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Apex Legends Mobile ‘Lunar New Year Store’: Tips to earn cosmetics and other rewards for free

Exchange lunar coins for free Rhapsody and Ash skin!

The new season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile was scheduled for launch this month. The season is extended owing to the existing bugs and glitches in the game, which the developers will look into for a smoother launch next month. In the meantime, they have introduced new limited-time events and the ‘Lunar New Year Store’ for players to earn free cosmetic bundles, weapons skins, and more in Apex Legends Mobile. 

How to exchange lunar coins in the ‘Lunar New Year Store’ to earn free rewards

The new ‘Lunar New Year Store’ that has been added to the game on January 20 will expire on February 9, 2023. The store contains exclusive rewards that players can exchange for festive coins – ‘Lunar coins’.

Apex Legends Mobile Lunar New Year Store
Image via EA

However, players can collect these coins without the requirement of spending cash for buying coins. The best way to earn coins is by participating in ‘Lunar New Year Treasures’ quests. There are multiple missions like playing matches in BR or Ranked mode or dealing damage to enemies and more.

Apex Legends Mobile Lunar New Year Store: Rewards

Apex Legends Mobile Lunar New Year Store
Image via EA

After completing the missions players will obtain a specific number of lunar coins as rewards, which they can gather to redeem free rewards. The list of rewards specifying the exact amount of coins required is given below.

  • Blasphemous (Kraber Weapon Skin): 500 Lunar Coins 
  • Beat of the Gong (Rhapsody Skin): 500 Lunar Coins
  • Reanimated Skeleton (Ash Skin): 100 Lunar Coins
  • Rowdy’s Lion Dance (Rhapsody Frame): 100 Lunar Coins
Apex Legends Mobile Lunar New Year Store
Image via EA

The new seasonal events have brought players the opportunity to earn exclusive cosmetic skins for free, which otherwise costs them money. Also, players can access the ‘Lunar New Year Store’ by navigating their way through the seasonal store present on the home screen.

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