Battle Forces Beginners Guide and Tips

Arm, get a gun, attack!

Battle Forces is a simple online action multiplayer First Person Shooter developed and published by FULL HP Ltd. Based in Cyprus. This is an online multiplayer FPS where two teams of 5 people each, fight with each other in a classic Team Deathmatch like manner for 4 minutes. The team with maximum kills, in between this time will be the winner or first team to reach 30 kills wins. The UI of this game is super simple. You get 6 different kinds of characters each with their own special ability and role. You can use these skills to benefit yourself and your teammates. So without further ado let’s jump into the details of this game with our Battle Forces Beginners Guide.

Understanding the basic user interface

As we mentioned earlier the user interface of the game is pretty easy to navigate and understand. In the top right corner of the screen, you get the in-game currency and the number of gold indicators. On the left side you get the Arsenal Tab where you can adjust, build and choose the guns as per your wish, below it you get the statistics of the player profile to check the overall statics of your career in the game, Settings tab to change and adjust the user settings, your Rank League and Missions tab to check on the objectives assigned to you.

Battle Forces Guide

In the right bottom, you get the To battle tab from where you get connected to the match lobby directly. You get the auto-aim and auto fire mode selected as default so maybe you need to change it before entering a match. You can change it from the controls option from the settings tab.

Mastering the Controls

The controls of the game are pretty unbalanced as compared to other FPS games. You will have to spend a lot of time to adjust the right sensitivity for you. Especially the ADS sensitivity is quite unbalanced. Other than that the controls are pretty easy. The joystick on the left side and shoot, aim, jump, and reload on the other. You cannot crouch or prone in this game which is a kind of downside for an FPS but you can customize the given controls according to your need from the Controls tab inside Settings. You also get 2 medkits and 2 grenades in each re-spawn which you need to buy and equip first from the Consumable tab inside the Munitions section.

Battle Forces Guide

The movement is kinda slow but we do like the idea that if you stand and shoot, accuracy will be higher or bullet spread will be less. The slow movement gives a nice push to this concept. Other than that the whole controls are nice and easy.

Graphics and Music sets the perfect tone of the battle

The overall music of the game is pretty decent with minimal noise and a suspenseful vibe. The special sound effects like the sound of throwing a grenade, footsteps of the nearest enemy/ally, and the sound of the gunfire are pretty awesome. The range of the sound is great and you can hear the footsteps of an approaching enemy pretty clearly.

The graphics on the other hand is not the best but it has a simple complexion to it. The highlights are well created and the shadows are perfect. The detailing, especially in the night map Alleyway is beautiful. We really liked the simplicity of it making it addictive in nature.

Battle Forces Gameplay Tips

The basic gameplay is like a classic Team Deathmatch where two teams of five players each, clash with each other in order to collect the maximum kills. Each match is of 4 mins and with a maximum kill limit of 30. The fastest team to reach 30 kills wins or the team with the highest kills until the time runs out wins. At the starting of each match, you get to choose your unlocked characters each with its own special ability and assigned guns, and fight for the highest kills. Now there are 6 kinds of characters till now in the open beta each with a special ability.

Only ‘Recruit’, the first free character you get has no special ability like the others. The given characters with abilities are ‘Bat’, ‘Viper’. ‘Claymore’, ‘Raptor’, ‘Aconite’.  They all have their own ranged preferences and you can buy weapons for them on their own preferences. For example, you cannot buy a sniper for a short-ranged character and vice versa. This makes the players follow their given roles according to their abilities and increase the chance of winning. You also need to upgrade your weapons by the time or else the damage will be so less that the enemies will not die.

Battle Forces Guide

Now there are 3 different maps in the game which is randomly chosen by the server. All the maps are small in size which makes the gameplay a little fast-paced but each and every map has its own special place for sniping and taking down enemies from a long-range. Basically, all the maps are cool and are fun to play in.

Characters and Roles

Now discussing each ones special ability and role, for each of the 6 characters


She has the ability of sonar and can track down enemies on a short-range ignoring all the obstacles. She is a supportive character so she is best with short/medium ranged weapons.


He is an assault-type character to charge right into the enemy. Viper has his special gas grenade which on throwing towards the enemies inflicts damage on them and blocks their vision. Additionally, he can also track them down using the poison. Viper uses long and medium ranged weapons.

Battle Forces Guide


She has an ability to set up mines with sensors along the path which starts its countdown whenever someone lands on it. She is a short/medium ranged weapons character who experts in ambushing the enemies.


He is the best character among them all who has the ability to inject himself a dose of adrenalin which makes him faster and more lethal. He can be played in any range and is an expert in tactical weapons.


She has her own special medical pistol which can heal herself and her allies in a close mid ranged position. Aconite’s shot grants an ally with special bonus health and gives damage to the enemies if shot by Aconite’s special pistol. She is mid ranged supportive character and expert in mid/short ranged weapons.

Battle Forces Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some bonus tips and tricks to guide you into easy first wins in your deathmatch battles in Battle Forces.

1. Always Aim for the head

After playing this game for days, it is sure that because of the armor or vest enemies take damage slower than if hit in the head. If you aim and hit them in the head the chances of dealing damage are much higher than shooting below the head.

2. Use Auto shoot when possible

Due to the buggy sensitivity, the ADS doesn’t work promptly at times, but if you use an auto shoot, it works perfectly every time. The auto shoot even works while running so it makes it easy to shoot and change positions.

3. Upgrade a single weapon first

As you can take only one primary weapon per character so it is better to just choose a particular weapon for a specific character and upgrade it to the max, rather than investing your money on several other weapons.

Battle Forces is neither a simple realistic shooter nor a typical online shooting game. So go on Battle online against all the worldwide players out there. Arm, get a gun, attack!

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