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Avabel Classic Beginners Guide and Tips

Relive the cult classic again!

Avabel Classic is a revamp of the previously released popular online game Avabel Online. The game has been launched as a classic version but with many new intuitive changes which include large-scale, PvP battles small-scale PvP battle changes. In this Avabel Classic beginners guide we will tell you what are some of the important features and things you need to be aware of and consider when you first get into the game, start leveling up your character, And what are the things that will help you, is the best class that is suitable for you!

Gameplay Overview

The game itself, in terms of graphics the generalized gameplay is similar to what the original Japanese version was, but they also did away with many of the complex controls which would be previously needed and made the game easier to play by reducing the complex systems. Many of the core mechanics of the game as well as some of the characters have remained the same but there are new classes that have been introduced including the mage class, saint class, and others. It promises the new users and the old ones, That the game is back weather feel it had at the time of release but in a better way as even the newcomers will find the controls of the game not so hard to adapt anymore.

Introducing the Basics of Avabel Classic

1. Character Creation

The first screen that you will see after registering in the game is the character creation and you will have a choice between creating a male character and a female character. Nothing else is there for the customization aspects so the game remained true to the core of the original game.

Avabel Classic Select gender
Select gender

But it may also turn out to be somewhat off-putting over a limiting factor because many people would like to have a custom character selection so that they can adjust the appearance of the player that they will be playing as does making the character model unique to themselves and making it stand out.

2. Quest system and Achievements

Like every other MMORPG, in this one also, you will be interacting with non-playable characters, Or NPC’S, Who will give out quests in exchange for experience and gold! These quests are necessary to complete as they move forward the storyline of the game as well as provide you with the funds and experience necessary for leveling up! (the advantages of leveling up we will discuss further in the guide. The quests also sometimes provide you with the class equipment or other rare materials which you may need further in the game.


Achievements are rewards such as EXP or items that will be given when fulfilling the conditions described in the Achievements section. Details regarding the type of achievement and rewards are available from the Achievements menu. There are also Achievements that are only available during events or hidden ones that are not displayed in the list.

Avabel Classic Achievements

After the character selection, You will be dropped in front of the tower to interact with Faine, who is The first NPC that you Interact with and she will give out your first quest which is to go talk to Tower investigator Ray! This will complete your first quest and you return to feign to hand over which is usually done by clicking on the NPC And reporting the completion of your quest.

The next quest will introduce you to the Guild system, which is a necessary addition for the players to be able to change their classes and acquire skills. Once you are aware of what guilds are and you turn in the quest for talking to the guilds’ manager, you will be introduced to a new quest in which you have to talk to the class change manager, who will help you change into one of the 10 classes which are available to everyone in the game.

3. Class selection, Status points, Skill trees and Skill points

There are 10 available classes into which every player can change. In this Avabel Classic Beginners Guide, we will explain each of the classes and their respective skill trees and points, which are as follows:

  • Novice: A beginner. Everyone’s a beginner at some point.
  • Warrior: A class that shows strength in melee combat. With skills to move rapidly into striking distance and deal heavy damage.
  • Thief: A class that can fight in a wide range of situations from close to medium range. Skill selection based on the situation allows for technical battles.
  • Gunner: A class that handles long-ranged guns. Attacking from a favorable range will allow them to have a steady advantage.
  • Magician: A class that specializes in magic attacks such as fire and water. Control different skills with unique characteristics to overwhelm opponents
  • Acolyte: A class that specializes in magic support. Powerful recovering and various support skills make them vital to your party.
  • Lancer: a mixture between a melee and a magic oriented profession, they perform a magic-infused melee magic attack.
  • Rogue: A class that can fight in a wide range of situations from close to medium range. Skill selection based on the situation allows for technical battles.
  • Archer: A class that handles long-ranged bows. Attacking from a favorable range will allow them to have a steady advantage.
  • Mage: A class that specialize in magic attacks. Mainly control wind magic skills to overwhelm opponents.
  • Saint: A fighting machine that unleashes martial art style attacks .Very adaptive to changing situations and enemies.

All of these classes have individual skill trees, which need you to invest the skill points that you gain from leveling up in order to unlock those skills and level them up!

Class change
Class change

Skills and Skill Tree

Every class belongs to a unique specialization; namely, the Melee professions, long-range professions, Magic professions, hand-to-hand combat profession, and everything in between. Some of the classes follow these pure types, but some of them mix up the styles of two professions and create a new style that allows players to have a greater degree of freedom with their Classes and not limit them in one role. One example of these would be the mage class, The skill tree of which, contains long-range attacks and AoE spells, but it also has some close-range magic skills, like the elemental blades, etc., which can be used to create a close-range magic fighter.

By acquiring skills in the skill tree, powerful techniques or magic can be used. Acquiring and leveling up Skills requires the consumption of skill points. Skill points are very rare and hard to get, and they are gained from leveling up and attaining achievements. Please note that specific skills have to acquire conditions such as “Acquire a target skill”, “increase a select skill level” or “Clear Quest”.

Change shortcut
Change shortcut

The acquired Skill can be used by setting it to Shortcut. Select [Skill to set], then click on the [Shortcut], then the number to set to in the Skill menu. You have 5 windows, of skill shortcuts, which can be quickly switched in between with a button just above the buttons of the skills. The player needs to remember that, when you change the skill shortcut set, the active skill cool time will continue even after the change. You also need to remember that Passive Skills cannot be set to Shortcut, and will activate and stay active just by unlocking them.

Skill trees are just the various routes that you can unlock while learning about skills! You can either invest in some specific skills you want, or get, a lot of skills, or just focus on one branch of the skill tree, and specialize in that. To unlock each branch, you need to unlock a new passive skill, which boosts your stats in accordance with the nature of that skill tree branch.

Change class
Change class

Basic Skills such as Evade and Jump, dash, etc. can be set from the Novice Skill page. Some Skills can only be used with designated weapons, which in turn, may be associated with the classes. There are various types of Skills such as attacking, recovering or supporting Skills. Their functions and usages vary as well, such as holding the Skill button to charge for a stronger effect, tapping the Skill button for consecutive effects, and being usable while jumping. You just need to carefully read the skill description while selecting the skill and make sure you fulfill the requirements, or that skill suits your playstyle.

Status is the parameter that affects battle, and they are raised by distributing Status Points that are gained by raising the character’s level. In leveling up, even if you get a lot of EXPs, you will level up one level at a time. There will be no continuous level-ups, and EXPs cannot be transferred.

Avabel Classic Profile

For STR, INT, VIT, MEN, DEX status’ the upper cap is set. The upper cap will be Character Level x70. For e.g.: If the Character Level is Lv50, the upper cap will be ‘3500’ if Lv20, the upper cap will be ‘1400’; and if Lv8, the upper cap will be ‘560′. Do remember that the upper cap is the total of each skill’s buff, ORBs, and not the upper cap of raising status.

Each status is raised by Buff Skills, effective until the upper cap. Also remember that, as the upper cap is reached, the debuff will occur while using buff skills. Below given are how the status points allotted to each category affects your character:

  • STR (Strength): Affects ATK
  • INT (Intelligence): Affects MATK
  • VIT (Vitality): Affects DEF and HP
  • MEN (Mentality): Affects MDEF and SP
  • DEX (Dexterity): Affects Criticals
  • DEF(Defense) and MDEF (Magic Defense): Affects damages.

Also, up until Lv15, Status can be reset and redistributed from the Class Manager NPC in the Base field. That NPC can also help you select another class if you feel like that the class that you chose is not doing it for you! You can reset your class as many times as you want for free until you are level 15. After that, it gets locked and you can only change it with in-game items that cost money.  As an exception, Status can be reset by using Restatus Scroll from Lv15 or higher. [Final status upper limit for ORB, Skill, and buff, etc.]

4. Elements

Elements are associated with the attacks and the class one chooses. You may have skills belonging to an element, which provide you with special effects and make sure you deal more damage. But the damage increase also comes with a damage decrease, whenever attacking any one of the opposing elements.

Giver below are the relations between the elements- the Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • [Fire] has advantage over [Earth] and is weak to [Water]
  • [Earth] has advantage over [Wind] and is weak to [Fire]
  • [Wind] has advantage over [Water] and is weak to [Earth]
  • [Water] has advantage over [Fire] and is weak to [Wind]
  • [Light] and [Dark] have advantages over each other, and has resistance to own element.

Element Level: Raising the attack element level with a deal more damage, and raising the defense element level will decrease suffered damage. Element levels can be raised temporarily by skill or designated items.

Player Defense Element: Elements can be implanted to Head, Upper, and Lower equipment. Suffered damage will be the average of the damage influenced by equipped elements. Monster Defense Element: It can be indicated by the color of the icon beside the monster’s name, or by the existence of the icon.

5. Equipment, Avatars and Items


Equipment is the arms you equip in order to boost your attack and defense! Often, they are enchanted with additional stats, which make you stronger. There is equipment which any class can wear and there is equipment which is specific to 1 or 2 classes only. They can be acquired as a reward for completing quests or bought from the NPC who sells gear and weapons.

There are Blacksmith NPCs, who are responsible for enhancing the weapons, and various other functions. When you click on them, they allow your weapons to be enhanced by adding materials. Enhance works in a way where you discard your scrap to make yourself stronger. By equipping the Arm item to the character, the status such as ATK and DEF can be raised. They can be equipped on each of right hand, left hand, head, upper, lower, and accessory slot. You can equip items called “Orbs” in the Jewel section. Weapons can be enhanced from the Blacksmith NPCs by choosing materials you do not need. Enhancing also requires gold, aside from the scraps to increase the level.


You can also Evolve your gear once your weapons reach the max level of 10. They can be evolved further, and usually require certain materials, which can be synthesized by the other NPC using monster drops, while, some require sharp crystal or Stone of Recollection. They also require a large amount of gold to evolve and They do not always have a 100% Evolve rate. So, it is recommended that you go for equipment evolution as the last resort at any level. Only evolve if you absolutely have to, as it takes up quite a number of resources. You can also, awaken arms, and limit break the equipment to make it stronger.

There is an equipment stall, where you can buy all of the classes’ weapons and sell them the old weapons you do not use! Also, once you hit level 21, you can start putting up your own display in the market where you display the loot that you want to sell.

Certain consumable items such as recovery items can be added to Shortcuts. Note you can only store items within the Cap and Weight limits of the bag. The number of stacks refers to the number of the same items that can be stacked together in one slot. Please note that arms and avatars are non-stackable items and use one slot per item, even if they are of the same type. So, make sure you carry only the required arms and avatars. A number of slots denote the number of different types of items that can be stored. Weight denotes the total ‘weight’ of items that can be carried in the ‘bag’. Even if there is room in the Number of slots, if the Weight exceeds the limit, no more items can be placed in the bag.


Avatars are different from the arms and weapons in the sense that they change the visual of the character’s costumes or weapons. Different from regular Arms, Avatars have icons with blue frames, and they do not affect Status in any way. Also, they are the only form of customization available in the game! Here in this Avabel Classic Beginners Guide, we will discuss how to get the best out of your Avatars.


Rental Avatar

Purchase Rental Avatar Rights at Shop and take it out and use it. There will be a Rental Avatars section in the Avatars, and the avatars in the section are available for rental! You can check the period of rental from the Option → Bonus effect. Costume Set is an option that allows you to change Avatar in an instant by setting Costume Set. By registering [Costume Change] from the Emotion Menu, Costume can be switched at any time.

Avatar Point Exchange: An NPC in Revere with the following options to offer:

  • You can convert your avatars in to Avatar Points (AP).
  • The converted “AP” can be exchanged for other items in the Avatar Point Exchange lineup.
  • Within the exchange item lineup is the [Avatar] Acc. Slot Expansion 6, which can only be obtained here.

6. PvP, Party and Guilds


Parties are formed to acquire and complete the quests and dungeons. Exp and item allocation are available when forming a party with other players. A recruit panel will be displayed over the player’s head that has formed a Party and is recruiting a member. By touching the panel, the recruit confirmation screen is opened and the Party can be joined from there.

Regarding the drops from monsters, if you can deal 10% or more damage to the enemy monster’s max HP with the entire party, you will be able to earn item drops from the target monster. Whether an item actually drops from there is a probability based on the drop rate of each character.

 Guild board
Guild board


By joining a Guild, chats among the members and benefits from the Guild Skills become available. you can become a Guild Master by creating a Guild from the Guild Manager NPC in the Base field. Or, you can join other players’ Guild from the Guild Bulletin board in the Base field. Given below are the option that you will be able to access when you create or join a guild.

  • Guild Master
  • Bulletin Board
  • Guild Skill
  • Guild Rank
  • Withdrawing Guild
  • Guild Integration

PvP Matches

Compete in the PvP match in the dedicated Map and the rules vary from room to room. Various types of rooms may exist with them having their own rules, but there are certain modes of PvP on which they will be based Here is a short description of all the PvP match modes in our Avabel Classic Beginners Guide.

  • Free Death Match: Free Death Match with no team or party, everyone is your enemy. One who defeats the most people are the winner.
  • Free Damage Match: Individual Death Match where everyone is your enemy. The player who deals most damage wins.
  • Team DM: Team Death Match. Cooperate with team members to defeat opponents in Death match. Stack more defeats than the opponent within the set time to win. Maximum of 8 vs 8 players possible.
  • Guild DM: Guild Death Match. A death match where each guild is a team. Kills and deaths within the set time are calculated to points. Maximum of 200 players can participate.

Avabel Classic Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our additional tips and tricks in our Avabel Classic Beginners Guide to help you kickstart your journey as a newbie in the fantasy world of Avabel.

  • Make sure you try out every class to make sure that you choose the best class for yourself! If you found one earlier, still try all of them out because you can get the class equipment, every time you change to a new class, by talking to Faine, who will give out a quest for class change, and complete it to get that class’s equipment. You can sell them for gold later.
  • Try and get to level 10 as fast as you can, and try out all of the skills branches on the skill tree, one by one to identify the skills which chain up smoothly, so that you can time them easily, and if you need to spam them, you can also do so and chain them together for a massive damage.  
  • Farm the second floor till you get to level 10.
  • Make sure you allot the stat points according to the priority and the skill types you choose! Physical skills require STR and DEX, Magic attacks need INT and MEN, with less of DEX. VIT, is essential for all of the classes, as it affects DEF and HP, and increase the survivability.
  • Make sure that you only choose the skills you use, and only level them up, as the skill points are finite and they only come with your level up. So, make sure that you take the skills you use and boost up the passive skills and active skills to the highest level you can.
  • You get daily gifts, which can be sold to get gold!
  • you also get one free equipment draw every day, which can give you a good piece of equipment.
  • Only the people who have power level above 500 can participate in the PvP battles!
  • You can reset you class and stat points for as many times as you like, so make sure you take full advantage of that and find out the best class you want to use and skills for that.
  • can also adjust the sound, and the graphics style in the options!

This is a re-release of the already popular title, so there will be more players in the game soon! The port is really good, and has also changed itself according to the requirements of the mobile, and made the game more engaging! Only thing is that the grinding can be a bit monotonous, and they also have tried to solve this, by introducing an auto function. But this function is a payment-only feature for now.

We would like to see it becoming an available to all feature, even if it makes them put up some time limitations on them. Also, they have tried to simplify the game while trying to maintain the original game mechanics and difficulty. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Avabel Classic Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Avabel Classic beginners guide. Did you find our Avabel Classic beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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