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Bullet Echo: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Learn to manage the currencies in Bullet Echo justly!

Bullet Echo is an action shooter game by Krafton, Inc. Here, a cone flashlight limits your vision and you’ll be able to hear footsteps and gunfire sounds. The game follows the basic format where you undergo matchmaking to find your team members and fight against other teams. Apart from that, you can explore different playstyles and heroes. The variations of in-game currencies are less, but you can carry out some significant activities with coins and bucks in Bullet Echo. Therefore, follow my lead as I explain the sources and usage of these currencies via the Bullet Echo Currency guide.

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Paid Currency in Bullet Echo


How to get Bucks in Bullet Echo

Bucks is the only paid currency in this game, Bullet Echo. This paid process requires you to purchase any pack of bucks that suits your purpose. However, there are a few free ways as well through which you can obtain bucks in the game.

Bullet Echo bucks and coins
Image via KRAFTON

You can obtain this currency when you reach a specific milestone in the Trophy Road. If you’re lucky you can also get it in the battle, skull, and other chests in the game. 

Where to spend Bucks in Bullet Echo

Bucks are used for purchasing other important materials in Bullet Echo. You can use bucks to buy different packs of coins in exchange for it. Bucks are also useful when you’re seeking to buy some chests like battle and card chests. One of the most significant uses stands where you want to create a syndicate of your own.

Bullet Echo Syndicate
Image via KRAFTON

It takes 100 bucks to register for the reason. One of the minor uses also includes the purchase of style tickets using Bucks. With style tickets, you can buy tombstones, stickers, and sprays for your character. Finally, you use this currency to unlock skins for the heroes. 

Free Currency in Bullet Echo


How to get Coins in Bullet Echo

Coins are the free currency in Bullet Echo so there’s no hassle to buy it in real time. You have plenty of activities in the game through which you can acquire free coins. You get it as a clearance prize when you win a match in different game modes.

Bullet Echo trophy road
Image via KRAFTON

The game also gives you coins through battle, skull, and sponsor chests. You can have coins from the League, Contract, and Trophy Road rewards. The Star passes have certain coins as a reward. As the levels increase, the number of coins you get also increases. 

Where to spend Coins in Bullet Echo

Coins in Bullet Echo have a definite usage in terms of upgrading and training. You can use coins to train your heroes. Later, when you upgrade the heroes to a certain level, you get to raise their tier.

Bullet Echo Train your soldier
Image via KRAFTON

Raising tier also occupies the usage of coins. The upgradation and raising of the tier is an important aspect of Bullet Echo. The reason is that as you go on winning matches, you require higher levels of your heroes to progress. 

Final Thoughts

Bullet Echo is an interesting battle royale game where the players face challenges due to vision impairment. This concept differentiates it from the other existing games of the same genre. The graphics have a soft touch, unlike renowned games.

So, it gives the players a fresh outlook and an entertaining gaming experience. To perform vital in-game activities and progress in the league, it is important to know about the primary currencies. You can get assistance from this Bullet Echo currency guide if you get stuck at any point of resource application in Bullet Echo.

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