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Art of Conquest 2 Character Tier List for November 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Art of Conquest 2 is a role-playing (RPG) and strategy mobile game developed by FARLIGHT. The game features an empire that is on the verge of collapse due to the destruction of the colonized Chronosphere. You need to collect incredible soldiers from different dimensions to restore or create a new era for you. Fret not, we have summarized the heroes and soldiers from Art of Conquest 2 according to their strengths in this Tier List.

In this game, there are heroes and soldiers that you can choose before the battle. To be able to win every battle, you need to choose the best heroes and soldiers from what you have. You can choose 3 Heroes and 3 Soldiers (2 heroes and 2 soldiers if you don’t have a War Hall building) before fighting which is 6 in total, then you need to consider the skills and factions of your troops.

Art of Conquest 2 Character Tier List for November 2022

This Art of Conquest 2 Heroes and Soldiers Tier List should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and processes can yield different results for players. This tier list is divided into categories of S, A, and B.

  • S Tier: This tier contains very strong Heroes and Soldiers which can be seen from the uniqueness of the abilities, faction, and contribution to the team, it is highly recommended to use the character.
  • A Tier: This tier contains fairly strong Heroes and Soldiers, but is not as strong as tier S, because the abilities it has been fairly standard.
  • B Tier: This tier contains partners that are fairly mediocre because their abilities don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle. But when you upgrade the character, it’s still worth using.
 Strong (S)Nyar,
Imperial Knight,
Imperial Archer,
Radiant, Imperial
Angerhoof Chieftrain,
Occult Sentinel
Good (A)Hathaway,
Vios, Horut,
Elite Guard,
Steelwing Gryphon,
Sand Warrior,
Forest Owl Guard,
Hill Vanguard
Average (B)Coti,
Bedan, Shinteri
Valley Gunner,
Ironfist Brave,
Sand Cleric,
Forest Nymph,
Forest Ranger
Art of Conquest 2 Character Tier List for November 2022

Best Meta Heroes and Soldiers for Art of Conquest 2 in November 2022


Here, we choose heroes based on their respective roles so that they can complement each other. First, there is a DPS (Damage per Second) which is useful for dealing the greatest damage among others. We recommend Schroder because he is one of the strongest heroes in terms of his Strength stats, besides that his abilities can also do damage through dashes when hitting a target, and can bleed to the target for 8 seconds when Schroder lands a critical strike.

Image via Farlight

The second is support, which is useful for providing support such as heal or providing buffs to allies. We recommend Leo who has abilities to heal the target hero and units around his area.

The third one is actually optional, but we recommend a Nyar who has a Tank role as well as DPS, he can be placed at the front because his DEF stats are quite high, besides that his STR stats are also high which can attack effectively against enemies, as well as his abilities that can summons the Arcane Dragon Plegis is also very unique, which is why we chose Nyar.


Just like heroes, we choose soldiers based on their respective roles as well. The first is the Imperial Knight because he can directly break through to the enemy’s backline, it is very useful when finding enemies who have a strong backline.

Image via Farlight

Second, we recommend Imperial Archer as a DPS in the back, because we need a soldier with a range type so that the enemy is difficult to touch. The third is the Imperial Gryphon because it can charge enemies and prioritize long-range units, perfect for fighting troops with many range units.

Final Thoughts

There are various aspects when you play Art of Conquest 2, one of which is choosing the best Heros and Soldiers that you can follow based on the tier list above, as well as managing the strategy and formation of your troops.

What do you think about this Art of Conquest 2 Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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