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Arena Breakout: The Complete Inventory Guide, Backpack Slots, Rig, and more

Manage your inventory properly!

Arena Breakout is an extreme shooter game developed by Tencent Games, a prominent game developer based in China. Inventory management plays a pivotal role in Arena Breakout. Before embarking on missions or raids, players must carefully select the items and gear they bring with them. Each item has specific functions and can significantly impact the success of the mission. Having correct knowledge about each slot of the backpacks and rigs is extremely crucial to have more efficient gameplay.

Backpack Slots in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, backpack slots play a crucial role in inventory management, allowing players to carry their preferred guns into battle. The backpack features boxes that determine how items are stored, and understanding its mechanics is essential for maximizing the loadout’s effectiveness.

Guns in Arena Breakout come in various sizes, represented by the number of slots they occupy in the backpack grid. For instance, a 5×2 gun will take up ten slots (5 slots horizontally and 2 slots vertically). Players must be aware of the size of the gun they want to carry and check if it fits within the available backpack space.

Arena Breakout Backpack slot
Image via Tencent Games

Each player’s backpack has a limited capacity in terms of the number of slots available. It’s important for players to manage their inventory efficiently and not exceed the total available slots. If the backpack is already full, players won’t be able to add any more items until they free up some space.

The lower side of the backpack is divided by white lines, creating separate sections known as pockets. These pockets serve as dedicated spaces for storing medical supplies, food, and other essential items needed during missions. Properly organizing these pockets is crucial for quick access to vital resources in the heat of battle.

Rigs in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, the tactical utility vest, also known as a rig, functions similarly to the backpack slots when it comes to inventory management. The rig serves as an additional storage space for players to carry essential items, and understanding its limitations is vital to making effective loadout choices.

The rig features white lines that divide the inventory into 8 vertical pockets. Each pocket can hold specific items, and players must consider the size and type of equipment they want to bring before attempting to place them in the rig.

Arena Breakout Rigs
Image via Tencent Games

As mentioned earlier, the UMP45 gun might not fit in the rig due to its size. The rig’s pockets are typically designed to hold smaller items such as magazines, grenades, tactical gadgets, or medical supplies. Attempting to place a large-sized weapon like the UMP45 into the rig would be impractical and result in an inability to equip the gun.

Just like with the backpack, players should familiarize themselves with the size limitations of the rig and carefully organize their loadout to optimize their tactical advantage during missions. Placing items strategically within the rig’s pockets ensures quick access and minimizes delays in critical situations.

Mags in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, ammunition management is a critical aspect of gameplay. In your base, you have to manually load bullets into mags. When heading into combat, it’s essential to ensure you have enough ammunition to sustain yourself during intense firefights.

Carrying spare magazines is a key element in this process. After loading bullets into your primary magazine and equipping it into your gun, you should also prepare additional spare magazines and equip them into your tactical utility vest or rig.

Arena Breakout mag
Image via Tencent Games

This ensures quick and efficient reloads, enabling you to stay in the fight without taking precious time to manually insert each bullet when your primary magazine runs empty. Failing to bring spare mags can leave you vulnerable during crucial moments, as your character will have to painstakingly reload one bullet at a time, rendering you less effective in combat.

By properly managing your ammunition, utilizing spare magazines, and practicing tactical reloads, you can maintain a steady and reliable firepower advantage, increasing your chances of success in the adrenaline-pumping battles of Arena Breakout.

Important items to bring in the Inventory

By planning the inventory thoughtfully and considering these essential items, players can equip themselves for success in the challenging and dynamic world of Arena Breakout. Proper inventory management ensures that operatives are well-prepared, adaptable, and ready to face any obstacles that come their way during their daring missions and high-stakes raids.

  • Properly Fitting Guns: Selecting guns that fit within the available backpack slots efficiently is crucial. Carefully consider the size and type of firearms based on mission objectives and personal preferences.
  • Adequate Water and Food: Sustenance is essential during extended raids or missions. Bringing enough water and food ensures that players stay hydrated and energized, maintaining peak performance throughout their operations.
  • Sufficient Medical Supplies and Painkillers: In the heat of battle, injuries can occur, making medical supplies a necessity. Bandages, medkits, and painkillers should be stocked to tend to wounds and reduce the effects of injuries.
  • Correct Spare Mags for Fast Reload: Carrying spare magazines with the appropriate ammunition is critical for efficient reloads in combat. Quick access to fully loaded magazines allows players to stay in the fight without wasting precious time.
  • Space for Loot: Leaving room in the inventory for loot acquired during raids or missions is essential. Valuable items and resources found on the battlefield can enhance the loadout and contribute to overall success.

Final Thoughts

The game’s inventory management, particularly the backpack slots, plays a crucial role in equipping players for successful raids and missions. Understanding the backpack’s grid system and efficiently organizing items are essential to optimize load-outs for various objectives.

Additionally, the tactical utility vest or rigs, with their white lines and 8 vertical pockets, serve as another vital storage space, where players can strategically place spare magazines, medical supplies, and tactical gadgets. This preparation ensures quick access to essential items during intense battles, increasing combat efficiency.

Ammunition management is a critical aspect of the game, as players manually load bullets into magazines in their base. Bringing spare magazines is paramount, enabling players to execute tactical reloads swiftly, minimizing downtime, and maintaining a steady stream of firepower. Neglecting to carry spare mags can lead to inefficiencies during reloads, making players more vulnerable during critical moments in combat.

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