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Bless Global Skill Tier List for January 2023: Ranking the best skills

Be sure to choose the character with best skills in the game!

Bless Global offers a visual and graphical treat for the fans of MMORPG, the game offers a mythical world where there is plenty of opportunities and locations for the players to lose their time. The game offers console-level graphics on mobile devices and focuses very deeply on the combat system of the game, the same system helps the game accompany several skill moves to the combat experience with each being unique to different characters. This Bless Global Skill tier list aims to simplify the character selection process of players regarding which player has the best skills with the most damage in the game.

Bless Global Skill Tier List

Bless Global presents many skills for a character in the game and there are 5 characters in the game. Now, not each skill mentioned in the character journal has equal damage, and hence the skills vary in characteristics and usage. Depending on the playing style of different players, each would prefer completely different sorts of characters in the game.

Bless Global available
Image via Tigon Mobile

If you are intrigued to know how we rank the characters in the game, be sure to check out our own Class tier list for the characters in the game, Bless Global. For now, let’s take a look at the different skill sets available in the game, in this tier list we will divide the available skills in the game into three tiers, Legendary (S)Epic (A), and Common (B).

Legendary (S)Halo Hammer(Combo)
Whirl Dance
Epic (A)Shield Boomerang
Halo Wall
Divine Curse
Halo Heal
Halo Rage
Arcane Power
Thunder roll
God on Earth
Fjord Cleave
Void Radiance
Common (B)Meteor Mash
Rift Flash
Jump Slash
Attention Pull
Forest Muse

Best Meta Skillsets for Bless Global

Now, each skill can be used in different scenarios and each skill can be useful in different circumstances, in this Bless Global Skill tier list we aim to provide the best skills which can be used by beginners in the game with ease.

Now, we will try and list out the best skills from each tier provided in the table above. Before heading on, please remember this is a list and opinions may vary depending on the level of expertise and gameplay types, we have listed it according to ease of use.

S-Tier Skillsets

For this tier, we have chosen the Whirl Dance move of the character Berserker, this move is probably the most important and will surely be the most used move in the game once the game will get older. The move offers everything players could ask for, from fierce damage to proper crowd control.

Bless Global Skill Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

The move is also very user-friendly, players of any experience span can use the move easily. The move also inflicts secondary acceleration damage to the enemies subjected to attacks giving a speed bonus to the players.

A-Tier Skillsets

Bless Global Skill Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

For the A-tier we have chosen the skill Halo Rage from the character Crusader, the move is just a plain raw burst of energy, knocking your opponent clean off the ground in the process while dealing devastating magic points damage, the enemy gets knocked out, and gets stunned for 5 seconds, thus providing the players a window of opportunity to land other damaging blows. As a secondary effect, it also adds 1 stack of blessing points after the move to the character’s health.

B-Tier Skillsets

For this tier, we will go with the Forest Muse skill from the Character Priest, the move is pretty self-explanatory of what the character offers and that is just plain support, the move allows the character to further strengthen the health for 80 seconds, and the health gets a slight boost for the players but the opponents remain unharmed and even untouched, thus it makes a way as one of the least effective skills in the game.

Bless Global Skill Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

We hope that this Bless Global Skill tier list was helpful in you making a decision regarding what the best skill in the game is, the game offers many challenges and it is necessary for players to select the best characters with the best skill sets in order to overcome the challenges.

Did you find this Bless Global Skill Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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