Best decks in Clash Royale season 3

With the new balance changes being live a couple of days ago, people already started experimenting on the newly improved cards, such as Executioner, Fisherman and more! For some, it is very easy to find a suitable deck and for some, it can be tough. So in this article, we have come up with the suggestions on the best decks in Clash Royale season 3!

#3 Hog Exe-Nado

Executioner was the star of this new balance changes. He got one of the best reworks he could ever ask for… at least on paper. In fact, Supercell decided to make an emergency nerf a few hours before the start of the new season. This made him one of the worst cards in the game. However, a second balance change went live a couple of days after. This way he got some of his glory back and is now more viable than before!

This quite old Exe-Nado deck is now strong into the meta. This is also thanks to the decrease in popularity of Pekka decks, which are some of the best Hog counters. Just shut down every enemy push with the Executioner + Tornado combo, and counter-attack with the Hog Rider! Very powerful!

#2 Pekka Ram-Rider

best decks in clash royale

This deck was really good a couple of metas ago, and now, with the newly buffed Fisherman, it is even better! Royal Ghost, who also got a buff in the recent balance changes, makes an appearance as well: therefore, use him as a support troop, or sneak him in the arena to deal some damage to the enemy Princess Towers!

Once you defend with Pekka, you can counter-attack with Magic Archer and Ram Rider. This way, you’ll be dealing tons of damage if the opponent il quite low on elixir! The high quantity of Legendaries and Epics doesn’t make it very free-to-play friendly, but you can easily use it in challenges and assert dominance all over the place!

#1 Gob-Giant Sparky

best decks in clash royale season 3

Another deck already popular in the previous meta makes a return. Start a Goblin Giant push in the back, and let the Fisherman do the rest of the job! He will bring all of the enemy troops closer to the Sparky and they’ll go BOOM!

Generally, this deck is really powerful and doesn’t require an amazing level of skill to be played. It perfectly counters Inferno Towers and most of the tank killers in the game. And, even if the Dark Prince got a bit of a nerf, he is still very strong and his shield will be very useful in some match-ups. Give it a try!

Of course, the meta is going to evolve a lot during the season. We don’t really know which decks are going to be viable in a couple of weeks, but we’ll keep you updated! Remember to frequently check our website to see new posts about the best decks in Clash Royale, and much more!

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