Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Reap vital currencies to survive amongst evil witches of the castle!

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is a puzzle game from the Cookie Run franchise, by Devsisters Corporation. Your mission is to unveil every secret in the castle and reach the highest window. Side by side you can decorate the rooms with pieces as you prefer. The in-game currencies like crystals and coins play a significant role in these Witch’s Castle activities. Thus, I’ve mentioned various ways in this Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle Currency Guide through which you can get these vital currencies and spend them efficiently. 

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How to get Crystals in Witch’s Castle

Crystal is the paid currency this Cookie Run game offers the players. The non-free process requires you to top it up by purchasing any pack of your liking. However, there are quite some payment-free ways through which you can obtain crystals in Witch’s Castle.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle currencies
Image via Devsisters

When you place the available decor pieces in rooms, some of them yield crystals from time to time. The game also offers crystals as rewards from the Witchberry Season pass, Collection level, and as gifts from the Cookie Run officials. 

Where to spend Crystals in Witch’s Castle

Crystals are mainly used for purchasing other currencies and items in the Witch’s Castle. You can buy a healthy number of coins from the crystals. The crystals are also helpful in purchasing boosters like rockets, hammers, arrows, and more. The boosters help you in solving puzzles easily especially when you get stuck in levels. Additionally, you can use crystals to boost up the cookies’ energy when you’re short of Life Potions. 


How to get Coins in Witch’s Castle 

Coin is a free currency in this game so you don’t have to worry about buying it in real time. There are various ways you can get hold of the coins in Witch’s Castle. Coins come as a bonus reward when you successfully cross a puzzle level with significant moves left.

Almost all the decor pieces you use to decorate the rooms in the castle yield coins at certain intervals. Apart from these, coins are rewards from the Witch’s Castle officials, daily log-in, Collection level prizes, Mole Shipping, and events taking place routinely. 

Where to spend Coins in Witch’s Castle 

Coins have exclusive usage in this game, unlike the usual trade. You can use coins to initiate a gacha roll. It takes 1000 coins for one dice roll and you can have residents, decor, and cookies as incentives. If you’re lucky you can even win coins in return if you choose the right present.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle Coin usage
Image via Devsisters

The coins also have a use in moving the cookies into any of the available rooms in the castle. The number depends on the rarity of the cookie and is higher for rare and epic cookies. After moving in, it returns packages from time to time that potentially contain coins, life potions, or other items.

Final Thoughts

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is an interesting addition to the Cookie Run universe. The game is of the usual puzzle and adventure genre the Devsisters have to offer. It has very simple gameplay and commendable graphic design and audio with each detailing on the Cookies done precisely. As for the important in-game activities, it is necessary to know about the sources and applications of different currencies. For the same reason, the Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle currency guide will run you thoroughly via these aspects.

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