Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

Once a hooper, always a hooper! Basketball for life!

Basketrio is a next-gen 3V3 basketball mobile game that challenges both your skills and imagination. From the house of All9FUN Limited, it takes your build to the streets and lets you compete with players from the US to the UK in real-time, skill-centric 3×3 games. Users can now experience the rush and thrill of playing a Live Basketball Game on their mobile devices and become a Basketrio 3V3 Legend. In this Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena beginners guide, we are going to walk through all the game modes that Basketrio has to offer and share some valuable tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

Gameplay Overview

Basketrio brings back the classic 3 on 3 half-court basketball matches. Games in Basketrio are fast-paced and 100% skill-centric. Each game is approximately 3 minutes long. The rules are similar to a real-life Streetball game except for the fact that scores here are counted as 2s and 3s and no 1s and 2s. You can sign contracts with a diverse cast of Basketball characters across different positions namely, Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard.

Each character exhibits some professional skills that are unique to him/her such as Box Out, Follow-Up Shoot, Fadeaway 3 pointer, etc, thereby allowing you to flex some of the signature moves of your favorite players. You can train them

Gameplay overview Basketrio Beginners Guide
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

Basketrio has a wide collection of all your favorite courts around the globe. Seasonal-themed courts also open up for a limited period during Halloween and Christmas etc. Additionally, the game brings in head-to-toe customization options, giving your avatar a new look in every game.

You can challenge professional players from around the Globe across various Ranked and Un-ranked Game Modes. We will discuss all the game modes in detail. First things first, let us understand all the in-game resources available at our leisure, how to earn them, and when to use the same.

Understanding the in-game resources

Let us now glance through the various in-game currencies and resources that the game has to offer and how to earn the same.

In-Game ResourceUtilityHow to earn them
  CoinBasic Currency of the Game. Almost every in-game spending can be made with Coins. Can be obtained by playing normal Matches and completing Daily Quests. You can also exchange them for Diamonds.  
  Sapphire  Buying in-game itemsCan be obtained by Participating in Events and completing Daily Quest Challenges.
  Reset TicketUsed to reset added stats and player evolution. All development materials will be returned after reset.  Can be bought from Shop.
Normal Card VoucherCan draw a card (1 time) in the card draw tab.Obtained by completing Daily Quests.
Single Match Proficiency BoostDouble the Proficiency Received from a normal/ranked match (Valid for 1 match).Can be obtained by winning Ranked Mode games.
Evolve CoinUsed to buy items from Evolve Material Shop.Obtained through the Recycle function and by completing Daily Quest Challenges.
Premium Card VoucherCan draw 5 Cards one time in the Card Draw Tab.Can be bought from Shop.
Player SilverCan draw a prize in [10 Draws- Player Shop] 1 time.Can be obtained by playing Events.
Premium Evolve BadgeThe Evolve Material for Players with a rating between 400-500.Can be obtained from Evolve Shop, Player Shop & through recycle.
  Costume TokenUsed to purchase the corresponding costumes from Costume Token Shop or obtain them from Player Shop & Mythic Shop.Can be obtained from Mythic Shop and Player Shop. Additionally, playing Quest Challenges and recycling Permanent Outfit can also fetch you this token.

Introducing the game modes

Further, in this Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena beginners guide, let us now walk through the various game modes:

Un-Ranked Modes

Normal Match

In a Normal Un-Ranked Game, the competitiveness of you and your friends is tested against the AI. You need to pair up with two of your friends who are online, to challenge the AI in your own court. If no one is online, you can even choose to go Solo. In that case, your other two teammates will be AI-controlled. This is the easiest of all the game modes since beating the AI is pretty easy in this game. You can even win games with rookie-level skills since the AI adjusts according to your skillset.

Live Mode

Unlike the Normal Match mode where you can go solo, you need 3 players to play Live Mode Games. You will be matched against an Online User. Both of you need to control all 3 Players. To play this mode, you first need to sign 3 players to your team. Make sure to go with your best-suited combination.

Un-Ranked Modes Basketrio Beginners Guide
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

Private 1V1

This is a Friendly Mode where you can take on your mate in a head-to-head challenge. Both of you need to field a team of 3 against each other.

Private 3V3

Another friendly mode where you team up with 3 of your friends to take on another 3. Each of your friends controls 1 character.

Ranked Modes

As the name suggests, The Ranked mode is the ladder for you to rise up the ranks. It is an online 3V3 multiplayer mode where you can go Solo against another global user (who not necessarily belongs o the same rank as you), or team up with 2 of your friends to challenge another Team of 3 Online. Hence to win games, you need to understand your teammate’s call and respond actively.

Ranked Modes
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

What makes it more challenging is the fact that the matchmaking is all random and your opponents can even be from a higher tier. Provide assists, score the most number of times, block your rival team from scoring and earn the tag of Most Valuable Player (M.V.P). The game rewards you handsomely with in-game items if you end up becoming the MVP.

Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena beginners guide for all Streetballers to quickly assemble their characters, and know their strengths and weaknesses so as to field the best 3 in online matchmakings. What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

1. Field the ideal Combination

It is important that you play with the ideal combination, especially in Live and Ranked Mode Games. If you are teaming up with your friends, make sure that they sign players according to their position so as to back you up properly.

ideal combination Basketrio Beginners Guide
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

There are 5 positions in Basketrio namely, Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard. Usually, an ideal combination would be SG-C-SF. While the Center Player would look to grab the ball from your opponent and score rebounds, the Shooting Guard would look to block long-range shots from your opponents and score the match-deciding 3 Pointers.

The Small Forward on the other hand would look to stand facing the opponents and block their shots and also score the 2 Pointers. PG-C-SF is also a very good combination to choose from. Make sure to go with the one that suits the playing style of you and your buddies.

2. Begin your journey with Normal Matches

If you are a newbie, we would suggest you play a good number of Normal Matches and Private Friendly Duels to get a hang of things. In Normal Mode, the AI difficulty level adjusts according to your skills, you would find winning a lot easier and that would give you much-needed confidence going ahead.

normal match mode
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

Moreover, to be able to field your team in Ranked Mode, the fundamental area that you need to work on is coordination between you and your mate. To master the coordination skills as a beginner, we would suggest you start playing with Normal Matches and Private Mode Games. The sooner your master coordination, the more quickly you go up the ranks.

3. Avoid missing out on the Daily Quest challenges

Once you login into the game, the first thing you should do is navigate to the calendar icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen. You will find a Daily Challenge Section over there. Some easy to complete challenges are set for you each day.

daily quest challenges Basketrio Beginners Guide
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

To be honest, all of them can be completed within an hour. Make sure to complete them each day as they earn you loads of in-game items including, Coins, Evolve Coins, and Proficiency, to name a few. The challenge set refreshes on 4 a.m. each day.

4. Manage your Resources efficiently

Resource Management is an important aspect of any game. Do Not spend your hard-earned sapphires in the Shop section initially. They can be earned only through Tournament Events. Hence look to tactfully use them. The All-Stars Division cannot be reached in a day, to be honest. You will be needing those Diamonds and Sapphires later and hence try to make all in-game spending with Coins. 

5. Continue up-skilling your Players whenever possible

Every character that you sign has a fixed number of skill slots allocated to him/her. You need to make them learn new moves based on their abilities and train them so that they get better at their existing moves. To do so, you need to navigate to the Train Section and smash the Train button. Each train consumes 20x Coins and 5x Proficiency and increases some of the stats of your player that add to their Overall Rating.

Image via ALL9FUN Limited

 As you keep on leveling up, your player unlocks new skills that are unique to him/her. You can navigate to the Skill section from the Train Menu to check out the Skill slots that your character possesses. In order to win games, you must make sure that you Train your players whenever possible so that their in-game performance gets a boost.

6. Play according to your Team’s strengths

Games in Basketrio involve teamwork. Make sure that you build up by making enough passes and playing according to the skillset and merit of your players. If your player for instance does not possess the 3-Pointer Skills, do not go for the 3 Point shots with him/her as it would end up in a missed chance and open the gates for a rebound shot by the opposition.

Basketrio team gameplay
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

Make sure you face in the direction of the opponent while they are in the possession and always keep a Center Positioned Player to close-guard/block them. Additionally, one should look to avoid obstruction near the scoring area as that would reduce the conversion rate. While in possession, keep a track of the shot timer beside the score sheet. If you do not take the shot within that time frame, you are denied possession and your opposition team gets to serve the ball.

7. Do not skip the Tournaments

Besides the other Game Modes, do not miss out on the Daily Tournament Events. While the Super Brawl Event occurs each day from 16:00-18:00, the Street King Event occurs each Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 20:00-22:00. These events earn you the most hard-to-earn in-game resources including Sapphires and Player Silvers. Hence make sure to log in each day during the mentioned window to make the most out of these events.

8. Complete all the Rocket Pass challenges regularly

Navigate to the Rocket Pass section of the Game. You will find a weekly and Seasonal Objectives section over there. Completing them would earn you experience points that would open the doors for loads of rewards in the form of in-game items. 

rocket pass challenges Basketrio Beginners Guide
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

A Season usually lasts for 10 Days. Make sure to complete all the challenges and earn the required Experience Points before season expiration.

Final Thoughts

Although the game is based on 3v3, the developers have done a fabulous job in adding professional skills like Box Out, Flip, Follow-Up Shot, and Hook Shot. It has added a touch of realism to the gameplay. The in-game graphics as the players enter the court gives a feel like you are playing a Live Streetball Game. Overall it is skill-based, and a super enriching experience for all Basketball freaks. A must-try if you are the Fourth Man. If you face any difficulties in your journey with Basketrio-3V3 Basketball Arena, you can always refer to this Basketrio 3V3 beginners guide for quick assistance.

That’s it from this Basketrio – 3v3 Basketball Arena Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Basketrio beginners guide useful. 

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