SimCity BuildIt: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Spend your currencies wisely to build the best community!

SimCity BuildIt was developed by TrackTwenty and published by Electronic Arts, is a mobile city-building simulation game that belongs to the esteemed SimCity franchise. Its primary objective is to grow the city’s population by unlocking specializations and acquiring buildings using Keys. I’m excited to introduce this SimCity BuildIt Currency Guide, which aims to help you understand the game’s available currencies, and how to earn and spend them effectively.

The strategic placement of buildings plays a crucial role in maintaining tax revenue and facilitating city expansion. Recognized as one of the top city-building games for mobile platforms in 2024, players face challenges such as traffic congestion and pollution while managing vital services like power plants and various departments. Additionally, you can explore my beginner’s guide, customer support guide, and discover redeem codes within the game that may offer rewarding benefits.

Simcity Buildit Building type

SimCity BuildIt centers on the expansion of your buildings and community, highlighting diverse infrastructural developments across various areas and regions. Advancing in the game hinges on your strategic construction and optimization of your surroundings. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your community, observe its growth, and ensure the happiness of your citizens.

List of in-game Currency in SimCity BuildIt

1. SimCash

How to Obtain SimCash in SimCity BuildIt

SimCash serves as the premium currency in SimCity BuildIt, offering a myriad of benefits. Initially, you start with 50 SimCash, but you can acquire more through various avenues. City Achievements, Mayor’s Pass rewards, watching Video Ads, participating in the Contest of Mayors, Event Tracks, Design Challenges, and more. In my experience, the Contest of Mayors has been the most useful method for earning substantial amounts of SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt Simcash

Where to Spend SimCash in SimCity BuildIt

As for where to spend SimCash, the options are diverse and impactful. You can use SimCash to purchase buildings exclusive to SimCash, instantly produce various items, acquire different currencies (except for platinum keys), add slots to commercial buildings, remove items from the Trade Depot, refresh the NeoMall, add slots to the Trade Depot, acquire disaster cards, and hasten processes like residential zone refreshes. It’s a versatile currency that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and progression.

2. Golden Keys

How to Obtain Golden Keys in SimCity BuildIt

Golden Keys, another key currency in SimCity BuildIt, offer unique opportunities for city development. Unlike SimCash, you don’t start with any Golden Keys, but you can earn them through Cargo Ship deliveries, Contest of Mayors rewards, Event Tracks, and more. Additionally, Golden Keys can be purchased using SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt Golden Keys

Where to Spend Golden Keys in SimCity BuildIt

These valuable keys are primarily used to construct specialized buildings that require Golden Keys, such as those related to Landscape, Education, Transportation, and more. They also play a role in upgrading War disasters, adding depth to your city’s infrastructure and capabilities.

3. Platinum Keys

How to Obtain Platinum Keys in SimCity BuildIt

Platinum Keys stand out as the rarest currency in SimCity BuildIt, offering exclusive benefits. You don’t start with any Platinum Keys, but you can earn them through Contest of Mayors, Event Tracks, claiming the Golden Chest, participating in Design Challenges, and engaging in Club Wars. The contest of Mayors has been particularly fruitful in my experience of accumulating Platinum Keys. Unlike SimCash, Platinum Keys cannot be purchased directly using real money or SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt Platinum Keys

Where to Spend Platinum Keys in SimCity BuildIt

These prestigious keys are reserved for purchasing powerful specialization buildings and upgrading disasters, adding a unique layer of depth and progression to your city-building endeavors. However, it’s crucial to note that without sufficient Platinum Keys, you won’t be able to preview certain buildings, emphasizing their rarity and importance in the game.

4. Simoleons

How to Obtain Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

Simoleons are the backbone currency in SimCity BuildIt, essential for various city-building activities. Upon starting the game, you receive 25,000 Simoleons, and you can earn more through diverse means. City Hall revenue, selling items in the Trade Depot, completing Cargo Ship and Airport deliveries, claiming daily chests, and more, are all avenues for acquiring Simoleons.

SimCity BuildIt Simoleons

Where to Spend Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

You can use Simoleons to construct buildings that require this currency, purchase items from the Global Trade HQ, engage in OMEGA processing, upgrade roads, and enhance commercial buildings. Simoleons are a fundamental currency that fuels your city’s growth and development, making them essential for every aspiring mayor.

5. NeoSimoleons

How to Obtain NeoSimoleons in SimCity BuildIt

NeoSimoleons are closely tied to the OMEGA aspect of the game, offering unique opportunities and challenges. While you don’t start with any NeoSimoleons, you receive 5,000 after reaching level 30 and unlocking the Neomall. Additionally, you can earn NeoSimoleons by collecting revenue from OMEGA zones, progressing in the Mayor’s Pass, selling items to OMEGA advisors, and purchasing NeoSimoleons using SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt NeoSimoleons

Where to Spend NeoSimoleons in SimCity BuildIt

I’ve found that building and bulldozing OMEGA structures can be a clever workaround to manage NeoSimoleon limits. These valuable currency units are used for constructing buildings specific to NeoSimoleons, including essential services and infrastructure for OMEGA zones, as well as purchasing items from the Neomall, enhancing your city’s technological prowess.

6. Regional Simoleons

How to Obtain Regional Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

Regional Simoleons are unique to regional gameplay, offering distinct advantages and objectives. There are five types of regional currencies, each tied to a specific region. You can obtain Regional Simoleons by upgrading residential zones within regions, completing shipments in the Export HQ, selling regional items to advisors, receiving rewards from Mayor’s Pass and event tracks related to regional gameplay.

SimCity BuildIt Regional Simoleons

Where to Spend Regional Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

These regional currencies are primarily used for building regional trees, developing and upgrading regional Hot Spots, and constructing regional service buildings. They add a layer of complexity and strategic planning to city-building efforts within regions, encouraging diverse and specialized development.

7. War Simoleons

How to Obtain War Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

War Simoleons serve a specific purpose within the War Store, catering to strategic decisions in conflict-oriented gameplay. You can earn War Simoleons through Club Wars, Monster Trouble, Mayor’s Pass rewards, offers, event tracks, and purchasing them with SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt War Simoleons

Where to Spend War Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

These specialized simoleons are exclusively used for acquiring War Items and Battle Boosters within the War Store, enhancing your capabilities and strategies in Club Wars and related activities.

8. Design Simoleons

How to Obtain Design Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

Lastly, Design Simoleons play a crucial role in City Design Challenges, offering a unique currency system for creative endeavors. At the start of a design challenge, you receive 8,000 Design Simoleons, which can be earned through various activities within design challenges and purchased using SimCash.

SimCity BuildIt Design Simoleons

Where to Spend Design Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

Design Simoleons replace regular Simoleons in design challenges and are used for purchasing services and upgrading roads specific to design challenges, offering a focused and rewarding experience for creative city planners.

Final Thoughts

Each currency serves a specific purpose, from purchasing special buildings to upgrading disasters. Balancing and wisely using these currencies can greatly impact your city’s development and success. It’s essential to earn and spend them strategically to create a thriving and efficient city in the game.

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