AutoChess MOBA Beginners Guide and Tips

Weigh into the world of AutoChess Moba and experience unparalleled showdowns!

AutoChess MOBA, is a new game on early access based on the game from Dragon Nest Games, entitled Autochess. However, unlike Autochess, as the name suggests, Autochess MOBA is a MOBA type of game that aims to rival mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this beginners guide, we’ll go through everything you should and shouldn’t do when starting in AutoChess MOBA, as well as all the tips and methods that will help you win more games.

When players first start playing Auto Chess MOBA, it is normal to be taken aback by all that happens especially the depth of the new game. The game is paced very differently than other available MOBA, and there are a lot of things to keep track of.

Gameplay Overview

Like most MOBA games, AutoChess MOBA starts with the players having the main base that they need to protect. Along with this base are towers that are placed in the lanes that each hero needs to protect.

AutoChess MOBA Mechanics and Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s main structure which is located in their base. To do this the heroes must grow stronger to defeat other heroes and destroy towers one by one until they reach the main structure and destroy it.

Introducing the Basics of AutoChess MOBA

Take the Tutorials seriously

Completing the tutorials, especially for players that are new to the MOBA genre will teach you some fundamental game elements, such as how to effectively target your skills and how each lane affects the game differently, even though they are required most people just do their best to finish it as quickly as possible without really learning much from it.

Practice a few specific Heroes

Practice with the heroes before you start playing a game. You may be a total newcomer to the game, but if you already have a champion or two, make sure you check out their abilities before diving into the combat. Here is the list of best beginner-friendly heroes for you to check.

Their skills are unique and have different effects and even passive abilities, so tap on them and read through them to get a better idea of what they should be able to achieve. Especially in Autochess MOBA wherein, characters have 4 abilities that the heroes can learn.

Master the in-game Map

MOBA players, both new and old, should be very familiar with the map’s top, bottom, center, and jungle sections. However, the map structure used by Autochess MOBA, while also having three lanes, is quite different from the norm. The map is loosely inspired by DOTA 2, one of the most popular MOBA games on PC.

AutoChess MOBA Regional Beta
Image via Dragon Nest

Learning how to rotate and use the map’s resources properly is essential. Especially jungle creeps, as there is presently a jungle role in the game. Also, familiarize yourself with the jungle pathways and any bottlenecks shown on the map. Avoid gank-heavy chokepoints on the map. Check out this in-depth map guide if you want to know more.

Communication is the Key

Communicating with your teammates is one of the most effective methods to win any AutoChess MOBA game. If your lane opponent is gone, use the exclamation point ping to notify them. This informs the rest of your team of a possible gank.

Communication is also important when starting team fights. Telling your teammates which enemy to target first in team fights might help you get an advantage by organizing who your top targets are. Pings are an efficient and rapid way to communicate in-game. You can notify your allies to assist you, try to ping objectives, or ask for assistance.

Play as much as you like

No matter what anybody does, no one can beat an experience as a teacher. The adage “practice makes perfect” is still valid today. Therefore, playing AutoChess MOBA matches repeatedly will help any player improve. Did your jungle pathing cause your teammates to get ganked in mid-lane? Or perhaps you lost a 1v1 match at the top lane against a low-hp enemy?

Play as much as you like
Image via Dragon Nest

Repetition is the only way you will learn from your errors. Pro players are well-known for playing the game of their choice for extended periods of time each day in order for them to be good enough to stand at the top of the game. Even if this might not be the best option for people who have jobs or school, practicing and improving your game is still important if you want to climb the rank ladder!

Other miscellaneous terms

Some in-game terms may not be familiar to everyone especially players that are new to the MOBA genre. Here is the list of some commonly used in-game terms and their definitions, to help you understand some of the core concepts of the game.

  • Health/HP: This tells how many hits a hero can take. The more health the tankier the hero is. It can be regenerated when going back to the base or buying items that can be consumed to regenerate health.
  • Mana/MP: Mana or MP is a stat of a hero that basically says how many abilities they can dish out. Different abilities consume different amounts of Mana and when Mana runs out, the hero can not cast any spells anymore.
  • Experience: Experience is a resource that is gained by the death of other non-hero enemies around the character. The experience points are what is needed to level up for the Heroes to get stronger without buying new items.
  • Creeps: Creeps are the non-hero enemy that is being spawned in your base and the enemy base. They are usually the cannon fodder and where the heroes can easily get exp and gold from.
  • Jungle: The jungle is the part of the map that is not inside a lane. There are neutral creeps here that can also give heroes gold and exp. There is also a shrine here that activates periodically and where when captured gives 100 gold to each member of the team.
  • CC (Crowd Control): CC or crowd control is a type of skill or spells that impairs the movement of the enemy hero. They can be stun, slow, hex, and the such.

Different Game modes of AutoChess MOBA

Ranked Matches

Currently, this is the only main game mode of Autochess MOBA. Rank games add and subtract rank points to the player when winning or losing. It is important to play to the best of your abilities during ranked games for your rank to go up.

The ranked system of Autochess MOBA is linear. It starts from Journeyman II as the lowest possible rank and each win will earn you ranked points and each loss will subtract from the points. The highest rank that is currently achievable in the game is the Queen rank. To reach this rank the player must earn a total of more than 9000 ranking points and will reward the player a profile border.

Custom Games

In AutoChess MOBA the players can make custom games with people that they know in real life. There are two modes in custom games namely, Free pick and Restricted draft. Free pick allows each team to pick their heroes freely without even the enemy team’s knowledge. However, the Restricted draft has a banning system that each team can ban heroes that they would not want the other team using.

Practice Tool

One good thing that the devs added to the game is the practice tool. Here the players can practice the heroes that they want to play especially those that they have not yet used. This is extremely useful considering that the only multiplayer PVP game mode live is the ranked matches.

Understanding the in-game Map

The photo above shows the map of AutoChess MOBA. Here we can see three lanes each as is what is usual in MOBA games. The main difference is that the maps are loosely based on DOTA2 where there are no bushes to hide on and variation in the terrain is very evident. Check this detailed laning guide for you to understand it thoroughly.

Autochess MOBA to conduct multiple tests
Image via Dragon Nest

In the jungle, there are a total of six neutral creep camps on each side that can be farmed by players that decided to play in the jungle. Another big structure that we can see is the Altars that are located on each side of the map. When capturing this altar the team of the capturing hero gets 100 gold per player.

There are also two epic monsters called Archaic Overlord located in the river that gives the teams buffs and gold when slain. Additionally, there are orbs that spawn in the river that can be picked up to give different buffs like speed, damage, gold, and invisibility.

Mastering your Heroes and Player Roles

Playable characters in AutoChess MOBA are called heroes. Unlike most MOBA games the characters in AutoChess MOBA can all be unlocked as a reward that is given for free just by getting into certain ranks. Each hero is unique as they have each their own Abilities, Passive, and Basic Attacks.


Each unique Hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. To make use of their strengths, the heroes have been classified for roles that are specialized for them that may make use of their damage potential, defensive capabilities, and even utility.

  • Warrior: These heroes are balanced offensive and defensively. They usually deal damage or crowd control on the front lines.
  • Mage: These heroes are offensive specialists that deal damage with spells that usually take care of AOE damage in team fights.
  • Assassin: These heroes specialize in dealing with huge amounts of damage in a very short amount of time. They usually take care of the enemy team’s damage dealers.
  • Marksman: These heroes are usually the core of the team’s damage. They deal consistent damage from afar but are usually squishy targets.
  • Support: Supports take care of the damage dealers of the team like the Marksman and Mage by peeling away enemies that threaten them.
  • Tank: Tanks are the defensive pillar of the team. They usually try to soak up as much of the damage as possible to protect other teammates.

Selecting your Heroes

One of the most important parts of the game starts even before the loading screen. This is choosing which hero will you play. Here is the list of Heroes that you can choose from the game so far along with their roles.

Tome ApprenticeSupport
Redfox SwordsmanWarrior; Assassin
Sunchaser ShamanMage; Support
Sunchaser ServantWarrior
Space WalkerWarrior; Assassin
Thunder TraceMage; Assassin
Avenge KnightWarrior
Sacred LancerWarrior
God of ThunderMage
Warpwood SageTank; Support
SwordmanWarrior; Assassin
Skull HunterWarrior; Tank
The SourceMage; Support
Egersis RangerMarksman
Redaxe ChiefWarrior; Tank
Dwarf SniperMarksman
DominatorWarrior; Assassin
Grim TouchMage; Support
DualplotMage; Assassin
Tsunami StalkerTank
Sky BreakerTank
Soul BreakerAssassin
Doom ArtbiterWarrior; Tank
Flame WizardMage

AutoChess MOBA Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips from our beginners guide in order to completely dominate enemies in AutoChess MOBA:

1. It’s better to main just a few of the Heroes

With the famous adage, “Jack of all trades is a master of none”. Try to limit the number of champions you play. If you attempt to master every champion, you will have little effect on the game and will instead play each of them at a subpar level.

Additionally, make an effort to always play the same role. It will be more difficult to switch from one role mentality to the other if you alternate between top and support roles all the time (for example), which will result in lots of blunders.

2. Research the best possible Item Builds

You might want to think about stacking some extra armor if an enemy ranger or axe is totally decimating you. In situations like this, new players discover that the state of the game will somewhat alter their item builds. You should constantly be prepared to change your item build depending on how the opponent team is scaling. This includes knowing when to build extra Magic Resist or increase your attack damage to aid with the way the game is going.

3. Learn to move while Attacking at the same time

Kiting will be a key skill set for the game as well. This advice will be beneficial to learners, particularly marksmen like ranger. You should practice doing it in many environments because it will keep you alive in a variety of circumstances.

Autochess MOBA to conduct multiple tests
Image via Dragon Nest

If you’re a total newbie, it will be a little challenging, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. In essence, you move and cast an auto-attack continuously by repeatedly pressing the attack button and position wheel.

4. Make sure you are the last to hit every Minion

Beginners unfamiliar with the MOBA genre could find it difficult to manage their character’s limited gold economy game after game. The greatest strategy to accumulate in-game gold is to make sure you are last-hitting minions and so creating money.

However, for those that played other mobile MOBA games the last-hitting creep method in AutoChess MOBA is considerably more important than in other MOBA games because it only allows you to earn just 11 gold instead of 45 when you can’t last hit. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this AutoChess MOBA beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the AutoChess MOBA Beginners Guide! Did you find our AutoChess MOBA beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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