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Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon Beginners Guide and Tips

Find ways to defeat the Demon Legion from the dark abyss.

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon is an exciting idle RPG game that will let you pace your journey along with the world with your team and collect treasures and summon mythic heroes that awaiting your call. Like another idle game, Brave Soul will help you collect resources even if you’re away from the games for a long time. All you need to do is manage your strongest lineup, upgrading their levels along with their item and they will do the rest to defeat enemies and clear the area in no time. In this beginners guide, we will give you a good insight about Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon and simple tips to help push your power and be the strongest player.

Introducing the Basics of Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon


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There are more than 100 heroes with different rarities (Mythic, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common) that came from five different classes(Warrior, Support, Tank, Range, Marksman) and five different elements (Water, Fire, Forest, Light, Darkness) Await to join your adventure.

Heroes Bond

Heroes Bond
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Some of the heroes share similarities with others that link them in a special connection called a hero bond. There are 7 hero bonds that you can unlock. You don’t have to make them in one field in order to unleash the effect, you just have to unlock them through summon altar.

Main City

Main City
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Apparently, you can do several activities in the main city, along with claiming your bonus, checking limited-time events, checking your 1000 draws, or topping up your diamonds. These are several activities that you can do by clicking one of these buildings:

  • Hero Summon: You can unlock new heroes by summoning, heroes. All you need to have is enough diamonds and you can have them accompany your journey.
  • Forge: You can create new items through forging, especially if you have vacant items that you don’t need, or you have better items. However, keep in mind if you are going to forge rare items the items will disappear until you acquire them again.
  • Shop and Market: You can purchase items like arena tickets, crystals, and summon shards in shops and markets with your golds or diamonds. However, please spend your resource wisely!
  • Arena and Cross-Server Arena: You can compete with other players and test your power against another player, or if you are confident enough, you can challenge another player from a different server in a cross-server arena. Keep in mind that you need to access level 50 in order to unlock this special arena.
  • Guild: There are so many benefits that you can have once you join a guild, such as support heroes from another member, and tons of resource possibilities.

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics
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Brave Soul has a simple game mechanic as the heroes will actually fight the enemies automatically, while your job is to maintain your heroes, position in order to ensure your victory. Each boss has its own elements so if you have a hero that is weak against boss elements, it will put you in a difficult position. Once you clear the stage, it will give you a bunch of rewards to upgrade heroes and items.

Brave Soul: Froze Dungeon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use the AFK feature to your benefits

You can find your AFK again at the beginning of the game, precisely lay in the middle of your battle board in starting menu. This treasure will increase by itself over time so you don’t have to rush to claim it, instead, you just have to leat for a long period so you will have huge amounts of treasure.

2. Actively participate in Guild

Guild will bring huge benefits as they will give you more rewards if you actively participate in every event that they have. So, make sure that you join one once you start to understand the game mechanics and the flow of the game, but keep in mind that you need to reach level 20 to unlock the guild, so set your pace to rush the campaign until you reach a certain level that will unlock several beneficial modes.

3. Know the Affinities

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There are element affinities that you have to watch to adjust your heroes well:

  • Forest Heroes are strong against water but weak against fire
  • Water Heroes are strong against fire but weak against forest
  • Fire Heroes are strong against forest but weak against water
  • Dark and Light Heroes are contradicting each other

4. Dismiss all the unnecessary heroes

There are times when you are overwhelmed with vacant heroes that you actually do not need but it has several important items that you can use to other better heroes. Therefore, you can dismiss them in the hero altar by paying golds, and it will give you the cultivation materials, and gears, from the dismissed hero, and you will also acquire a small number of shards from them instead of leaving them unused.

5. Catch the falling Envelope for free Heroes

the Falling Envelope
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Brave Soul has a unique mode where at some point, there will be a falling envelope containing heroes that you can claim. Therefore, do not miss every envelope that fell as there will be more than one envelope each time you open the game.

Final Thoughts          

Brave Soul is an idle RPG that is suitable for you who lacks time but still need appropriate entertainment to kill your time, especially with its AFK claim that will help you to collect more resources. The key to clearing the stages and pursuing your journey in no time depends on your ability to collect resources faster as you will need them the most to summon better heroes are to craft advanced items for them to strengthen their power.

That’s all for today’s Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon beginners guide. Did you find our Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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