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Tales Noir Beginners Guide and Tips

Craft your own Castle in the Wonderland!

Tales Noir is an RPG genre game developed by Pixel Rabbit Limited. This game tells the story of a person who rebuilds his Kingdom on his imagination. But you need to explore the world in different places with your partner. In this Tales Noir Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain its basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Tales Noir will take you to battle against enemies to complete various quests, such as helping NPCs, fighting monsters, and solving puzzles. It aims to rewrite your story, as well as Fight For Your Destiny with the Princess Alliance. Explore the corners of the world With your partners who help during the battle and also mount to make the journey faster.

In addition to completing quests, you can also play with other players with Team-up Lobby such as Defend Princess mode, The Wizard of Oz, Clan Bandits, and others. You can form your own team or join randomly, you can even play with your friends so that the class composition is balanced and can be adjusted easily.

Introducing the Basics of Tales Noir


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Before you go into the game, you will be asked to choose 1 of 5 available classes, where each class has its own skills, roles, and uniqueness. First, there are Knights as Tanks – Defense, Hunters as Ranged – Damage, Sorcerers as AoE – Control, Assassins as Burst – Control, and Musicians as Magic – Healing.


Partners Tales Noir Beginners Guide
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Partners are several characters who help you during the battle, you can use the skills of the partners you bring. So you will bring three partners on the team to help in terms of the skills they have, you can activate during battle, but have a long cooldown, therefore pay close attention in choosing this partner, whether the skill has a big contribution to the team or not.


Peerage here is like rank in the game, there are various ranks, such as Citizen, Knight, Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke, Grand Duke, and Prince. Every time you experience a Rank-up, there will be Promotion Rewards such as some items that are quite useful for you.

Peerage Tales Noir Beginners Guide
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In addition, a rank will appear above your character during play which you can show off when you reach a high rank. To be able to do a Rank-up, a certain amount of Character BR is needed, and to switch ranks, a Medal of Valor is needed.


Quests Tales Noir Beginners Guide
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During the game Tales Noir, you will be asked to complete several quests, such as Main Quest, To-do, Daily Quests, and Tutorial. When you complete the quest, you will get an exp that can increase your character’s level which when the character’s level increases, the BR also increases.

Tales Noir Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Tales Noir Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Choosing the Perfect Class

Before you start your journey in Tales Noir, make sure you understand the class you are using, because each class has its own role.

Choose the class Tales Noir Beginners Guide
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  • Knight: This class is perfect for those of you who want a strong defense
  • Hunter: This class is perfect for players who like characters with long-range attacks and high attack speed.
  • Sorcerer: This class is perfect for players who like skills that have an Area of ​​Effect and control the course of the battle
  • Assassin: This class is the class that has the greatest attack, but is weak in defense
  • Musician: This class is perfect for those of you who want to be supported because it can do the healing.

2. Manage your Partners carefully

As explained above, partners are very important to support you during battle, because they can use some of your partner’s skills. Therefore, we recommend choosing the right partner, especially in the use of skills.

Manage your partners
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Because 1 team consists of 3 partners, therefore it is better to choose a partner who has skills of different types. For example, when you choose the Assassin class with the greatest attribute in attacking, you need a partner who is able to cover its shortcomings, such as damage-resisting skills, control skills, or healing skills, so that the shortcomings of this assassin attribute can be covered by its partners.

In addition to managing the composition of partners, you also need to train your partners, such as leveling up, ranking up, and also tome. To level up, the maximum level up depends on the level of your character.

3. Understanding your Skills

There are three types of skills in Tales Noir, there are Class Skills, namely the skills possessed by each class. There is a combo skill, it is a combo skill from a partner and has its own intro skill. And there is a Clan Skill, which is a skill owned by a clan.

Understand your skills
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What needs to be considered is the use of your class skills. In this skill class, there are so many if you have unlocked it, therefore you need to focus on the skills you use when fighting because when upgrading skills, skill points are needed, don’t let those skill points be used on skills that you don’t use, they will be wasted.

We recommend holding down the SP (Skill Points) you have until some skills have been unlocked, then you can try everything until you find the right combo. If so, then you already know which skills should be upgraded. But if it’s already done, you can use the Free Reset feature found in Class Skills, so you can reset your SP.

4. Use the best Gear

best gear
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When you complete a quest or event, there will usually be a reward in the form of gear. Therefore, don’t forget to equip it, especially on high-grade gear, because it can increase your BR. Don’t forget to refine each gear so that the higher BR it has.

5. Don’t ignore the in-game Events

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When you are tired of completing Main Quests which in fact contain stories and skirmishes, it is different from events. There are many things you can do at this event, such as Defend Princess, Dark Magic Legion, Colosseum, and others. Usually, this event can be played with friends or at team parties, therefore it is definitely more exciting to be able to play with other players and the battle will be more challenged.

Final Thoughts

This Tales Noir game is a game that brings you to increase your BR in many ways, such as gear, partners, character levels, and skills. In addition, this game can also be played with your friends through the Team Party feature, therefore you can complete the event more excitingly.

That’s it from this Tales Noir beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Tales Noir beginners guide useful.  

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The game seems like a good game. My issue is the incredible wait time in order to either get into battle (i hate starting my own team) and getting 0 exp in battles. For example i’ve been playing for about 4+ hours today. I leveled 1 time. Nearly every battle i have join has either lost or gained 0 exp and only bounty points. I’d like to see the game come up with other options to gain experience. The optional battles and events are, okay if i want to spend time getting crystals etc. Sitting at level 55 and get… Read more »

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