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Bless Global Character Class Tier List for January 2023

Make sure to select the best from the rest!

Bless Global is a medieval fantasy MMO RPG by Tigon Mobile that offers a great storytelling experience in a magical world through grand stories and console-level graphics. The game also boasts about great console-level combat system which offers an immersive and epic gaming experience to the respective players. When it comes to character selection, the game has 5 characters in contention for selection, this Bless Global character class tier list aims to provide assistance in selecting the right character according to your playstyle.

Bless Global Character Class Tier List for January 2022

The game, Bless Global offers 5 characters as stated before with each offering different stats and playstyle options, this Bless Global Character Tier List will provide the players with various insights regarding the pros and cons of characters in the game. Interested fans should definitely refer to this guide at least once in order to make the right decision regarding the character selection in the game.

After playing and analyzing the game we have come up with the following brief overview of the different classes in Bless Global. As always be sure to know since being a list this is completely subjective and the rankings might change for different players. For this Tier, we will divide the characters into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B).

Strong (S)Berserker,
Good (A)Mage,
Average (B)Priest

Best meta classes in Bless Global in January 2022

Now moving forward we’ll try to list out various characters which we think are the best out of the given tier lists, of course, the character choices are limited since there are only five characters but it should be noted you won’t be able to change your in-game character mid-game and will have to restart the game again if you will want to do it.

Hence it will be better to be aware of what characteristics each character offers before making the selection process. Hence even out of the tier lists, we will list out the best one from each respective one so that players will be able to make a better decision.

S-Tier characters

Bless Global Character Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

For the S tier, Berserker should be the choice to go for, don’t get it twisted both the characters Berserker and Crusader offer somewhat similar gameplay options. But Berserker has better health and is a relentless Tank even if you don’t have any Idea how to play the game, there would be no reason to fret as the character has plenty of health and attacking damage that it will allow you to experiment with your gameplay. Hence due to this Berserker would get the Nod.

A-Tier characters

Bless Global Character Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

For the A tier, Ranger and Mage both are ranged characters with both having their different pros and cons, while Ranger offers better-attacking options, Mage offers better support and defense. It is up to the players to decide which characters they would like to go for, however for this list, we will rank Ranger ahead of Mage, of course, it is pretty hard to differentiate between the two, but for the record, it will be Ranger who will get the nod in the list ahead of Mage.

B-Tier characters

Bless Global Character Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

For the B tier, it will obviously be just Priest, a pretty standard character, who might be good as a supporting character in certain squads but as far as combat is concerned it won’t make it any higher in the list, the character offers team healing as special ability thus offers great support but as a standalone character, it will take the spot in the B-tier for the game.

Final Thoughts

Bless Global is a pretty well-made RPG that offers players a variety of opportunities whether it is character customization, skilling up, final boss fights, or side quests. The characters on offer are limited being 5 and players will have to make a well-educated choice of selecting the character because they won’t be able to change it anytime midway through the game. We hope that this Bless Global character Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best characters are for the game.

Did you find this Bless Global Character Class Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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