Astracraft Beginners Guide and Tips

The battle of creativity is limitless!

NetEase Game‘s Astracraft had its global release recently. Astracraft, which is a real-time sandbox adventure and combat game will let players build their very own battle machines and carry them in combat. You can create anything as long as you can imagine from heavy-armored tanks to flying aircraft. This Astracraft Beginners Guide will be covering everything about the game from its playstyle, various modes, etc. This guide is aimed at giving an introduction to the game who are less or not familiar with these kinds of games and build their very own battle machine.

Gameplay Overview

Astracraft’s unique gameplay comprises a combination of creative buildup and ultimate sci-fi battles. Besides, players will feel the mechanism of real physics involved which adds a realistic feeling to the game. Players who’ve never tried similar games may find this little uncomfortable at first, but once understood, they’ll start loving it.

Game Modes

The game has two major parts: Creative and Versus mode. Each of them has different modes included in them. While the Versus mode is the combat mode where players will be against each other, the Creative mode is all about getting your imagination and outcast your creativity to others.

Now let’s take a look at all the modes offered in the game:

Creative Mode

If creativity is your thing, then this one’s made for you. And not only just you’ll discover your best but you’ll also be introduced to the creative world of this game. You’ll witness the following modes in the game:

  • Multiplayer Creation – A Cooperative creative mode to build and test your ARMS against others in peace.
  • Solo Wonder – Solo play with a limitation of maximum load. Assemble your very own creative wonder.

Party Mode – Would you believe, if I say you that you can play soccer, basketball and much more in this world of Astracraft. Probably not but you can indeed feel the joy of such games and explore more in the Party Mode.

Astracraft Beginners Guide: Party Mode

Race Mode – Think you can build the most powerful speed running car? If so then the Race Mode awaits you where you’ll get opponents within your interest.

Competitive/Versus Mode

The competitive mode is all about building the best you can with the goal of smashing your opponents. You’ll be able to modify and dismantle your ARM within the game. The following modes available in the game are as follows:

  • Module Trial – The Module Trail is the game’s tutorial where you’ll be guided in playing the game. As you progress through it, you’ll unlock more modes and modules.
  • Infinite Arena– Fast respawn and a mod-as-you-please (free to enter and exit) battle royale with no penalties on death.
  • Rumble Mode – Explore, collect and loot. Modify and upgrade your ARM mid-match.
  • Storm Mode – Elimination mode. Survive on a shrinking map.
  • Super Storm Mode – An expanded form of the Storm Mode. Compete with a 3-player team in a larger map.
  • King of the Hill Mode – Fight for control of an area with a 3-player team.
  • Building Mode – Build yours and destroy opponents buildings. Team with the most build points wins at the end.

Astracraft Beginners Guide: Crafting your first ‘ARM’

You can call it a robot, machine, vehicle or anything you’d like to. But the term that has been used for describing these machines is ‘ARM’. So, in this guide, We’ll take you through the whole process of building your first ‘ARM’ in Astracraft.

Basic Elements in creating an ‘ARM’

Before jumping onto crafting your ARM. You’ll need to know about the basic elements in creating it which are as follows:

  • Building Modules: Cube, Oblique, Tetrahedron are among the building blocks which can be used in building and shaping your ARM.
  • Movement Modules: Basic parts of the ARM to help in its movement. Mechapod/Mechacrus, Wheels, etc.
  • Booster: Gives additional speed; helpful while ducking and retreating.
  • Shield: Provides a shield for some time against enemies’ attacks.
  • Damage Outputs: Your primary weapons to unleash upon enemies. Like Melee Weapons, Cannons, Mortars, Launchers, etc.
  • Assisting Weapons: These will be your secondary weapons that will assist your attacks rather than attacking enemies. EMP Machines, Grapple Hook, Ice Wall, Smoke Generator, etc. 
  • Ultimate Modules: Very powerful modules comprising rare features. Laser Shotgun, Black Hole Generator, Heavy Shield are some of the ultimate modules featured in-game.

Building your own ‘ARM’

You’ll have to visit the garage to create your ARM where you’ll start with just a small machine called ‘Core‘ which is the soul of the ARM.

Astracraft Guide
Astracraft Beginners Guide: Building your ‘Core’

All the available modules will be listed on the left side there. From there, you’ll have to select and place them as you desire. To place anything you just have to select the available modules and place them next to your Core by tapping the block. You’ll have to continue building its body until you’re satisfied. You can remove any part by tapping that part and the red ‘X’ button or rotate any part by tapping the blue rotate button.

Astracraft Guide

Once your body is ready, place the legs or wheels for movement. Damage Outputs, Shields, Assisting Weapons, Boosters as per your needs, but within the capacity which is displayed on the top left corner.

Astracraft Guide

After you’ve completed building your ARM, you can save it for later use.

Things to consider while building your ‘ARM’

Even though the game is said to have no limits against your creativity. Still, you need to be aware of a few rules that the game follows:

  1. The game follows the mechanism of real physics. So you need to have the right balance in your ARM to make it function properly. You can’t have a heavy armoured flying ARM within limited resources.
  2. Your Core (tiny machine) is the main part of which your ARM is. So build your ARM in such a way that it’ll keep your Core-protected
  3. Certain modes have some limitations on weapons to three only. Thus, choose your weapons wisely.
  4. You’ll face different enemies with different playstyles. So build your ARMs based upon different styles. Even though you can modify it while being in a game (which will consume a lot of time).
  5. You can unlock more powerful modules from the gold you receive in-game.
  6. Don’t overload your ARM. You’ll have to build your ARM in limited resources. So, use them wisely within its capacity.

Overall the game would be a good choice for players who always look further in games and want to add more features to their in-game operators. If you ever thought about building your own vehicle, aircraft or a battle machine, you should give this game a try then. The game calls its players as ‘Space Engineers‘ and why not so. After all, it’s all about the player’s creativity, buildups and how they use their ARMs in the game.

Did you find our Astracraft Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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