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5 Best Assault Rifles (AR) in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, there are various types of guns in the game, like sub-machine guns(SMG), light-machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles, melee weapons Etc. And when it comes to firepower, the assault rifles always gets an upper hand in close and mid-range combats. Today we will sort out the 5 best assault rifles (AR) in PUBG Mobile.

5. AKM

AKM, Best PUBG Mobile guns
Photo via PUBGGuide

The AKM has the joint highest single-shot damage of all the common assault rifles along with the Groza. It is great for mid-range and close-mid range fights.

Firing modesSingle, Auto
Hit damage49
Reloading time(without quickdraw mag) 2.900s
Body hit impact power10000
Initial bullet speed715m/s
Time between shots0.100s

Pros of AKM

  1. High Damage: When it is about damage, the AKM is a very good choice, be it close range or close-mid range. With single-shot damage of 49, it will take only 2 shots on the head to take your enemy down.
  2. Beast in mid-close range combats: In mid and close-mid range encounters, the AKM can be destructive, It’s high damage and less bullet spread make this gun a good choice for extreme gunfights.

Cons of AKM

  1. Hard to control: Due to the extreme horizontal and vertical recoil, it is really hard to control the AKM for spraying in mid-range is highly possible that your crosshair may go to the sky rather than the enemy’s body unless you control it’s recoil properly.
  2. Low firing speed: Due to the low firing speed, it may give your opponent an upper hand if they are using high-speed firing guns like the Beryl M762 or Groza. The AKM takes approximately 0.100s time between shots, which makes this gun user quite vulnerable to their enemies.

4. Beryl M762

beryl m762, pubg mobile best assault rifles

When it comes to 7.62mm ammunition guns, The Beryl M762 always comes up to the top 3 rankings due to some X-factors of this gun like it’s attachment compatibility, high fire rate, high damage, etc.

Firing ModesSingle, Burst and Auto
Hit Damage47
Reloading time(without quickdraw mag) 2.9s
Body hit impact power10000
Initial bullet speed715m/s
Time between shots0.086s

Pros of M762

  1. High firing speed: The firing speed of 0.086s between per shot makes this gun destructive in mid-range and close-range combats. With single-shot damage of 47, it takes only 2 or 3 shots to take your enemy down when your enemy is wearing a fresh level 3 Spetsnaz helmet and 6 or 7 shots when your enemy is wearing a fresh level 3 military vest.
  2. Attachment Compatibility: The M762 equips the highest number of attachments in all 7.62mm ammunition assault rifles in-game(more than any other 7.62mm ammunition assault rifle). This makes this gun highly versatile and easier to control in any type of encounter.

Cons of M762

  1. High recoil: Due to the high firing speed, this gun has a quite high amount of vertical recoil, which makes this gun hard to control in mid-long range gunfights. And if you are using it without a muzzle and foregrip attachment, then it will be harder than before. And without foregrip, this gun gets a slight amount of horizontal recoil. In my personal opinion, a compensator and a vertical foregrip are best for this gun.
  2. Magazine ending time: Due to high firing speed, the magazine of M762(which consists of 30 bullets without extended mag.) empties faster than AKM.So if you fail to connect enough shots to your enemy’s body, it is highly possible that you may get ran away of ammo in intense close firefights. And it has a reloading time of approximately 2.9s without quickdraw mag, which can also give you troubles in close fights in front of your enemies.

3. AUG A3

aug a3 pubg mobile,

This 5.56 mm compatible gun can only be found in normal airdrops and flare gun airdrops. It is easy to control that’s why this gun is popular among both professionals and amateurs.

Firing modes Single, Auto
Hit damage 43
Reloading time(without quickdraw mag) 3.6666s
Body hit impact power 9000
Initial bullet speed 940m/s
Time between shots 0.08571s

Pros of AUG A3

  1. Easy to control: Due to the very less recoil, this gun is easy to control in mid-range and mid-long range firefights. This gun can easily be sprayed with a 3x or 4x scope if it is handled properly. That’s why this gun is popular among professional players.
  2. Fewer attachment requirements: The AUG A3 can only be attached with a muzzle, a foregrip, and a magazine. With proper attachments, this gun’s recoil becomes almost 0. Even without attachments, this gun has a very small amount of recoil, which can be controlled easily. This gun can be used in close range, close-mid range, and mid-long range. The AUG A3 becomes a beast when you spray in the mid-range with a 6x or 4x equipped, with proper attachments.

Cons of AUG A3

  1. Only available via drops: The AUG A3 can only be found in normal airdrops and flare airdrops. So its quite hard to get in touch with this assault rifle. And it is also hard to collect the AUG A3 from airdrops because there will be many players who want to grab the gun and the most awaited and the ultimate chicken dinner.
  2. Long reloading time: The AUG A3 has a reloading time of approximately 3.6666s without the quickdraw mag. And this becomes approximately 3s with quickdraw mag. So I guess it won’t be so good if your AUG falls in reloading in front of your enemy squad. So it will be better if you attach an extended quickdraw magazine in the gun.

2. M416

m416, m416 pubg mobile
Photo via PUBGGuide

It is very hard to determine the number 2 and number 1 gun in this list since the two contenders are both overpowered in their respective fields.

The M416 becomes number 2 in this list because of the less damage per second and less damage in a single shot.

Firing modesSingle, Auto
Hit damage43
Reloading time(without quickdraw mag) 2.100s
Body hit impact power 3500
Initial bullet speed 880m/s
Time between shots0.0857s

Pros of M416

  1. Easy to control: The M416 equips the highest number of attachments in all assault rifles in-game(more than any other assault rifle). It can be equipped with a muzzle, a foregrip, a magazine(it can be either extended mag or the quickdraw mag, and it will be best if you get an extended-quickdraw mag), and a tactical stock. So it becomes easy to control the vertical and horizontal recoil which are small in amount. This makes this gun extremely versatile in any range gunfight.
  2. High fire rate: Fire rate of M416 is high compared with most other assault rifles in-game. This point becomes very much important when it comes to close-range encounters like you are rushing in a squad house or taking a 1v1 fight. You may get an upper hand in 1v1 fights if your enemy is using a gun which has less fire rate compared to the M416.

Cons of M416

  1. Attachment reliable: The M416 heavily relies upon the proper attachments. The must-have attachments are the tactical stock and the foregrip. Without those attachments, M416 becomes quite unstable when it comes to the mid-long range sprays.
  2. Less damage in a single shot: The M416 has approximately 43 damage per single shot. So if your enemy has a gun like AKM, M762 or Groza, it is highly possible that you will get knocked unless you hit first or the enemy fails to connect enough shots on you.

1. Groza

groza, best asault rifles in pubg mobile

With single-shot damage of approximately 49, the Groza becomes a killing machine in close range and close-mid range combats. It takes only 1 or 2 shots on the head to knock your enemy down. It can be considered the best among the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.

Firing ModesSingle, Auto
Hit damage49
Reloading time(without quickdraw mag)3.000s
Body hit impact power10000
Initial bullet speed 715m/s
Time between shots0.080s

Pros of Groza

  1. High damage: Groza has the highest damage per single shot, which is approximately 49. With these stats, this gun becomes beast in any combat, especially in close combats. And it has a firing speed of 0.080s between per shot, which makes this gun a nightmare to the opponents.
  2. Inbuilt vertical foregrip: Groza comes with an inbuilt vertical foregrip, which makes this gun comparably easier to control since it has a good amount of vertical recoil and a small amount of horizontal recoil.

Cons of Groza

  1. Airdrop only weapon: The Groza can only be found in a normal airdrop or flare airdrop, which makes the gun rare in-game. And at normal airdrops or flare airdrops points, there will be many players who want to grab that gun. So it won’t be easy to get the gun.
  2. Fewer attachments compatibility: The Groza can only be equipped with a suppressor as the muzzle attachment, which does not help to control the vertical recoil. There is no extra foregrip attachment option. However, it comes with an inbuilt vertical foregrip. There are no options for stock attachments. And since it has a high-speed firing rate, you should always use an extended mag if you don’t want to get run out of magazine ammo in front of your enemies.

However, other than these 5, I would like to have some special mentions. They are decent but not as good as the best Assault Rifles that we have mentioned for PUBG Mobile.

  1. The SCAR-L: An ideal gun for any range of encounters with low recoil and high probability of headshot percentage.
  2. The M16A4: A good gun for mid and long-range fights and a has the bullet travel rate among all the assault rifles. The only backdrop is, this gun does not have a full auto mode. It only has a burst mode and a single mode. However, players can use it as a DMR rifle on single-shot mode, equipped with a 4x or 6x scope.

So what are your opinions about the Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile? Do let us know in the comments below! And if you find this article helpful, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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