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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How to block a player from the friend list

Block unwanted people from your friend list

The multiplayer game Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI offers an opportunity for players to play with known or unknown people. Socializing is a great way of developing one’s personality and BGMI helps a lot in this matter. The game provides a platform to interact and play with new people or strangers. Players can communicate through voice chat, messages, or showing different funny emotes. Therefore, a gameplay that is set up in a virtual world becomes exciting by communicating with teammates, making complex strategies on voice chat, and winning the game with flying colors. But what if one meets some really rude or unwanted people? It’s really very easy to fill a friend list in this multiplayer game, but one should be aware of whom one is befriending. There can be many reasons to block or unfriend a person. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to block a player in BGMI.

Steps to block a player in BGMI

Step 1: Open the friend list

bgmi block player
Open the friend list

Open the game. It will take a few minutes to open as the game needs to prepare itself before taking the player to the lobby area. Look at the upper left corner of the lobby, one will find a row just below the profile bar, with some player’s profile picture. Click on the row that is showing some active player’s display picture. After that, one needs to click on the small arrow at the left of the word Friends. Now, a complete list of online as well as offline friends will appear. 

Step 2: Tap on ‘Start a Chat’

bgmi block player
Click on ‘Start a Chat’

Find the unwanted player. After finding the player’s ID, click on the ID’s profile picture. A summary of the player’s profile will appear. The summary will show options such as Send BP, Profile, Start a Chat, and Moments

Click on “Start a Chat”. 

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Options’ bar

bgmi block player
The ‘Options’ bar

After clicking on the “Start a Chat” option, you will get a space where you can message the person. Tap on the three dots and three lines menu (the hamburger icon) from the top left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Block Player’

bgmi block player
Click on ‘Block Player’

After the previous click, a summary of the player to be blocked will appear again in BGMI, which will show some options such as Player Profile, Invite to Team, Block Player, and Moments.  

Click on the ‘Block Player’ option. 

Step 5: Click on ‘OK’

bgmi block player
Click on ‘OK’

The player will see a question on the screen that will ask them if they really want to add the player to the block list. Basically, it’s a confirmation message. Click on OK and confirm that you don’t want that person on your friend list anymore. 

Also, they will show a message on the top and middle of the screen which says “Blocked”. This confirms that the player is now successfully blocked. 

bgmi block player
The player has been blocked

Step 6: Check the blocklist 

To check, click on the Block List button which the player will find in the menu above the friend list. Click on the friend list and tap on the menu above it. There one will find two options- Batch Manage and Block List. Tap on ‘Block List’ and one can find the player which was blocked in BGMI using the aforementioned steps. 

bgmi block player

How to unblock a player in BGMI

bgmi block player
Unblocking a player

In case a player changes their mind and wants to unblock a blocked player, they can click on the “Unblock” tab.  

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