo Shields provide greater protection as their level goes higher. Players can upgrade Evo shields by following three different methods. Let us see them below:

  1. Common loot: By far the most common method of getting one’s Evo Shields upgraded is by ground loot. Barring the red Shield, every other Evo Shield can be found in the ground loot and Supply Bins. The red shield can only be obtained using the following methods.
  2. Dealing damage to enemies: The amount of damage dealt with a target contributes to upgrading the Evo Shield. As a player fires an enemy, every damage is counted towards the Evo Points. This is the only way to grab hold of the red Evo Shield, which provides maximum protection to a player.
  3. Care Packages: Some Care Packages provide an upgrade to a player’s Evo Shield. However, Lifeline’s Care Package carries a guaranteed Evo Shield upgrade, which is highly beneficial for players who tend to pick a lot of fights.
  4. Perks: There are select perks in Apex Legends Mobile, that can boost one’s Evo Shield on different occasions. This boost could go as high as 100 Evo Points, and hence, is a fairly easy method to upgrade Evo Shields. However, not all Legends possess these perks.

Final Thoughts

Shields in any form play a vital role in a player’s survival. As they go head-to-head against other players, the Shields are an important factor in one’s victory over the other. The Evo Shields in Apex Legends Mobile are very crucial as they take in a lot of damage, ensuring nothing but extreme protection for the player.

What are your thoughts on the Apex Legends Mobile Evo Shield Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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