AutoChess MOBA: Best Beginner-Friendly Heroes in the game

Best Heroes in getting started!

Even though AutoChess MOBA is a difficult game to learn, some characters may assist new players in progressing more easily. It is best to get started by grasping the core concepts of the game. To learn about the larger concepts in AutoChess MOBA, such as creeps, the map, skills, and items, play through our beginners’ basic guide. Now that you have this knowledge, you are ready to experiment and choose the starting Beginner-Friendly Autochess MOBA Heroes that work best for you.

To help you, we’ve collected a list of eight strong and beginner-friendly characters from all of AutoChess Moba’s core classes, including warriors, tanks, mages, supports, marksmen, and assassins. Each champion is best suited to a specific area of the map, like the top, middle, or bottom lane, or the jungle, thus we’ve split them into roles based on their current performance.

On a side note, if you are starting new, make sure to check our in-depth beginners guide, objectives guide, laning guide, items guide, and map guide for a decent headstart.

Best Beginner-Friendly Heroes in AutoChess MOBA

1. Egersis Ranger (Marksman; DPS)

Ergersis Ranger is arguably the most basic of the basic champion available. Ergersis Ranger is the hero that everyone will first play in the tutorials. Her kit is specifically made for beginners that would want to try out the ropes of the game.

Autochess MOBA Heroes
Image via Dragon Nest

However, her damage potential is very high when played skillfully. She is one of the only two marksman heroes currently available in the game and a must-have for every team.

2. Sunchaser Shaman (Mage; Nuker)

Sunchaser Shaman is one of the very first mage heroes that the players will have access to. Sunchaser shaman is a very potent nuker, she is not a traditional mage, however, that does not make her hard to learn.

Autochess MOBA Heroes
Image via Dragon Nest

She is a melee mage that excels in dealing burst damage and crowd control with her kit. Perfect for players that look to practice their team fight skills.

3. Redaxe Chief (Tank; Damage Tank)

Redaxe Chief is a warrior tank that is very good at dealing damage while soaking up damage too. A very basic warrior-tank hybrid, beginners will find it easy to adjust to playing an upfront character by starting with Redaxe Chief. 

Autochess MOBA Heroes
Image via Dragon Nest

His kit is excellent at winning duels and snowballing against opponents as long as he can get close which is good practice for beginners in using the blinking item.

4. Swordman (Warrior/Assassin DPS)

Swordman is a warrior class that is built to dish out huge damages while still being able to fend for himself. Swordman can be built either as a pure warrior or an assassin.

Swordsman: Warrior/Assassin; DPS
Image via Dragon Nest

This is a good start in getting familiar with changing up builds to suit the current condition of the game. Either way, he is a very easy hero to master with only two active skills at his disposal and great damage potential.

5. Redfox Swordsman (Assassin/Jungle; Nuker)

Redfox Swordsman may be one of the more advanced heroes on the list and is the easiest juggler available to the players. Redfox Swordsman excels at juggling for resources and finding enemies to gank (gank stands for gang kill) with his teammates.

Redfox Swordsman
Image via Dragon Nest

As an assassin, he is built to take care of squishy targets like enemy marksmen or mages. His kit is built to dish out good bursts of damage while still retaining good mobility to dip out of danger.

6. The Source (Mage/Support; Utility/Damage)

The Source is mage support that excels in helping peel enemies off of the marksman carry. Unlike Sunchaser Shaman. 

The Source
Image via Dragon Nest

The Source is a traditional mage that invokes spells from afar and is squishy so here beginners must learn to peel assassins and warriors off the marksmen without dying themselves. Her kit although for supporting, has surprisingly huge damage potential, especially in team fights.

7. Warpwood Sage (Support; Utility)

Warpwood Sage is a more traditional tanky support that excels in supporting team damage dealers by making sure they are kept alive. Learning to play support is an integral part of the game as usually supports are who dictate the pacing of the game.

Image via Dragon Nest

Learning to ward, creep control, and jungle spacing is key to winning more objectives for the team. For beginners looking to play support for the first time, Warpwood Sage is perfect as its skills are easy to learn so you can focus on learning to support itself.

8. God of Thunder (Mage; Nuker)

God of Thunder is the only true traditional mage in this list. The God of Thunder’s job would be to nuke the enemy team with spells and wait for the cooldown to finish and nuke them with spells again. The only hard thing about this hero is learning to aim for things.

Autochess MOBA Heroes
Image via Dragon Nest

Apart from this, it is very basic, just learn to deal as much damage as you can and survive. It would also help mages to learn who to prioritize as they are most effective against squishy targets like the marksmen and other mages.

What are your thoughts on our list of beginner-friendly Heroes in AutoChess MOBA? Let us know in the comment section below!

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