BitLife Simulator: Tips to become a Carpenter in the game

Earn money through woodworking in BitLife Simulator!

BitLife Simulator offers a wide range of careers and choices to its players. Players can choose to become anything they wish to be. One of the jobs that the game offers, is that of a Carpenter. If you are one of those players who loves to use woodworking for earning, then the job of a Carpenter is the perfect choice for you. In this guide, we will be talking about how you can become a Carpenter in BitLife Simulator.

How to become a Carpenter as a Profession in BitLife Simulator

Becoming a Carpenter in Bit Life Simulator is comparatively easy to other professions offered in Bit Life Simulator. As you aim to be a carpenter in BitLife Simulator, you will not need any educational qualification or any degree for pursuing this profession. You just need to apply for the post of a Carpenter as and when it will appear in the full-time jobs section in the game. Players are unlikely to not find any of the jobs listed as Carpenter in the first stance.

BitLife Simulator Carpenter
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Players need to be patient enough in finding the job role then. If they don’t find the post, they should look for any other job roles then during that time. One of the positions that might be open sometimes, is that of an Apprentice Carpenter. Though, there is no guarantee that you will also find this job in one go. But you have to keep looking for it until you find the job role. Once you find the job role, apply for the same. After acquiring the job, you need to work hard, years after years to achieve the position of a Carpenter.

As you progress in the game as a carpenter, your salary will increase with the efforts you are putting in. If you want to lead your life as a Carpenter in Bit Life Simulator, remember that you will lead a simple and normal life with few assets. You will never be able to reach the heights of richness.

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