Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale with tips

There has been a gradual increase in the number of cards in Clash Royale and therefore many decks remain being not experimented. Also, there can be some misconceptions about how a deck works. Because of this, many face difficulties in climbing the ladder and in tournaments. With events happening frequently, finding a good deck with a good card combination to climb and get your rewards is very important. There are several cards that yield very good results when used in the right manner with a good deck. One of them is Sparky. So, in this article, we have listed five best Sparky decks in Clash Royale, tried and reviewed by our team GamingonPhone.

Sparky – Bio

Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale

The Sparky card was released on 3rd May 2017. The card is unlocked from the Electro Valley (Arena 11). She does area damage with medium-ranged electric fusion balls generated from a Tesla coil on the top which does very high damage. As Sparky deals heavy damage, she is best used as a support troop, a role that fits her perfectly. Deploying her behind a tank troop (such as Giant, Pekka, etc.) will be of great potential and will lead to a good push.

  • Elixir Cost: 6.0
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type:  Ground Troop
  • Target: Ground only
  • Range: 5.0
  • Hit Speed: 4 sec
  • Damage Radius: 1.8
  • Speed: Slow

List of the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale

1. Sparky Skelly Fireball

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale

A very good defensive deck. Even not having a clear win condition card, you have a very heavy push deck that can make your opponent struggle and often commit mistakes. Giant Skeleton and Sparky are two heavy-damage dealers, so use GS as your tank and Sparky as your support troop. Archers, E Wiz, and Bats give you both air and ground support, utilizing carefully against air swarm. You have an option of having many units that can be played in the back to invest elixir and force the opponent to make the first move. Tombstone can be played on the bridge, to distract troops that lock to towers.  

Tips for Sparky Skelly Fireball

Since the deck does not have a clear win condition troop, it might be difficult for some to deal damage and get a tower. So, using the push is very important here. Sparky does area damage, so deploy it behind the GS for clearing out space for it and then take out the enemy tower. Make sure to counter a heavy ground swarm using your GS and then gain Elixir lead. For air units, utilize Electro Wizard and Bats, or distract tower targets using Tombstone. Leveling up of cards such as Archers and Tombstone is essential because it is essential for slowing down the attack.

2. EG Sparky Night Witch beatdown

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

One of the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale, the deck is very Godly in Defense and Versatility. Even though there are no defensive buildings, there are enough counters for troops. The Tornado and Poison spells can get you area damage. Activation of your king tower is an advantage, by using Tornado. Also, if necessary, replace them with Fireball/Arrows/Zap. Electro Wiz and Executioner can be played on the bridge, forcing the opponent to play a card against them. Elixir Golem is used as a tank and Night Witch/Sparky is behind for support.

Tips for EG Sparky Night Witch beatdown

Again, Sparky is your trump card, following Elixir Golem which is a win-condition card. Proper utilization of EG and Sparky will be very helpful following a big push. Try not to over-depend on poison spells during swarm attacks. The Barbarian Barrell is a good defensive utility, so use it to counter ground troops until a big push. When the opponent plays pump, try to take out it quickly. During a heavy push from the opponent, try to use the Tornado + Sparky combo to clear out. During the x2, create a big push by using the EG, NW, and Sparky.

3. Giant Sparky duo

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale

A more of a bait deck and because it covers all important areas required, it is regarded as one of the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale. The deck has great synergy. Giant + Mega Minion, Mega Minion + Zap, etc. are the best synergies. Bats and Mega Minion are your anti-air troops. Fireball and Zap as your damage spells. Valkyrie is another important card, which does area damage and helps you neutralize a strong push by the opponent. Giant + Sparky with the win condition. The main strength of the deck is the quick cycling of cards and therefore it is necessary to utilize elixir at the best.

Tips for Giant Sparky duo

Against Pump cycles, it is often advised to have a good look at the opponent’s deck first and then go for destroying his pump using Fireball. Try to take out the enemy tower as quickly as possible. In the deck, there are no heavy anti-air damage units, so if hit on an air swarm, try to nullify it by baiting a tombstone + bats with MM and then proceed to hit them with a big push. If using the deck becomes difficult, try to swap cards from your collection. Try to slow down opponent attacks using Giant and Valkyrie. During the double, target for one tower and lock it down using Giant, and continue fireballing it.

4. Giant Sparky Execution

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

A similar deck to the previous Giant Sparky combo, but with more balance on Ground and Air. Fireball and Zap as your damage spells. The inclusion of Fire Spirits will give you area damage and also take out swarm units like Minion Hoard, Skeletons, Goblin Gang, etc. Executioner can be played on the bridge, forcing the opponent to play a card against. Baby Dragon is another inclusion, which does area damage and is helpful against air attacks. The same Giant + Sparky tank and support combo. Because of its great Offensive and Defensive strength and its versatility, it gets a place in one of the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale.

Tips for Giant Sparky Execution

You have a lot of bait cards available, so if you are getting countered by a building/spell, you can play one card to bait the spell and then play the other card. Upgrade your Giant to the maximum level possible. Against air swarm, deploy Baby Dragon to deal damage alongside Executioner and the if you have an elixir lead, go for a big push. During the double, target for one tower and then lock it down using Giant and continue fireballing it.

5. GG Sparky Zap bait

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale

This deck is one of the most preferred and highly rated among YouTubers, which makes it into our list of the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale. Even though missing out on a high-damage spell, it has great counters for both air and ground. Goblin Giant is used as a tank and it provides you with the win condition. Goblins, Bats, Minions, and Mega Minion are all anti-air units that make the deck stable against air swarms as well. Miner is another card that gives you a clear win condition. Sparky is very important against heavy ground troops and uses it so that a major push can be nullified.

Tips for GG Sparky Zap bait

The biggest advantage of this deck is the availability of bait cards. As you have a lot of bait cards available, play one card to bait the spell and then play the other cards. This will irritate the opponent and will force him for mistakes. Missing a defensive building might be an issue sometimes, so try adjusting in countering the opponent’s pushes. Level up all your cards, they are weak when not leveled up. Make sure you go for continuous pushing of the Goblin Giant + Sparky during the x2 Elixir and the elixir lead. If you find trouble defending against ground swarms, try replacing any air unit with a ground one.

What is your opinion on the best Sparky decks in Clash Royale list? Do you use any of the above-mentioned decks? Mention it in the comment section below!

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