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Badlanders: Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Loot, Shoot, and Gamble on Life and Death

Badlanders is a brand new FPS game published by NetEase for mobile devices. It aims at taking a twist on the usual battle royale genre to produce something very unique. If you’ve played the popular PC/console game Escape from Tarkov, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. However, if you haven’t, then you will probably be quite intrigued by what this new game is all about. Before you jump in, it is probably a good idea to get to grips with what the game is all about. This Badlanders beginners guide will breakdown all the necessary information you need to know about the game. There are also a few tips and tricks which should help you ease into the game if you are a new player.

Badlanders aims at modifying the usual battle royale genre by changing the core objectives. 25 players, including you, are spawned into a map at a random location. Fighting out the enemies and finishing on the top is the sole objective. Here in this Badlanders beginners guide, there is everything you need to do and keep in mind while playing the game.

1. Looting

Your first task, as with any other battle royale game, is to scavenge for loot in buildings and environmental structures. The higher the rarity, the better the loot. You will be competing with the other 24 players while doing this, so you’ll always have to watch your back whilst looting.

Badlanders Beginners Guide

The looting mechanics function very similarly to other games you may have played such as PUBG Mobile or the Battle Royale in COD Mobile.

2. Escaping

Now the twist is, instead of fighting to be the last alive in the match, you will be aiming to escape through one of the multiple escape points and let yourself save from the chaos happening. These escape points open in random areas of the map after a certain amount of time from when the match starts. Once open, you will be able to escape through these points in order to end the match for yourself. To escape, you simply enter the escape area and wait for the timer to finish.

Badlanders Beginners Guide

Each round lasts for 20 minutes before all players are killed. You could choose to spend more time looting and then proceed to an escape point which opens late in the game. Alternatively, you may choose to loot quickly and escape early. It is all up to you. Just remember these 2 things, firstly, the escape points will close a few minutes after they are open. Secondly, do keep in mind that there will be other players looking to escape with you. You will almost always find at least one person heading to the same escape point as you, usually more. So you must tread carefully on the battlefield.

3. Fighting

Badlanders Beginners Guide

Although there is little game focus on combat, it is still very important. You can’t see how many players are currently on the map and so you always have to assume that someone else is there. Again, combat functions as with any other battle royale game. When you kill someone, you will be able to take all the loot they had with them. However, if you die, you lose all your loot, which may seem harmless as there is nothing to lose. However, in Badlanders, loot is the main focus.

4. The Warehouse

The whole point of playing matches in Badlanders is to gather loot. If you escape, you can take all the loot you gathered safely with you. This all goes to your warehouse, which is your personal store of loot. You can use the loot for yourself – the weapons, ammo, consumables, etc, all can be taken back into your next match. The materials you gather can be used to craft new items. Alternatively, you can sell your loot in the virtual marketplace. For starter players, you only have access to the AI market, where you sell the basic items at basic prices. Once you reach Level 6, you will unlock the Auction Marketplace. Here you will be trading valuable items with other real players.

Badlanders Beginners Guide

Like we said previously, loot is the main focus of the game. When you die in a match, you lose all the items you had on your body, for other players to freely come and pick-up. Even if you were carrying one of the rarest items in the game, you will lose it if you die. As you can see, there is a lot of spotlight on the idea of risk and reward. Everything is at stake while in battle.

Tips and Tricks to win matches easily in Badlanders

After reading the above sections in this Badlanders beginners guide, you may be feeling a little put off by the idea of how all your hard work can be lost in seconds if you die. But don’t worry too much about it. The following tips and tricks in this Badlanders beginners guide should help you get past the different stages of the game and win matches easily.

1. Don’t worry about dying

The first tip for any beginner in any shooter game is to not worry about dying. Especially in Badlanders, where there is a lot of risks, it can be very frustrating when you get killed. Just keep your cool, move on, and try again. Getting frustrated every time you die will only make you play worse and worse.

2. Use your safe wisely

The safe is an extra space where you can store items in your inventory. The benefit of this is that whatever you put here is not lost if you die. You should always keep this space filled up, even if it is only basic items that you have to put in. Keeping it filled guarantees you some items that you can keep even if you die.

3. Take advantage of the common items

Badlanders Beginners Guide

Disposable items are things which are very cheap and common but they can also be very useful. This could be a back-pack or some ammo. Instead of selling this, you can instead stock it up in your warehouse and then use it in your next battle. The good thing about this is that at the start of a match, you would be able, to begin with, a basic but useful set of items. It doesn’t cost you anything, even if you lose those items, they are cheap and easy to find anyway.

4. Look out for campers and eleminate them

One of the main features of Badlanders is the escape points. Since there is only a limited amount that opens for a limited time, you should expect a rush around these areas. You will almost always find at least one person heading to the same escape point as you. Sometimes, they might be hiding in buildings or behind bushes. Carefully move when you are around an escape point in order to keep yourself hidden. If you do spot a hidden enemy, you will have the element of surprise, you could use that to sneak up on that player and eliminate them from close range. That would be the best option.

Alternatively, a good combat strategy is to arrive early at escape points, clear out the area, and then set out your own hiding spot. Eventually, you will begin to see players coming towards you. Make sure to keep your back covered though, they may be trying to sneak up on you.

5. Sell all those things you do not need

This game is all about making bank, that’s why you should always try and sell everything you don’t need. All the valuable items can be sold in the auction while all the common items can be quick-sold in the AI market. As said previously, it is a good idea to stock up on the basic essentials like low-level armor, backpacks, and some basic weapons. Keep the low-level ammo as a basic essential, the other rarities can be sold for extra money. Apart from the armor, the other body protection items like the masks and the boots are not necessary. You will always find some in battle quite quickly anyway.

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