AutoChess MOBA: The Complete Map Guide and Tips

Get to understand Maps in AutoChess MOBA with ease!

AutoChess MOBA is a new game on early access based on the game from Drago Nest Games, entitled Autochess. However, unlike Autochess, as the name suggests, Autochess MOBA is a MOBA type of game that aims to rival mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this guide, we’ll go through everything you should learn about the map in AutoChess MOBA.

When players first start playing AutoChess Moba, it is normal to be overwhelmed by how different but at the same time similar the map is to other popular mobile MOBA games like League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The game is paced very differently than other available MOBA, and there are a lot of things to keep track of.

On a side note, if you are starting new, make sure to check our in-depth beginners guideobjectives guidelaning guideitems guide, and best beginner friendly heroes for a decent headstart.

Introducing the in-game Map

The AutoChess MOBA map can be seen in the image below. As is typical in MOBA games, we can observe three lanes on each side. The primary distinction is that the maps are roughly modeled on DOTA 2, where there are no shrubs to conceal behind and the terrain variety is quite obvious.

Autochess MOBA to conduct multiple tests
Image via Dragon Nest

There are six neutral creep camps on each side of the jungle that players who have decided to play there can farm. Another notable structure visible is the Altars, which are located on either side of the map. When the capturing hero’s team takes this altar, each player receives 100 gold.

When the teams fight two epic creatures known as Archaic Overlords in the river, they gain bonuses and wealth. Furthermore, orbs that spawn in the river can be collected to offer various perks such as speed, damage, gold, and invisibility.

Understanding the Lanes

Like most other MOBA games like League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, AutoChess MOBA also has three lanes to play from. Each lane has three towers in there to protect the base of the players. Unlike in the past MOBAs in AutoChess MOBA, three lanes have distinct features and what they are called. Each lane is filled by a position that is crucial in trying to win the game.

  • Safelane: Carry and Support
  • Offlane: Offlaner
  • Midlane: Mid Core
  • Roam/Jungle: Secondary Support or Damage Nuke

Each role contributes to the team’s success, also take note that the Maps in AutoChess MOBA are mirrored. To know which is your team’s safe lane and which is the off lane you can base it on the length of distance between the first and second towers.

The lanes Auto Chess MOBA
Image via Dragon Nest

The longer lane is the safe lane while the shorter lane is the off-line. The off-laner and the carry should be the ones always facing off as the off-lane must poke the carry as much as possible to not let them snowball.

Jungle Camps of the Map

Next up are the jungle camps that are the most common source of gold and experience points for the roamer/jungle. There are a total of nine jungle camps on each side of the map with a total of 18 for the entire map excluding the camps of the two epic monsters that are located in the river.

jungle camps
Image via Dragon Nest

The jungle is one of the more unique aspects of the game as it boasts fog of war differences for each height variation of the map and destructible trees by skills and items of the players. The jungle also does not have bushes like those present in most other mobile MOBAs that are available.


The beacons are one of the unique features of AutoChess MOBA that is not present in most other games that are available in the mobile MOBA genre. They are altars that are present on each side of the map and are active for some set amount of time before the creeps even spawn.

beacons AutoChess MOBA Map Guide
Image via Dragon Nest

Capturing a beacon will grant your team 100 gold for each player and will gain a vision of the surrounding of the captured beacon’s location. Capturing an enemy’s beacon is a huge advantage, especially when capturing both beacons grants the team a whole thousand gold advantage, but moreover capturing the enemy’s beacon will grant vision of their side of the jungle and can be used to find the movement of the enemy’s roamer and where they can possible gank.

The Archaic Overlord

The Archaic Overlord is considered the counterpart to the Roshan that is present in the DOTA series. Killing the Archaic Overlord is one of the other sub-objectives that are considered in playing AutoChess MOBAas it gives a huge advantage to people that have killed it. As the devs said that officially there will be a reincarnation item dropped when Archaic Overlord is killed.

archaic overlord AutoChess MOBA Map Guide
Image via Dragon Nest

Instead of returning to the Spring to be revived after being slain, heroes carrying the reincarnation item will be revived at the spot where they died a few seconds later. In addition, after your team killed Archaic Overlord, the opponent team’s turrets and minions will be debuffed. Our game design team is now working on fine-tuning the precise mechanism.

Map Warding

Survival in AutoChess MOBA depends on awareness. The secret to playing with great awareness is to be aware of (and occasionally even forecast) where your opponents are hidden and moving on the map. When pushing in the middle lane with no obvious lane opponents, you should be rethinking your location if there are no wards to keep a watch on your surroundings for you.

You must keep in mind to correctly ward the map as a new player, which is related to the previous point. In the haze of warfare, your eyes serve as wards. You can identify your enemies and plan your next attack accordingly.

Map warding
Image via Dragon Nest

To keep track of your enemies, don’t forget to position your wards in advantageous locations, notably the high grounds of the jungle that is seen in the picture above as they give out the most vision of ward placements. There are eight different high-ground ward locations on the map that can be easily seen as they are high up and each of them has a symbol that can be easily seen by the players.

The Orb of Buffs

In the river near the mid lane, there are two locations where orbs are being generated on. The orbs that are generated can range from giving gold and experience points to the collector of the orb up to giving speed buffs, damage buffs, and invisibility buffs.

The orb of buffs
Image via Dragon Nest

Obtaining these buffs is a huge factor in winning team fights that occur around the midline. It is the support and the roamer’s duty to secure the location around the buffs for the carry and/or the core of their respective teams to get it.

The end goals base

Like most of the MOBA that is available out there (in exclusion of Pokemon Unite) the final and most important objective of all is to destroy the enemy base. The base has a huge structure that when destroyed prompts the defeat of the team. It is the main goal to protect the base and destroy the enemy’s base. When destroying all the turrets in one lane super creeps spawn to attack the enemy’s base this helps the team to breach the base defense that also acts as a current and finish the game off.

That is all! Thank you and congratulations on finishing the AutoChess MOBA map guide. We really hope that this information helps you out. Also, we have a Beginner’s guide which can provide more information about AutoChess MOBA so make sure to check that out as well

That’s all from us for the AutoChess MOBA Map Guide! Did you find our AutoChess MOBA Map guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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